Democracy Under Attack in U.S.

Trump supporters invate US Capitol (Photo: VOA)

Democracy, a widely practiced governance system with the United States being the progenitor, appears to be choked in the neck with the resistance put forth by defeated President Donald Trump not to concede defeat to allow the will of the people to prevail.

Since the 2020 election in which former Vice President Joe Biden won, President Trump has challenged and contended that he was cheated.  However, President Trump according to US media has failed to provide any substantial proof of his claims of cheating and vote stealing.

Without the first thought of concession of defeat, President Trump has failed to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and, he and hundreds of his supporters on yesterday disrupted activities in the Senate in protest against inauguration of the new President of the United States.

According to the BBC, the disruptions and street protests have left a woman dead and a curfew imposed in Washington DC.  ABC news has it that Trump’s supporters clashed with the police and Speaker Nancy Pelosi had asked for the intervention of the National Guard at the Capitol.  Security forces in the fracas reportedly discovered explosive devices at the Capitol but could not harm anyone.

President Trump in his twitter account has asked his Vice President Mike Pence who is to preside over the counting of the votes in the Senate to annul the election results that gave victory to Biden.

However, under the US Law, the Vice President has no legal authority to declare Biden’s victory invalid according to the BBC.

In the United States, electors, based on the results in each state — officially decide who is to be the next President.  Congress began the process yesterday to count the electoral votes and confirm the nomination of President-elect Bide, and as a custom, this process usually takes place without controversy, but President Trump and his supporters turned the entire process sour yesterday when they stormed the Senate to dispute the election results on what US media call “Unsubstantiated” claims.  

Trump supporters scale the walls of the invate US Capitol, declaring that their president will not concede. (Photo: VOA)

On the request for the US Vice President to declare the result invalid, Pence said he has no legal authority to do so; a response that will end the two highest officials’ relationship at loggerhead as they soon leave their respective offices.

The unfolding fracas in the US democratic system sparked up Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican to say:  “What happened here today was an insurrection incited by the President.”

United States is the main proponent of Democracy in the world, a government by the people, for the people and of the people.  The US in its quest to see democracy practiced has always kept close watch on African countries including Liberia to conduct elections peacefully and threatening anyone group of people that will be responsible for violence to affect the electoral process.

With the unfolding development, it may be highly certain that United States stands to face criticisms from countries it has been guiding with power to ensure that they heed to the tenets of democracy.      


  1. Democracy is elastic; America has survived a Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. Frankly, this farcical storming of the Bastille re-enacted at the Capitol will be forgotten, too. Perhaps, a conversation should start in 2021 on establishing an independent national election commission as a safeguard against future attempts by any state or official to blackmail the nation.

  2. Interesting to live and witness what is unfolding in DC.
    The USA, the role model, giver of moral lessons and police of the world !

  3. To The Individual It May concern

    America is on fire! There’s carnage because of Trump’s recklessness. Given Trump’s buffoonery, it is uncertain whether Joseph Biden will be inaugurated peacefully.

    It seems that Trump’s African policy defenders are locked up somewhere in the ceiling. Maybe this is the opportune time for Trump’s defenders to step up to the plate. No excuses.

    Two Democratic contenders defeated two sitting Republicans in the red state of Georgia on the 5th of January, 2021.

    Is anyone home?
    Y’all Helloooooo my people….
    There’s silence in our neighborhood.

    Trump predicted last year that the Coronavirus pandemic would go away after November 3, 2020. But that’s not the case today. The deadly pandemic is killing more Americans than ever before. A known African said just this past year that Trump had the best of policies. Can anyone please get in touch with that African who was bragging about Trump’s policies?

  4. Thanks for your informative overview of developments that unfolded in Washington yesterday. It was jaw-dropping and unbelievable. It was hard to imagine this was happening in the U.S. Nevertheless, thanks to the enduring strength of American democracy and its institutions. As it is said, democracy, with its imperfections, can be messy sometimes, as reflected by the mob assault on the Capitol. However, democracy is the best system of governance in the world where the will of the majority prevails over authoritarianism. Congress was able to reconvene and carry out the will of the people as reflected by the mandate from the 2020 presidential election. I hope that some of the Daily Observer reports on the unfolding developments in the U.S. would also use Liberian contexts to help our people better understand the implications of what is happening in the U.S. For example, the 1985 presidential election in Liberia that was rigged by Samuel Doe, the sitting ruler of the country, who unleashed a wave of violence that led to hundreds of defenseless Liberians being killed, simply for him to remain in power. Doe arrested the man who was known to have actually won the election along with other political leaders and banished them to the notorious Belleh Yalla prison. I was one of the few journalists the government flew on a small military plane to Belleh Yalla, located in the dense tropical forests, in order to dispel rumors that one of the political leaders had died from the inhuman conditions at the prison. The time we spent at Belleh Yalla was terrifying and traumatizing. We saw prisoners chained by their neck, waist or legs. I have accounts of this development in my first book, “Liberia: The Heart of Darkness – Accounts of Liberia’s Civil War and its Destabilizing Effects in West Africa,” which is available online. If what’s happening in the U.S. had occurred in Africa or other parts of the world, there would be serious bloodshed. The president-elect would be lucky to be alive. So we thank God for American democracy.

  5. Gabriel Williams, what is obtaining in Washington is simply a revelation of the HYPOCRISY OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE YOU DEMOCRACY IS ONLY DEMOCRACY WHEN IT IS IN THEIR SELFISH INTEREST! PERIOD!

    YOU are a liar! you were never ever taken to Belle Yallah! No journalist was ever taken to Belle Yallah for elections in Liberia! You are a liar! I defy and challenge you OR ANYONE to produce any credible clippings on you Gabriel Williams taken to Belle Yallah viz the election to which you are referring!

    You are here ranting about ”during the 1985 presidential election in Liberia that was rigged by Samuel Doe, the sitting ruler of the country, who unleashed a wave of violence that led to hundreds of defenseless Liberians being killed, simply for him to remain in power” WHEN YOU GABRIEL WILLIAMS IS A BENEFICIARY OF THE IDENTICAL RIGGING OF ELECTIONS BY YOUR BENEFACTOR ELEEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF 20 YEARS AFTER IN 2005, AND 26 YEARS AFTER IN 2011 AMID THE BRUTAL KILLING OF PROTESTERS AGAINST THAT RIGGING OF ELECTION BY Ellen Johnson Sirleaf YOUR BENEFACTOR!..

    After your backside have been a beneficiary of savagery and misrule, you want to come here with your silly posturing and stupidly believing readers on these sites are as silly as your very lying and silly self. Your backside sat as a senior official of the PUL in the 90s while one of Liberias finest journalists John Vambo was slaughtered between your benefactor Amos Sawyer and his ECOMOG accomplices as you bastards calling yourselves journalists or PUL officials keeping your backsides shut!

    • I like to call you the False Nationalist because nothing about you shows any patriotism or nationalistic behavior.
      Someone has given his eyewitness account, which is even documented in a book sold online. He provides you with the title and link to such book. What should you do as a true nationalist who is interested in knowing all or almost all about his country? Simply go online and order for the book or beg someone to share a copy with you, then come back and rebuke or argumentatively confront the individual, that’s how true nationalists behave.

      Be a true nationalist, brother!

      • Look, I am too educated, and so much highly informed than that follower, chronic stooge, opportunist, and ”LIARMAN” calling himself Gabriel Williams!

        So of course, he himself can never ever expect any caliber of mine to even surmise his claimed ”eyewitness account” as anything factual, credible or true!

        And for your own good, know ye henceforth that you do yourself injustice by assimilating WHATEVER VIEW, OPINION, OR ACCOUNT as FACT, REALITY OR TRUTH, not to talk of been dogmatic, reasonable, legitimate, prudent, or credible, simply because the one (eg. Gabriel Williams, etc.) displaying such posturing may have his book sold on line!

        Its a pity that of course, its the obvious that for you and your likes, one’s claims are automatically facts because he says its his own ”eye witness account sold online”.

        • Well, brother, I learned to do research in school. I never comment on matters I cannot fully defend. I rather keep quiet on a topic then spew “they say” on such topic just to hear my voice; “oh my man, you get mouth, you must talk too!” it does NOT in any way mean I agree or disagree with such person.

          If you believe the guy is wrong, we will be happy to read both of you exchange intellectually with proofs. But claiming to be the “know all” all the time and being so boastful of being so educated is ridiculous to me.
          How educated are you? I (Petarus Dolo) have not really seen it. I know you to like verbosity. If you consider verbosity to be education, then you need to wake up from your slumber.
          On this blog, I can emphatically tell you compatriot Hney is educated indeed, and Mr. Moses is an experienced and educated man.

          To conclude, I am not gullible. I abstain from topics on which I have little knowledge. It doesn’t mean I have agreed or disagreed with the person giving the information.
          And to speak to you frankly, I am learning a lot about my country from Mr. Moses on this blog. He brings up topics that gets me going back to do research to ascertain the facts. He was a Samuel Doe insider; I was just 8 years old when Doe came to power. I must therefore read a lot, check on oral accounts to gather my educated opinions, since I am now venturing into the political arena of my country (I hope not).

          Put some water in your wine, brother!

          • Look Dolo, I am not your brother. I am your elder, and could even be your father. Know this forthwith and henceforth.

            My first two older sons and their sister my eldest daughter are older than you given the fact that you were an infant around 1971, 1972 or you may have not been born.

            I have observed you to be one of those who erringly believes all or most who comment here are youngsters as you are. Again, I am not your brother. I am your elder, and could even be your father.

          • Okay, my elder, I understand but you need to put some water in your wine in a public space of intellectual exchange.
            We understand some of you are bitter for some things that aspired in Liberia and so you sometimes generalize through hatred or violence towards people who may have been involved or affiliated to a given tribe.

            We need a new Liberia where no one will be judged on tribal line or regional or religious affiliation but on the contents of their character. We have fought and abused each other enough. You are at the dawn of your life, do not transmit unto us your hatred from the 50s or 60s or so.
            We need to cherish human capital and improve it without regards for any social etiquettes.

            I hope you can use your age and experience to impact us with love, not hatred. Henceforth, I would love to learn from you concerning my country, stop the bitterness and vain verbosity if you want me to call you the True Nationalist. Teach us about our country, we are willing to learn, stop supporting carnage and destruction in our country, it does NOT in any way add unto our lives.

            Greetings old man!

  6. Yeah, I totally agree. Democrcacy is imperfect. Without doubt, American Democrcacy works. Unlike American Democracy, Liberian Democracy did not work until the 1980s. Prior to the 1980s, the leaders of the True Whip party (the only party that was allowed to exist) was very conservative and mean-spirited. Because of our historical closeness with America, Liberian Democracy should have been the envy in Africa. Unfortunately, it is not. We are getting better. Let’s hope that as the years go by, our leaders will do their utmost best democratically.

    The mini coup attempt in DC failed yesterday. In a way, the coup plotters underestimated the will power of the American people. But it’s not over yet. The FBI is seeking information about some of the intricate details of the plotters. If the deranged plotters are nabbed, they will do the time. The janus-faced Trump will be dealt with because he’s one of the plotters.


    • Look Petarus, firstly, you referring to us or calling us True Nationalist is an act or omission on your part or of anyone, we do not care about at all! For such act or omission is irrelevant, given the reality and fact that such neither adds nor subtracts anything from or to our psyche or corpus corporis!

      Secondly, you are DELIBERATELY LYING TO JUSTIFY YOUR RUDENESS, IGNORANCE, AND IDIOCY, that our acts, omissions, or expressions, on this forum are based on or driven by hatred or violence towards people who may have been involved or affiliated to a given tribe“.

      Our uncompromising disposition against Alex Cummings being a butt boy and a gay rapist, or the likes of Gabriel Williams, Isaac Jackson, Lewis Brown, etc. being notorious opportunists, and or stooges, or the likes of Benoni Urey, Joe Boakai, etc. being NOTORIOUS MILKERS OF THE STATE, for which they want power at ANY COST, has absolutely nothing to do with tribalism or hatred!

      Rather, our evergreen uncompromising temperament is based on epistemology, intelligence, and truth! In other words, in the case of that fag Alex Cummings, it is because neither our Liberian culture or society accepts anyone as a political leader who is notoriously sodden in such abominable sodomy. In the case, of the others mentioned supra, only fools condone such criminality and hypocrisy!

      So, instead of foolishly and very stupidly believing you can TACITLY INSULT US and get away with such, it is YOUR PARENT to whom rude and silly kids like you must take your rudeness as “do not transmit unto us your hatred from the 50s or 60s or so“, since they may not have had the training to impart into you or you are just a kid who is notoriously indiscipline and rude.

      Again, you referring to us or calling us True Nationalist is an act or omission on your part or of anyone, we do not care about at all! For such act or omission is irrelevant, given the reality and fact that such neither adds nor subtracts anything from or to our psyche or corpus corporis..

      • Liberia needs real spiritual cleansing!

        The other day, it was a person who claimed to have been around in the 50s and 60s (if true, an octogenarian) with VP Boakai insulting women on this blog.
        Before then, a female (a woman) took to the airwave insulting women on this same blog without the slightest consideration of being a woman or a mother herself.
        Now, it is someone who claims to have children older than me (it means he is also an octogenarian) writing the above post.

        Dear God, if we can have our women and seniors using such languages publicly, what society can we expect? Please help Liberia, Lord!

        [Rather, our evergreen uncompromising temperament is based on epistemology, intelligence, and truth!]
        Take a dictionary, define each of the words used in the sentence above and tell us in simple English what you mean. Is there any logic or coherent message in what you have written here?
        That’s what I call verbosity; use of words for using words without logic; just because I have opened a dictionary and seen it and so I should use it on him. I know your ignorant followers will begin to heap praises on you “yeah, the papay spoil that guy”, “the papay knows book”, etc.
        Sir, you are only verbosing! Most of what you write have NO magnitude, but verbosity!

        My use of ‘hatred and violence” was not properly understood by you, you need to read it again!
        I was not tactfully insulting you, I was appealing to you, as an elder, to allow love to dwell in your heart; to allow bygone to be bygone. Release your heart of hatred, you are at the dawn of your life for there is pain in hell!

        This is the first time I am commenting politics or overtly supporting a politician. I am from a poor but morally decent family. Therefore, I will NEVER ever support or campaign for a homosexual to become my president. If not a sociopath, you would contemplate this paragraph.

        Leadership rhyme with intellectualism! Your Weah can NEVER add an iota to Liberia. He will rather worsen our economic woes; you need to desist from coming to his defense with vituperations.

        Be ashamed of yourself, elder False Nationalist!

  7. Dear God, please keep YOUR promise and protect Trump as YOU did with Daniel in the lion den

    I am the individual, the African, to whom compatriot Hney is referring. Let me remind him that my position has still not changed.
    BLM and ANTIFA stormed major cities, burnt down buildings and businesses without the leadership of the other people condemning. Disfranchised voters only expressed their frustration and anger yesterday, it’s now making headline everywhere, injustice! God does not like injustice, we must begin to worry that the end of the world is at hand.

    I said it before, and I will say it again: The USA is the greatest nation on planet earth with some of the brightest minds and greatest people. There will be another inauguration or a peaceful transition on January 20.

    From the human point of view, it’s over for Trump. He was NEVER given a day in court, despite the glaring fraud seen by the entire world. The electoral college performed their due diligence in accordance with the constitution, but both houses just brutality hammered him with the Mordhau.
    And according to inhouse rumors, his cabinet is considering removing him from office by enacting the 25th Amendment, wow, what a persecution!
    Humanly speaking, its over for Trump. He must get ready to get himself out of the White House.

    From the spiritual point of view, Trump will prevail and inaugurated again on January 20th. The truth will come to light, and Biden will be ashamed to have associated his image to this crime. If you ask me how it will happen, I do not know! There will be a turnaround, God is working in a way we cannot see. Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021!

    Georgia’s senate runoffs, I do not have any comment to make for now. I preserve my comment for a comprehensive analysis.

    There is no silence in your neighborhood yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am still here until my God can tell me my judgment and interpretations were wrong!

  8. Gabriel William

    As the late U.S Senator from New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan once famously quipped, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts”. Little wonder, then, those who treat that truism with levity are usually debunked as True Nationalist persuasively did your claims. What amazes me though was reading such feverish misinformation from an otherwise highly educated media personality who had helped in preparing journalists at UL.

    First, you convey a false impression that authoritarianism and accusation of election rigging were alien to pre-1980 Liberia, even though they formed the main drivers of our perennial societal divide. Second, you ought to have known that after Lincoln won the presidential election, pro-slavery Americans tried to prevent him from assuming the presidency. It led to supporters hiring Pinkerton and his private detectives as protective detail for the President-elect’s long train ride to Washington D.C for his swearing-in ceremony. It also stoked the American Civil War and his eventual assassination.

    Put another way, as I hinted in my initial brief comment, American democracy has seen worst. Therefore, in spite of your prompting, It makes the comparison with Liberia’s 1985 election uninspiring as a moral lesson.

    Not to mention the irony of spewing lies about Jackson F. Doe when political leaders you later served and sang praises to were reportedly complicit in his cold-blooded murder. No one can time-travel into the past to correct horrendous mistakes. That is why decisions of leaders must be informed by facts based on rigorous analysis. Trump speaks to the fact that some leaders create alternative reality. Stop pitching the overused line of correlation between the 1985 election and our Civil War; the treacherous murder of JFD disproved that propaganda.

  9. Liberians are great imitators. Hope we don’t replicate what is happening now in the United States after seeing videos and clips of a racist con artist and a psychopath in Donald Trump and his attempts to subvert the will of the people as something worth emulating.

    Democracy is never prefect; it is a human experiment to bring equality to all humans. In such an experiment, there will always be contentions from some humans who believe a certain type of humans are more humans than others. Indeed, the black votes and other minority members of the United States society delivered the White House to Biden for the next four years. Trump hates to hear that and is wishfully urging that those votes be overturned.

    Those humans who are domesticated into believing that some humans are more humans than others, see democracy as a threat to their existence. Trump was elected president because he promoted this “superior human” ideology to a new level, right before and after he was inaugurated as president of the United States: Questioning Obama’s United States citizenship, banning Muslims, restricting certain nationals from entering USA, building walls, and dismantling housing policies that allow whites and blacks, or other people of color to be integrated into the same communities, mocking people with disability, disparaging women, etc. He created this nightmare for himself.

    So, he will end of being in the belly of the tiger as he came ridding on the back of the tiger with such hate and disdains for certain human race. He lives in a fantasy land where he equates losing to near death experience. He dreads it so much that he would risk everything for it. As a lunatic, he prefers going to war to being called a loser. He will leave power in disgrace and might ultimately end his life in jail.

    As a psychopath, he requires institutionalized treatment for his illness. America will not go back to its past of Jim Crow and slavery. Trump supporters have to get over it! The world has evolved greatly and so they too must. This era is no longer their grandfather’s.

    • “Those humans who are domesticated into believing that some humans are more humans than others, see democracy as a threat to their existence. Hence, Trump was elected president because he promoted this “superior human”“ MEANING, RACIST DONALD TRUMP AND HIS FELLOW CAUCASIAN ACCOMPLICES ARE THE CULPRITS, A CLAIM WHICH IS NOW PROVEN VIA THE DIRECT EVIDENCE BEFORE THE EYES OF THE WORLD!

      But IN 2005 AND 2011 ELECTIONS, WERE it not

      (1) the same BEASTLY MENTALITY OF THE ELITES AND ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF “believing that some humans….they elites and their transmission belts “are more humans than others“ (the masses),? Hence,

      (2) THEY THE ELITES WITH THEIR BEASTLY MENTALITY (as racist “Donald Trump and his supporters) see democracy as a threat to their LIBERIAN ELITIST existence“, and their means of marginalizing the masses? IT IS THE SAME! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ACTUAL DIFFERENCE!

      As for your fear and or view that “Liberians are great imitators. Hence you hope we don’t replicate what is happening now in the United States“, there should be no fear for such!

      For should such ever occur in Africa or especially Liberia, whether the protesters are from the incumbent or the opposition, the very Washington, viz Liberia, if the leader of the incumbent or of the opposition is their Americas own puppet whom they Washington want in power, they Washington shall command bloodshed to defuse and ultimately put an end to the imbroglio!

      But can they ever reach such decision amongst themselves??? NO! For whether it is Republicans or it Democrats in power in Washington, Black or African lives do not matter according to their Washington Caucasian beastly RACIST MENTALITY!

      Thus Dr. King said during the heroic confrontations of the 60s in this very America, that “Truth crushed to earth will rise again!!!” THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG! DAMMIT!

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    What a foolish idea to suggest that “Democracy Under Attack in America” ?
    “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storm in the physical”.
    Who said those very words that represents the day the American capital and its Federal government stood still ?
    The author of the above quote, Thomas Jefferson, founding members of the Republic of the United States of America, was speaking from his grave .
    In the past few years, there have been racial differences and tensions leading to public rebellions in the streets. Common ground is being sought. The Capitol Hill rebellion by citizens common ground is being sought among members of Congress but a ” little rebellion now and then is a good thing” as democracy in itself is not politically perfect. Rebellion keeps democracy on it toes.
    Someone mentioned that Liberians are imitators, but added in the post about the racist con artist of Donald Trump. Liberians rebelling or protesting is not based on what is actually happening in the United States. They do so for electricity, safe drinking water, better health care system, good roads, social justice, bread and butter issues, such as salaries , that is when all else fails. A little rebellion now and then becomes the political instrument to be used.
    Here in the United States, perhaps a little rebellion was not a necessary good thing. Since the people have two years when they can again decide on the next course of action.
    But in Liberia, it is six years, and nine years to decide on the next course of action. The citizens voted in a constitutional review convention for four years, the lawmakers took upon themselves in the recent failed referendum to ask the citizens to vote for 5 years and seven years respectively. A little rebellion is a good thing.
    As President-elect Joe Biden will find out in two from the elected Congress if his policies will be accepted. The next two years Congress will be up for elections. For Joe Biden to keep both houses, and based on the little rebellion, it will definitely served as a reminder.
    That what makes a ” little rebellion now and then a good.
    Nothing to do with overthrow of government, but to serve as a reminder to off track or not responsive.
    Democracy is not under attack. In fact, the forefather saw that. And wrote about it-The Jefferson’s Monticello. Read It.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

    • The day of the little rebellion now and then on Capitol Hill, the New York Stock Market ended on a very high note. The day after the New York Stock closed a little above 200 points.
      Democracy Under Attack in America ? PLEASE.

    • James Davis, you are an inferior human being! You confirm the assumption of you being a high school drop with a dysfunctional medulla oblongata, and a cursed boring clown when you spew such blatant ignorance and idiocy that the jungle mentality been displayed by Donald Trump his fellow racist Republicans, (not to mention their zombie supporters) is not an attack on democracy in America in particular and and a threat to post modern democracy within the international realm in general!

      Mr. high school drop out, a warped mind, and a boring clown,, know ye forthwith, and henceforth, that ”rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storm in the physical”, ONLY AND ONLY when..

      A. it is legitimate, lawful, and consistent with constitutional dictates and the tenets and THE SPIRIT of the major schools of legal thought…the Natural Law School( universal, moral, and ethical principles,), the Positivistic legal school of thought (statutory and constitutional law, etc), and of course the Legal Realism School of Thought ( eg. customary practices and the circumstances in which transactions take place)! And indeed

      (B) when the given rebellion IS CONSISTENT with such relevant desiderata and or political principles and obligations as THE CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE, ETC. ETC.!

  11. In my very democratic opinion, the only American election stolen in recent time, was the election [STOLEN]
    from Hilary Clinton by Donald J. Trump. Democratically, Hilary Clinton won the 2016 American presidential election by a landslide. Even if Trump was cheated as he claims, he is only getting a taste of his-own medicine. He cheated Hilary Clinton. In any case, there’s no substancial prove that D.J.Trump was cheated. Donald J. Trump is a cheater who thinks he’s always a winner. If he doesn’t win, he feels cheated. *Too bad; D.J. Trump you are a loser. Get over it. You are not above the [LAWS] of The United States Of America. The U.S ought to abolish the stupid-system of electoral votes. D.J.T should/would never have been PRESIDENT, USA.

    • Henry Freeman, it is good you are saying according to your ”own personal democratic opinion, Donald Trump stole the 2016 election from Hilary Clinton”.

      Meaning indeed in accordance with the US Constitution, political tradition, style, and democratic understanding of the American public,, Donald Trump did not steal any 2016 election, but rather won that 2016 election in accordance with the standards of American democracy, and the the standards, dictates, and principles of the US Constitution!!!!

      So, please rescind that statement that ”Democratically, Hilary Clinton won the 2016 American presidential election by a landslide. Even if Trump was cheated as he claims, he is only getting a taste of his-own medicine.”

      No, Henry. The Constitution of any country is THE ANCHOR of anything which goes on with that country’s territorial or extraterritorial frontiers!

      And according to the US Constitution THAT POLITICAL INSANITY in which ,American presidents are ELECTED NOT DIRECTLY BY THE MAJORITY BUT BY AN ELITE OF VERY FEW PEOPLE called electors ,is according to the laws of America, LEGITIMATE, LEGAL, AND CONSTITUTIONAL!

      So, again, not only you, but anyone would be absolutely wrong to claim that Donald Trump stole the 2016 election, just as anyone would be absolutely wrong to claim as you that ”Democratically, Hilary Clinton won the 2016 American presidential election by a landslide. or Trump is only getting a taste of his-own medicine”. Mr. Freeman, DONALD JOHN TRUMP WAS SIMPLY BEATEN BY JOE BIDEN IN THE 2020 ELECTIONS! PERIOD!

      You see, Freeman, by making such statement that ”Trump is only getting a taste of his-own medicine” (which is not the case) implies that he racist Donald Trump has not been constitutionally and democratically beaten by Joe Boden, WHEN THE FACT, REALITY, AND TRUTH IS THAT..



      But is it only in America where THE ELITE is actually THE MAJORITY in truly democratic terms? NO! That same political insanity viz the epistemology and ontology of democracy occurs in most so called democracies in Europe, and Britain which is also a part of Europe where they fuse legislative, executive, and judicial powers into the legislature, or parliament.


  12. I think comrade Henry Freeman has made a good point as it relates to the 2016 presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald J Trump. I do believe that sometimes, the devil (with his knotty head) robs us when we plan to serve humanity equitably. There’s really no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton was robbed. Donald J Trump should never have been elected to the presidency. Trump’s second term (had he been re-elected) would have caused more pain and sorrow!


      And in most cases when the majority wants a candidate they former colonial powers do not want in power, they will make sure to give a directive for cheating. Then they wanted to tell Comrade Bobby Mugabe about democracy.

      He told them to go away! For Zimbabwe was no more Rhodesia their former colony which they had no intention of having democracy within, just as they are now pretending to be advocates or the champions of multi democracy in the Africa, the Middle East and beyond where they planted their dictators and one party states..

    • Yes, Compatriot Hney, while I disagree that ”Hilary Clinton was robbed”, you are right that ”Donald J Trump should never have been elected to the presidency”. Actually, he also should have not been allowed to buy running on the presidential ticket of any party in the first place..

      When the once proud Republican Party sold that ticket to Donald Trump, little did they know that they had lost control of their party’s nominating process to a politically hostile and disgusting guy set to bring shame, embarrassment, and irreparable disrepute upon their party in particular, and upon their country in general.

      Can you imagine Trump indicating that he cannot express condolences to the family of the police officer who got killed in the siege on the US. Capitol, because according to Trump, the Police officer should have not stopped his Trump hooligans from entering the Capitol!.

      The Trump embarrassment is what people get when people OVERVALUE MONEY!

  13. I hope I am not changing the topic. But if I am, I apologize! All I would like to say is that not only is Donald J Trump viewed by his friends and enemies as a psychopath, I think he is also a sociopath.

  14. This Color Revolution underway in the USA, for which most of my compatriots are downplaying for their vain hatred against a great and godly Trump, if it succeeds, will signal the end to decency in governance in all second and third world countries. We must be worried and afraid of the ensuing consequences!

    Some of you are refusing to open your eyes to the facts, but I wish you all long life. In the next 6 years, you will watch movies or documentaries on how the Color Revolution was planned and executed in the USA in 2020, and you will regret ever being on the wrong side of history.
    Culprits are being arrested and jail in and out of the USA, open your eyes. The Italian government just persecuted a US citizen in the ongoing election masquerade, open your eyes and ears my people!

    The Color Revolution is usually unleashed in most third and few second world countries to change government either brutally (at first and in most African countries) or through a simulacre of elections (the new tactics).
    We are now witnessing participation rates of 115%, 120%, 130% of registered voters in localities in the USA. Whereas when you examine data from election results in the USA, the country had NEVER known a participation rate of 70% in any elections. A state with a demographic rate of 44% since 1988 magically augmented to 300% just during the 2020 elections, hmmmmmmmmm! Open your eyes to data, compatriots, you went to school and know how to interpret figures.
    I hope it doesn’t contaminate Europe.

    I have seen such figures in Africa, mainly my host country Cote d’Ivoire, in a fateful Color Revolution election. I NEVER dreamt about seeing it in the USA, we must pray for world governance and stop rejoicing for the demise of one of the peaceful and patriotic leaders the USA has ever known.

    Beware, our race (the black race) will pay a heavy price in the hands of law enforcement in the USA for the next 4 years, like under OBAMA!


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