Demonstrate Ethical Values at Work


European Union Delegation Ambassador to Liberia, Tiina Intelmann, has emphasized that Liberians must demonstrate integrity, honesty and commitment at their workplaces in order to succeed in the country’s development drive.

In remarks at the end of a training course in Monrovia for personnel of the Bong, Lofa, Margibi and Nimba Service Centers, Ambassador Intelmann underscored the importance of the work of these providers in bringing essential civic services to people residing in rural areas under Liberia’s ongoing decentralization process.

She told the trained service center providers that for the decentralization process to succeed, service providers are expected to utilize and transfer the knowledge acquired into actions that benefit the people for whom the service is intended.

The EU envoy also said if the service center providers are to do a better job and be efficient, the government must provide the operational funds that will enable workers to become functional.

The EU is contributing €4.5 million to support the National Decentralization Program augmenting government’s input.

Intelmann has meanwhile welcomed the intervention by the head of the Traditional Council of Elders and Chiefs on making Liberia a “Christian State,” otherwise known as the Constitution Review Committee’s Proposition 24.

Since last year the argument on declaring Liberia a Christian state in the Constitution has remained a serious and threatening argument in the public.

Members of the Muslim community have threatened that if the Constitution Review Committee’s Proposition 24 goes to referendum, they will not take part, which could seriously undermine the peace and stability of the country.

They stated further that if Liberia is declared a Christian state, all portions of land occupied by Muslims will no longer be under the jurisdiction of the Liberian government.


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