Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Extends Goodwill Gesture

Food package handed over to a community dweller
The wise saying that in times of adversity one knows his friend continues to be manifested through individuals in communities since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Liberia and the world over.  While it is widely considered a philanthropic gesture to relieve the poor of hunger and other needs, there is also no doubt that many Liberians show their hospitality with an underlying political motive.
It is not clear yet or has not been made public whether any political factor is playing in the gesture of Deputy Youth & Sports Minister for TVET, Peter Bemah, who has donated 108  25kg bags of rice and other ingredients to neighbors in the Congo Town vicinity.
Beneficiaries include elders and parents of families, and Deputy Minister Beman says it is his way of identifying with the people in these trying times in the wake of the Coronavirus onslaught against the nation. The rice and other food items are his initial goodwill gesture to the needy.
Making the donation Sunday, May 3, 2020, Mr. Bemah said in times like these when the nation and people are faced with the danger of the deadly Coronavirus Disease among other problems there was a compelling need to identify with fellowmen and neighbors, something he said is in line with the golden rule of being one’s brother’s keeper especially at a time when we need each other the most.
Rice provided by Minister Beman
Rice provided by Minister Bemah
He said with a collective fight meant to defeat the menace, and with love for the country, Liberians will certainly outbalance the enemy like was done in the case of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in 2014.
He used the occasion to urge the community dwellers and the general public not to relent in applying the national health protocols at all times so as to close every loophole and suppress the attacks of the coronavirus. Mr. Bemah said he and his team will reach out to the blind and disabled people next.
“In such a time of crisis where people are facing difficulties in getting their needs, they can listen well to advice about health protocol when their needs are provided,”  a Social Science expert said.
Meanwhile, Minister Peter Bemah has urged all well-meaning Liberians to extend a helping hand to those in need. He stated: “If we all can help feed a family for just one day during these difficult times, we will positively change our country forever “.


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