Deputy Health Minister Wants Administrators Provide Quality Healthcare

Participants at the retreat held in the Alvino Hotel in Ganta

Deputy Health Minister of Administration Norwu Howard has challenged health administrators across the country to provide quality healthcare to the citizens.

Minister Norwu spoke at a ceremony marking the opening of a four-day retreat (November 14-17, 2018) covering the ministry’s department of administration.

She said since there are growing expectations from the public for quality health services in the country, health administrators should ensure that patients are treated with the right kind of medication.

“Even though there are limited resources while the people’s expectations are high, I want you all to make the best use of the little on hand by effectively working with the hospital staff to effectively deliver and meet the expectation of the people.”

Minister Howard said it was unacceptable that health administrators would use a huge chunk of their allotment for DSA, instead of using it to provide services the people need.

She noted that there are many challenges faced by human resources, including logistics, supply chain, among others, but urged health administrators to use their leadership skills in addressing some of the challenges.

Minister Howard further reminded the participants of their responsibility to save lives and properly manage the health sector by helping to optimize services.

“We will hold people accountable for the implementation of new ideas and strategies that would evolve from these discussions,” she added.

Almost two weeks ago, the Ministry of Health met in Ganta, and discussions were held about the means of formulating a policy to reintroduce health financing as a measure of keeping the health posts with medical drugs.

This retreat is covering some key administrative topics, including leadership impact on quality, health system strengthening, quality customer service, the role of internal control/audit in the health system, among others.

The retreat is being held under the theme, “Pathway to health: aiming for quality with vision and a healthy population and social protection for all.”

The aim is to reform and manage the sector to effectively deliver comprehensive, quality health services that are equitable, accessible and sustainable for all Liberians.

Meanwhile, Minister Howard thanked her assistant and members of the team for the idea to host such a retreat, which is the first of its kind in the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) history, promising to continue it annually.


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