Deputy Press Secretary Booed

Flashback: A demonstration by Liberian journalists, headed by the leadership of the PUL and Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL), who sought to register their frustration over acts of brutality and other mistreatments being meted against them by state security across the country.

By Hannah N. Geterminah & William Q. Harmon

Smith Toby, deputy press secretary to the President of Liberia, may have had a day to remember as he was on Thursday, March 12, 2020, booed by scores of disenchanted media practitioners who had gone to present their petition to the President against mistreatments they receive at the hands of state security, including the Liberia National Police and the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

“Boo, boo, we don’t want you.  You are a liar, you are a coward,” the disenchanted crowd of journalists shouted.

Booing and rejecting Deputy Press Secretary Toby was predicated upon two concerns; first, the journalists accused him of being a liar and coward against journalism—a profession that brought him to prominence.  They claimed that Toby, since taking over as a Deputy Press Secretary at the Executive Mansion, has been fond of lying to the public in defense of the President and going as far as insulting former and current public officials including former Vice President Joseph Boakai and current Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.

The journalists claimed that Toby, without regard for journalists, had gone ahead to make demeaning statements against female journalists that they are after ‘selfies’ when they go to international programs with less attention to the coverage they were designated to do. Journalists said they feel disenchanted with Toby that, without regard for the profession he left before taking a post at the Executive Mansion, he goes on to provide falsehood to the public –something they said is even against the true meaning and applications of Public Relations.

Smith Toby, Deputy Press Secretary to the President of Liberia

Secondly, on Thursday, March 12, Toby had emerged from the grounds of the Foreign Ministry, which currently houses the Ministry of State — the office of the President of Liberia, to receive a petition from the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on behalf of President George Weah — but sadly, he met the wrath of his former colleagues, who had throughout the morning and afternoon hours endured the scorching sun.

According to them, there were officials of government including the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs at the Executive Mansion and one of them could receive the petition, instead of Smith Toby who is of low rank.  The journalists contended that sending a Deputy Press Secretary meant the Ministry of State was ‘ignoring’ them and therefore did not give their petition to Mr. Toby.  In the end, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill received the petition, to the satisfaction of the crowd, which then marched on to the United Nations country office for another presentation and subsequently to the British Embassy.

The whole affair was a demonstration by Liberian journalists, headed by the leadership of the PUL and Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL), who sought to register their frustration over acts of brutality and other mistreatments being meted against them by state security across the country. They gathered in their numbers to present a petition to the government and the international community over the continued brutality.

From the onset, The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and its entire membership expected that their planned protest action would claim the attention of those at the highest echelons of political authority.  The decision to have a street protest instead of a media blackout as may be appropriate came from the background of an assumption that media operators may not cooperate with the blackout for fear of losing advertisements from government.  In the US State Department’s 2019 Human Rights Report about Liberia, some media houses are said to not be critical on the government for fear of losing government adverts; a supporting statement to the assumption that led the journalists to prefer street protest.

Below is the full text of the PUL’s petition delivered yesterday.

Whereas, the Press Union of Liberia is an umbrella organization of Journalists in Liberia founded on September 30, 1964 primarily for the protection and the provision of a safe working environment for Journalists and media workers.

Whereas, since the foundation of the Union, there continue to be attacks, detention, intimidation and suppression of the media and media workers with several colleagues losing their lives to tyrannical and brutal security officers with impunity.

Whereas, these brutal attitudes towards journalists remain a major challenge for the Press Union of Liberia with successive governments doing little or nothing to advert this maltreatment of Journalists simply for doing their Jobs.

Whereas, the protection of free speech, freedom of the press and protection for media workers are fundamental rights under the Constitution of Liberia, the United Nations Convention on people and Human rights and the African Union convention on Human Rights.

Whereas, in recent months, the attacks, detention, intimidation and brutality meted against media practitioners have become unprecedented with seven Journalists being attacked just in two weeks and ten attacked in three months across the country.

Whereas, PUL considers these attacks, detentions, intimidations and brutality against media personnel as deliberate attempts to force journalists into self-censorship and deny the public of credible, balanced and accurate reports of the operations of the government.

Whereas in January 2020,the Late, Journalist Zenu K. Miller complained of being whipped by some officers of the Executive Protection Service while trying to leave the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex where he was providing radio commentary for Okay FM at the finals of the National County Sports Meet.

Whereas, the Government of Liberia failed to launch an investigation into his flogging long before his death.

Whereas the Government of Liberia only apologized for its failure to promptly investigate and offered to conduct an autopsy after the journalist`s death which was refused by the family.

Whereas, another Journalists Christopher Walker, reporter at FrontPage Africa was brutally flogged by some officers of the Liberia National Police at a semi-final game of the National County Sports Meet and the LNP yet to investigate and penalize the officers who whipped the journalist.

Whereas, a Journalist in the Southeastern County of Maryland, Bryant Duo, was assaulted by officers of the Liberia National Police at a checkpoint in Rivercess County, while travelling to Harper from Monrovia. Duo had sought to board another vehicle after going through the security check since the check of the vehicle and other occupants was prolonged.

Whereas in February 2020, Journalist Kennedy Koloh, Manager at the Rivercess Broadcasting System was attacked by officers of the Liberia National Police and briefly detained in Yarpah Town, Rivercess County while travelling to Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Police alleged that Journalist Koloh was arrested on a commercial motorbike for crossing a police checkpoint without regards for a stop order. Journalist Koloh denied the claims, insisting he was arrested after refusing to pay bribes to the police at the Checkpoint. He`s been critical of police operations in the county.

Whereas a week earlier, Methuselah Technocrat Gaye, a Fabric Radio Correspondent in Rivercess County was arrested and detained at the Yarpah Town Police Detachment after being accused of allegedly posting on his Face Book page unverified information concerning the police commander of the region, Fasu Sheriff.

Whereas, Josephine Seekey, a female reporter was pulled off a motorcycle by a police officer on her way from work. Seekey was badly injured. Motorcycle is a fastest means of commuting in Monrovia.

Whereas this month , freelance Journalist Kolubah Akoi was arrested and incarcerated by the Liberia National Police Criminal Investigation Unit in Voinjama, Lofa County, in the north of Liberia. Journalist Akoi was charged with criminal malevolence, criminal solicitation and publication of classified sensitive financial documents about the Lofa Community College.

Whereas a reporter of Cyclone Newspaper, Benjamin Toby Johnson spent a night in police custody in Gardnersville, a Monrovia suburb, for simply inquiring about a report of a police officer discharging fire arm during a land dispute in the community.

Whereas Journalist Salam Kaloko of Maggie Online TV was attacked by an agent of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) while covering a protest of War & Economic Crimes Court advocates. Kaloko was beaten, his camera, cash, telephone and other broadcast equipment forcefully taken away.

Whereas the Liberia National Police (LNP) also detained Aryee Davies, a journalist with Truth FM for attempting  to interview a War Crimes Court Advocate, Emmanuel Service.

Whereas Journalist James K Kadi of the New Newspaper was wounded after being attacked by an officer of the Liberia National Police while in route to central Monrovia on a commercial vehicle.

And whereas, the Press Union of Liberia has communicated with the relevant security agencies whose officers perpetrated these attacks against Journalists with no action or investigation undertaken to address these complaints of maltreatment.

Now therefore, the Press Union of Liberia calls on the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency, George Manneh Weah to commission a transparent and broad-based investigation of the accused security agencies and their officers, complicit in these wonton human rights violations with the view to penalize those who will be found guilty.

The Press Union of Liberia also calls on members of the international community, including ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, United Nations, United States of America, United Kingdom, and other nations that believe in the principle of a free press to bring pressure to bear on the Weah administration to immediately commission the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

PUL also makes a clarion call to international media advocacy and human rights organizations, including the Center for the Protection of Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, Freedom House, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch to pressure their partners and governments to insist that the Weah Administration sets up this probe to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice and stop the intimidation of the press.

Done this 12th  Day of March 2020 in the City of Monrovia, Liberia.


  1. Seriously, these protesting journalists are journalists of the lowest possible elementary mindsets. A standing ovation and applauding the a representative of the presidency who is much aware of every brutalities measured against them, and perhaps mastermind some of those brutalities as a tip for tap politics, these clowns as journalists expect the embassies of the world to to sympathize with them ? Standing ovation and applauding, after being brutalized by the same regime ? Seriously applauding McGill ? Somebody Go Figure. A real good example why cruelty is a tender mercy to heathens . And the protesting Journalists are enjoying every bit of brutality. Applauding for McGill and at the same time asking the embassies near Monrovia to condemn to regime ?

  2. This too is Liberia. When will the world see us as serious people? Ohhh Almighty Allah please guide our nation. Ameen

  3. James Davis, what sort of rubbish are you spewing here that since the journalists resented one of their own professional colleagues who happens to be working for the government, the journalists SHOULD BE RUDE to the very high ranking officials of government to whom the very journalists prefer to present their petition? What an extremely SILLY, unprofessional, apolitical, primitive, jungle and “street” mentality of yours! Well, now you know those journalists, like politicians, or professionals, ARE NOT POLITICAL FOOLS!

    • Too elementary to reason out , that’s your problem. Work place related violence is no joke. And at worse, if it is resulting into death and bodily injuries. One official of the regime is booed and another is happily applauded and given a standing ovation. Because the journalists ended up booing one official and applauding another high ranking official for leaving his busy schedule to receive their petition, so the journalists have won the attention they came for ? Mr. Concerned Citizens , the journalists were not there to be rude to anyone, they were not there to befriend anyone , they were there to draw attention of the regime to the level of work place related violence resulting into death and at most times bodily injuries. And so you speak of one of their friends who is both a journalist and an official of the regime came by , and blah blah blah blah. James Davis would you like to have the journalists to be rudely , and blah blah blah blah. Work place related violence is a very serious violation that is linked to human rights violations, and it is a very serious thing around the world that demands strong condemnations. That is what the journalists were seeking from the regime and from all foreign missions near Monrovia. An official of the regime showed up to receive the petition, and by right they should be happy , but not to lose focus on the purpose for their petition. But rather to make their emotions very clear that work place related violence should have no place in that country. Journalists leaving their homes, should be made to understand that they will returned just as they left home. Even the President hopes for the same safety and security just as the journalists. As no one person is above the law. Serious matters are not a friendship thing. As there is times for every thing . And on the day of the protest, it was time to speak out against work place related violence. Who ever came from the presidency to receive the petition should have gotten that message loud and clear. Well young man , you will get such unique understanding with one day . You will.

  4. Young man James Davis, you will have to grow-up. You seem to have a very low mentality and disposition. Civility and documentality and not brutality or hooliganism is the mark of the educated or disciplined soul! A group or anyone does not have to display incivility to express their grievances, not to talk about the conscience and prism of society – THE PRESS.

    Being civilized, politie, or courteous, is in no way an attempt nor a sign of wanting to “befriend” one´s opponent or an authority to whom you are presenting your grievances. Its simply being professional and diplomatic! Both intellectuals and professionals make their “emotions very clear” in a civilized manner. This is inter alia why constitutions always include the diction “peaceful”.

  5. In 2018, James Davies attacked Information Minister Eugene Nagbe with an ethnic slur he learned on his grandfather’s knees; “Peace was in heaven until the Kru man got there””.A reference to the resistance against repression and dispossession by Southeastern coastal tribes, which brought American troops to side with the oppressors on a wishful thinking that it would encourage all Blacks to willingly leave the U.S.

    It indicates that he isn’t only a biased observer of a Weah-led CDC Coalition, but probably consumed by hate. Guys like him remain nostalgic about the One Party System of government therefore cannot reconcile with the realities of One man, One Vote. Put another way, James Davies and CO aren’t about to accept the constitutional dictates that those who win elections run affairs of state. It is the elephant in the room!

    • how can a murderer like sylvester “bagdad” Moses support a peaceful man like James Davis when he is a murderer that headed the NSA dueing Doe time. moses you are a evil man who should not make any remarks on this website. You are a human rights abuser…… My dad hated you who beat up all of those journalists during doe time:: i did not like the way you treated people. you are not a liberian

      • That is a damn LIE! Sylvester Moses is no murderer. If Sylvester Moses were a murderer or human rights violator or abuser, his name would have been mentioned in the TRC Report, since that report antedates Mr. Moses’ tenure as Director of the NSA. Mr. Moses is known as one of Liberia’s or one of Africa’s most professional and highly educated national security and national intelligence professionals.

      • That is the reason the Liberia TRC process will not gain any dividend that it should have deserved. If a Sylvester Moses, a ruthless operatives of the SKD regime is not mentioned in the TRC report, then it is not complete, it should be re-done to include the likes of Sylvester Moses, others from the regime that he protected dearly. He is always here protecting blindly his “South easting” hegemony of “GMW”, but detested EJS for being one of those vocal critics of his beloved SKD regime.
        All he is thinking is that we have forgotten his role played on August 22, 1984 @ the University of Liberia’s invasion.

        • Gbada J. Flomo, ETC., everybody is aware that Mr Moses and I have had heated arguments on these fora! But I agree with Mr. Tamba 100 percent, and disagree with you 100 percent.

          The fact that someone headed the Directorate of Homeland Security, the CIA, the FBI, the KGB, MODSSAD, the MI6, or any national security agency in Africa or or the Directorate of National Intelligence, or elsewhere, does not mean that the head of such agencies under whichever regime must have participated in whatever brutality may have been carried out by the given regime. or the Directorate of National Intelligence, does not mean they should be held.

          Even dissidents and others who went under NSA investigations during heated crisis or upheavals when Mr Moses headed the NSA spoke and to this date speak well of Mr. Moses.

          All these rants against the ”poor man” is simply because he (as is the case with the diplomatic community, etc) does not hesitate to speak his mind on burning issues, something which these losers of election do not like. PERIOD!

        • Mr. Gbada Flomo, we just can’t give credence (by being silent) to false claims for or against anyone or any entity, whether via personal vendetta or other wise,. You are simply trying to use the TRC as a scapegoat to dress your false claims against Mr. Sylvester Moses.

          What inter alia proves this is the fact and evidence that if what you are saying here about Mr. Sylvester Moses are true, THEN WHY will the USA not hold Mr. Moses individually accountable as the US Government has done with many including Tom Woewiyu, and others from the ULIMO factions?

          During and before the 2017 elections when Mr. Sylvester Moses was airing his balanced and objective views which in most cases favored all candidates, WHY ”you people” did not rebut him or tell him what you and others are saying here now?

          If he had supported those Joseph Boakai’s very silly protests condemned by the diplomatic and international communities, you people would not be boring readers with these baseless defamatory attacks against former Director Moses.

          You people are worst than people who manufacture ”institutional excuses” to justify their glaring irregularities.

          We ask you again, if what you are saying here about Mr. Sylvester Moses are true, THEN WHY will the USA (with Mr. MOSES right here in the USA) not hold Mr. Moses individually accountable as the US Government has done with many including Tom Woewiyu, and others from the ULIMO factions?

        • Gbada Flomo, this concluding statement of yours ”All he is thinking is that we have forgotten his role played on August 22, 1984 @ the University of Liberia’s invasion” exposes the deliberate lies ”you people” are making against an innocent man!

          We say this considering the fact that if your defamatory attacks were true and correct, Amos Sawyer the very man who was at the center of that August 22, 1984 LU incident, and as President of Liberia succeeding President Samuel Kanyon Doe, in 1990, would have never appointed the very Sylvester Moses as his Sawyer’s National Security Adviser.

          When ”you people’ cannot counter the man’s intellectualism, you try to hide behind baseless and false defamatory attacks. WHAT A SHAME!

  6. James Davis,
    With all due respect, I think your “independent thoughts” are badly warped. Just because you happen to disagree with the journalists, your independent thoughts don’t add up wisely by referring to the journalists as heathens. There are adjectives out there that you could have used.

  7. I have basically given up on Liberia. It will forever develop because of illiteracy, ignorance, and their mindset. George Weah will be President for 24 years like Tubman, not 6, not 12. Do what you can do to help, but our country will remain impoverished, backward, filthy, and dirty for a long long time. Don’t be sorry for us. If you are in the Diaspora focus on your retirement, yourself, not Liberia. Nothing can save our home here. The dirt, the filth, the sufferings and they are happy with it. Long live the glorious land of liberty.

  8. Not only “SOMETHING” WHICH IS DEMOCRACY OR MAJORITY RULE can save us, Flomo Gomo. Somebody can save us. And that person has ALREADY been sent by God – in the person and presidential leadership of President George Manneh Weah, who is constructing postmodern roads throughout the country, while his admiration by high-powered trade and investments countries like the UAE, Singapore, China, etc. have begun pouring in investments to revamp the Liberian economy, as the UN and ECOWAS, the EU, AU, the IMF and the World Bank together with Washington giving this man President George Manneh Weah all the needed cooperation having been inspired by his President George Manneh Weah ‘s POLITICAL WILL.

  9. Gomo,

    You sound very discouraged about Liberia. I would advice you not to give up like that countryman.

    In so many ways, you’re right. Those of us who live in the diaspora have a moral responsibility to take care of ourselves.

    The city of Monrovia came about during the 1800s, and yet the city is not as vibrant as one would expect. But let’s not lose track of one thing: Weah is not responsible for the poor condition of the country. By saying that, God forbid….I am not suggesting that Weah shouldn’t bother to clean up or make improvements. Most of Weah’s critics become ebullient in terms of playing the blame game over his head, but none of them bothers to state the truth of the story. Maybe the critics do not care about the truth. The critics’ scorecard shows nothing of substance but rather vindictiveness, innuendos and defamation of character. That will not get us anywhere.

    Two years into Weah’s presidency, some critics of his wanted 100,000 jobs created! That’s not possible especially since Liberia is a developing country. Comparatively, Germany is a developed country. Germany can do anything America does. However, when the Eastern section of Germany merged with West Germany after the Cold war ended, it took 7 odd years to bring the Eastern section of Germany up to the level of the West Germans. (Remember, Liberia is undeveloped, but Germany is a “top of the line” developed country.) If it took almost a decade to upgrade the standard of living of the East Germans, what does one expect in Liberia? Again, that doesn’t mean because Liberia is undeveloped, nothing should be done by Weah in order to improve the living standard of people. The truth must not be deleted, but rather told in the thick of adversity.

    Secondly, the outgoing government of Ellen Johnson didn’t hand over a good economy. Many people, (not just the Liberian people) but foreign observers of the Liberian republic believe that corruption ran from coast to coast during Johnson-Sirleaf’s presidency. Given that scenario, it is highly unlikely for progress to have be made in less than two years. Three years into his presidency now, things are beginning to move! My only fear is the Corvid-19 pandemic. Please Lord. Spare us. We’ve had Ebola. No more suffering.

    Up to date, there are some Liberians who call for a Trumpian presidency in Liberia. These are critics who say that Trump is a “no nonsense guy”, and therefore his style of leadership will awaken the Liberian people to action. Guess what? Those critics have a right to express themselves, but they are dead wrong. A Trumpian presidency will make Liberia an isolationist country. So where do we go from here as a nation?

    First, let’s not give up! The best days for Liberia are ahead of us. Mr. Concerned Liberian is right. Many countries are beginning to pour development money into the country. Lastly, let’s work cooperatively for the common good of the country. A Trump-like leadership in Liberia will cause polarization, isolationism and widespread hatred within the country.

    The filth will go away, not magically. The roads will be serviced. The bridges will be looked at again. Public school students will get their textbooks, whether used or new. Electricity will not come and go in ten minutes. Running water will continue to run like it is in the Ivory coast. We will get there!


    • What or which ”filth’? You better do not listen to these doomed lazy elitist parasites of minority rule who after losing the 2017 elections, and after carrying out several treasonous acts masked behind the diabolical ploy of protests fomented, incited, financed, and plotted, by old and ugly Joseph Boakai, and his other partners in crime and fellows losers of the 2017 elections, are gone ”GOMO”!


      Very lazy, and backward political calculators. In this day and age they expect to take power as during the days of one party rule, when a selectorate of the minority chose the president, legislators and the government in toto. Since they could not get it through the then incumbent president Ellen THE GREAT, they stupidly believed they could get it through hidden agenda using right to protest as A PLOY.

  10. Hney et al. You all make a good case here, but seeing is believing. Two wrongs don’t make one right. After our people have suffered for over a century, here comes Mr. Hero, our country boy who was supposed to be a savior, but failed to at least declare his assets, so anything he does is suspect to me.

    I would think differently if he had come clean, but no he decided to enrich and continue to enrich himself while our people suffer and eat the crumbs that fall from his table. So, no matter what he and his administration does now, the damage has been done in my mind eyes.

    I wish Weah and his friends well. They can continue to live of the people and fool them. What is so important is that with all his enjoyment, corruption, and womanizing, all is vanity if God is in Heaven, which I believe. The only think he can take with him is a sorrowful box and a suit, not a hundred houses, not a yacht, not a jet plane, not a billion dollars, but a box, and a suit.

    Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” If the sufferings under this government continues why Weah and his stooges sleep in wealth, the people will not forget or forgive him.

  11. One thing I agree with: filth-yes, dirty-yes, dusty-yes, dark -yes, lawless-yes, corrupt-yes, low literacy rate-yes, lies and lies-yes, “-purism”-yes, blind loyalty-yes, very Polluted-yes, 12 years cdc-yes, bibery-yes, poor hygiene-yes, poor health care-yes, slums-yes, lack of security-yes, arm robberies-yes, useless spending on expensive cars for officials-yes, raw sewage draining in major streets-yes, poor education system-yes, entertainment centers more than schools-yes. I just came back from Liberia and these are my foresighted observations free of politics. Using words or phrases like “mental laziness”,” losers”
    or “single party”, “settlers”, “educated elites”, etc, will not solve our problems. Blaming past administrations for present conditions will not solve our problems; they will fuel the fire. Allow apples to be apples, bananas to be bananas. A biter cola will never be eaten like the way an apple is eaten. Liberia belongs to us all not for cdc, unity, anc or cpp. For Weah’s supporters be fear, for opposition, be fear. My honest opinion here! I spend Christmas in Liberia since 2004 except 2014. I have an investment there and I hate for people to make unnecessary comments when some have never visited the motherland. If you do, come back with unbiased objectivity. Take care folks

  12. Mr. Gomo,

    I was in Liberia last year (2019) from July up to October. I tried to get a job, but one of the Ministers played the nastiest game on me that you cannot imagine.

    I am aware of the hardship in Liberia. True to the core, there are “some” Liberians who are having fun. Those who are doing extremely well economically are the traditionalists! The traditionalists are rooted and connected. The traditionalists are the real defenders of the status quo. They resent the concept of change because their livelihood will be challenged if any change comes to Liberia. I completely disagree with them. We must change in order to give the have-nots an opportunity to develop their potential.

    The issue of Weah:
    The status quo people or traditionalists I have described above cannot and will not allow any president to ruffle their feathers easily. Example, the lawmakers of Liberia are traditionalists. The lawmakers have a good income that surpasses the yearly incomes of United States’ federal lawmakers. (Check it out). But at the same time, public school students do not have their textbooks. Does it make sense for kids to go to school without their full set of textbooks? Does anyone think that Weah can force the Liberian lawmakers to make a salary cut? If Weah attempts something like that, he will automatically sign his death knell.

    Should Weah fold his hands and do nothing? Of course not! Those traditionalists were there, well connected before Weah came on board. In order to make a meaningful change, Weah will have to around them. That’s exactly what’s happening. Three years in his government, a dimmed flashlight is about to shine. Example, Weah’s idea of constructing good roads will help Liberia’s economy. If he follows through, Liberia will be like Ghana or the Ivory Coast.

    I don’t want anyone to think for a moment that I do not care about my Liberian brothers and sisters. As I said before, I was in Liberia for three months last year. Every bit of my hard-earned money was given to friends and family. I am aware of the hardship. My point is that Weah came on board when the economy was in the tank! It angers people when I say that. But that’s the truth!

    Competent Staff:
    It can be argued that some cabinet appointees are not functioning to their highest level of performance. Let’s not forget that those very people are not Cdcians, but rather appointees who endorsed Weah directly or whose bosses endorsed Weah during the past presidential campaign. Those particular appointees have no loyalty. But they get “fact checks” every month!

    Lastly, some political hacks work behind the scenes in order to destablize Weah, that is precisely what I was told last year. If that’s true, there’s one word that best describes such a wicked act….. let’s call it bigotry.

    It hurts. Let’s be optimistic. Somehow, Liberia will get better.

  13. Uncle Hney,

    Greetings, Sir and hope that you and your family is safe from this nasty Virus that is plaguing your land and the rest of the world. please be informed that I have put my trip on hold because of said virus, but my sister was able to travel and she is now in the State of California. Look after for us, if you will.

    There are folks here who blame President Weah, and unreasonably so, for every ills in our society. They expected him to work wonders and solve all of our problems overnight and when that was not done, every blame was laid at his footsteps.

    No, I am not saying that he should be absolved of all blames, not am i saying that his hands are clean, but, come on people, he is doing his best. “His best” is subject to interpretation, but all collective efforts will be needed to move this country forward.

    The thing is, we just need to try.


  14. JM,
    I certainly hope that you and your family are doing fine. You always get in touch in a dignified manner. Very proud of you! Say hello to your parents. Are you on Messenger or what’s app? If so, let me know.

    You have a unique understanding about the situation with Weah. Because of Johnson-Sirleaf’s failure to pay attention to the proletarians during her presidency, many Liberian voters thought that the next president would create jobs overnight. Little did the voters know that the economy was in tatters. So the voters voted en mass for George Weah.

    In a weak economy, it’s not so easy for jobs to be created. Also, the Liberian people need to be told that in a democratic society, a majority of jobs are not usually created by the government, but rather by the effort of the private sector. Sadly, the Liberian private sector is not sophisticated. Right there, we’ve got a conundrum.

    What makes matters worse is that some of the politicians who lost during the last presidential election are in the habit of fanning the flame of confusion. I can assure the Liberian people that too much talk is cheap. Any politician who replaces Weah will not be able to create jobs en mass! Any intelligent person cannot be fooled by any cheap talk.

    The Liberian economy will rebound.



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