Departing with ‘Fond Memories’


— Dismissed Agriculture Minister returns gov’t properties assigned to him

Dismissed Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Mogana S. Flomo on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 paid what he described as his “last visit” to the ministry, where he had gone to officially turn over all governmental properties he had presided over during his tenure.

Flomo also used the occasion to bid farewell to some of his colleagues with whom he had worked for the last one and a half years.

Dr. Flomo practically wielded uncontrollable power at that ministry where he served as the chief principal administrator of the agriculture sector, the first under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), until lately, when President George Weah relieved him of that post.

The sad and unbelievable things that baffled many of his work mates is that the former minister was out of the country on an official duty when the President relieved him of his post.

But Flomo, being undeterred, surfaced early Tuesday at the MoA’s Gardnersville offices to return all government properties assigned to him, as the president had requested.

He termed his return as an emotional one, especially for the rest of the staffers.

“I came to officially turn over to the new officer in charge all government properties in my possession. It is a great moment to do the right thing, and at the right time. This is also an emotional one for the rest of the staffers,” Dr. Flomo said.

“Throughout our life, we have always sought to do what is morally, and ethically right, and therefore happy to turn over all the ministry’s properties in our position,” he said.

Flomo added that a summary report of the various achievements, pending engagements, and upcoming initiatives that he concluded were also presented.

He lauded President Weah for having given him the opportunity to serve his country, “a moment I will forever be proud of as a former Agriculture Minister that served with distinction owing to my level of education under the Weah administration. Serving in that capacity, and allowing me to share the benefit of my experience with the rest of the team was one of the greatest honor of my life, and therefore, I will forever remain grateful to the President,” he said.

Flomo added that being privileged to serve as the first Agriculture Minister under the Weah/CDC administration is an honor to cherish. He believes that his appointment laid the foundation for achieving food security through a 5-year sector Strategic Plan that was developed under his watch.

This plan, according to him, is the first ever at the ministry.

With this strategic plan, Dr. Flomo boasted that he and his team were able to align the MoA’s vision to the government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), which provides mechanism for increased mechanized farming, and value addition of local Liberian crops.

Dr. Flomo used the occasion to thank Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, the MoA staffers, the farmers, and all citizens hailing from Bong County for their moral support, “as I look forward to serving my country in other capacities.”

Meanwhile, an Executive Mansion recent release has attributed Flomo’s dismissal to his “failure to support the government’s PAPD.”

The release further said Dr. Flomo did not make any significant difference in the country’s agriculture sector ever since Mr. Weah appointed him a year ago, pointing it out as failure to support the government.


  1. I am not a supporter of this guy, but the manner and form he was dismissed by the President is just unfair. Whatever the reason for his dismissal, the real story will be told.


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