Demonstrations Loom over ‘Attempts’ to Rig By-election

Opposition parties say NEC Chairman, Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya's tenure is nearing expiration, which presents an opportunity to skew outcomes of the by-elections in favor of President Weah’s preferred candidates, in order to keep his job.

— 4 Political parties threatened

Due to the unprecedented postponement of Montserrado County two by-elections (senator and representative), as announced by authorities at the National Elections Commission (NEC), the four collaborating opposition political parties have threatened to demonstrate amid alleged attempts on the part of NEC to rig the delayed by-elections in favor of the ruling party.

In a statement issued on July 11, 2019 the collaborating parties said: “As was demonstrated on June 7, 2019, when thousands of Liberians thronged Capitol Hill to show their disapproval for the way their country is being governed, any attempt to rig the Montserrado County by-elections, and any subsequent elections will provoke a similar reaction.”

It is in this regard that the collaborating parties, including the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP), Unity Party (UP), and All Liberian Party (ALP), said they will settle for no outcomes shy of a free, fair, transparent and credible electoral contest that respects the verdict of the people of Montserrado County.

The four collaborating parties added: “Considering that during the launch of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) senatorial candidate, Paulita C. Wie, President George Weah in his campaign mood, vowed that, as long he is President, Abraham Darius Dillon and Telia Urey will never win any election, these maneuvers posed to Liberia’s electoral process and system by the President cannot underrate dangers.

The parties believe that these maneuvers pose to Liberia’s electoral process, and system by the president cannot underrate dangers.

The collaborating parties said they are aware that NEC Chair Jerome Korkoya’s tenure is nearing expiration and, as such, it is possible to negotiate a condition for extension or renewal, which may not be far from skewing outcomes of the by-elections in favor of President Weah’s preferred choices of candidates.

The parties alleged that in the wake of the “strange postponement” of the by-elections, the NEC Chair has been seen in the company of Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, whose jurisdiction has nothing to do with the work of the NEC.

Meanwhile, the parties have warned NEC to immediately desist from colluding with external political forces, “because the Commission is under the radar, and will suffer the consequences of their actions.”

“We will do all we can to protect the votes of the people of Montserrado County,” the parties said.

The leadership of the collaborating parties vowed never to allow NEC and external political forces to frustrate the electorate of Montserrado County, “as was experienced during the Sinoe County Senatorial by-election in 2018, when the outcome was skewed in favor of President Weah’s anointed candidate.”

The four parties said it is worrisome that the Sinoe malaise is being nurtured once again, “as strange maneuvers within the NEC continue to indicate.”

They added, “Political parties have continued to express concerns about this continuous development, specifically considering that the time for the replacement of lost or damaged voter cards had long elapsed. This is unprecedented in recent election history, and it validates the growing fear that plans to rig the Montserrado votes might still be afloat.”

The parties therefore called on the civil society, human rights community, members of the Liberia National Bar Association, the Press Union of Liberia, the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) Commission, European Union, African Union, United Nations, the United States Government and Liberia’s multilateral partners to take note of the concern, and to prevail on President Weah and NEC to abandon the “very expensive risk of tampering with the Montserrado County by-elections and future elections, as this will be a red herring scenario.”


  1. That Liberians of all walks of life are waking up and finally realizing, that all the integrity institutions that do exist to under-gird the Liberian democracy have become subservient to the imperial presidency of President Weah and propaganda tools for the CDC, are a real eye opener. This includes the judiciary, the legislature, and other autonomous agencies.

    The NEC is a Potemkin institution; in other words, it is nothing more than a pretentious symbolism depicting to the world that Liberia practices a true democracy but in essence, it does not.

    The yearning of Liberians to live in a truly peaceful, democratic, and prosperous nation, where no individual or political apparatus takes an exception to the constitution, which is the organic law of the land, and where the government can create an enabling environment for each and every citizen to thrive or get a shot at a better of quality, continues to elude them.

    Towards such an end, it will be a fatal mistake or an illusion for citizens to believe that life will become better under Weah; and a worst case scenario would be to take the tranquillizing drug of silence and pacifism for it will only embolden Weah and his government more as they and their errand boy, Mr. Jerome G. Korkoya of the NEC, chart a path of chaos for the country.

    What an incredible incredulity when one reflects on the fact that Liberia is approaching the threshold of becoming two centuries old (as one of Africa’s oldest republics) but it is still unable to demonstrate the kind of maturity that is befitting of a truly independent nation!

  2. The United States senator who makes statements and claims Liberians are the most in illegal immigration sounds like the daughter of a slave master. Most Americans will never know actual Liberians because some United States politicians think Liberia is a place to continuously waste their waste and seek slave workers, especially party drunk Americans. They stir up the political system to Americanize Liberia, yet pump up other Africans to treat Liberians like colonial days Africans to affix a free Liberia, and yet seek our resources to clean and develop themselves. A standard return to slavery when they use Africans to abstract neutralism out of our election processes and system offering citizenship to other craving peoples or pretended Liberians non Liberians who are not the cultural real people left by our founders to control the destiny of this Liberian nation on the west coast of African. When a group of so called leaders or dictators or corrupt officials have ruled the nation for 6,12 or more years, they prefer to cause violence to prevent the next illicit group to serve their 6 or more years. We will no longer allow this to happen. All the mishaps in Liberia have been caused by such actions and the children of Liberia’s future will not take this again. We will fix it ourselves. We will control this nation ourselves. Liberians will seek our own destiny in peace. A real Liberian will not want to be a part of another nation’s destiny. If any Liberian was ever an American, He or she will never want to be a Liberian again. Americans will talk or do their shits, but from History, a real American will never want to be a Liberian. Americans, do not fool yourselves. No Liberian is a shit hole, maybe other nations you refer to, because the Liberians you think are illegal in your nation were non Liberians you think were Liberians you accepted on our identity. Actual Liberians will never want to be Americans because we already have historical connections of blood relationships in them which created the name “Liberia” in the first place. It will be redundant if such as us became American. If you call us Shit holes, we will call you pieces of shit. We have our own traditions and culture given us by God. Not all Liberians want or need to be Americans. If you need our resources, from now on, you will have to extend your finished products. Not more free ride on resources. Stop tampering with our election process to cite our Leaders forthcoming. Do not answer this box. Not for chats.
    Check Silent 57% silent majority.


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