Demolition Work Continues in Ganta


A team of engineers from the Ministry of Public Works backed by the Police Support Unit (PSU) has begun demolition buildings that are on the right of way in Ganta.

A Public Works official said the owners of the affected buildings received compensation several months ago for their relocation.

The exercise, which started early Wednesday January 6 at the borderline in Ganta, is expected to continue to get the remaining properties on the road demolished, Assistant Minister of Administration of Public Works, Ousman Kamara, told the Daily Observer in an interview.

New buildings that were constructed on right of way, and whose owners had received compensation, are also being demolished.

Minister Kamara said any building that was marked whose owners did not demolish, would be. As a result, MPW engineers are demolishing some houses along the Guinea Road.

There were heated arguments as the demolition exercises approached houses near the main street of Ganta, as several buildings, including the Angel Guest House and the property of one George Saye, were affected.

Almost 75 percent of the Angel Guest House was demolished by the owner; he later decided to build on the remaining land.

The Chinese construction company, Chico, has almost completed the roadwork and they are only carrying out the drainage work along the main road.

Meanwhile the Angel Hill Top Hotel on Guinea Road and several other private properties, which were demolished by their owners, have complained about the exercise.

The proprietor of Hill Top Hotel, Mrs. Salome Suah told the Daily Observer that the destruction of her building that is under construction was unlawful and illegal, as it was done to put them out of business.

She said, before constructing the building, she obtained a permit from the Ministry of Public Works through Resident Engineer Lahaison Waritay.

Displaying a copy of the permit, she explained that she demolished first building after it was marked by Public Works during the road construction.

Minister Kamara however said the team was not infringing on anybody’s rights because property owners have been compensated for the value of their properties, but some sadly refused to relocate.


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