Defying Suspension

Montserrado County District 10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

Rep Kolubah vows to attend session next Tuesday

Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, has vowed to attend the session on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, following the confirmation of his suspension on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Rep. Kolubah was suspended for 30 meeting days, equivalent to three-and-a-half months as of Thursday, March 25, 2021, without salary, allowances, and other benefits, and this is in response to what lawmakers referred to as his “rude behavior.”

The House of Representatives’ enforcement of its suspension is in accordance with Article 17 of the House’s Rules and Procedures.

Rep. Kolubah, in conversation with newsmen on Thursday, April 15, 2021, said he received supporters of his district, asking him to clarify statements made by some of his colleagues that there will be no justice for him (Kolubah) at the Supreme Court.

“I told them that there’s law in Liberia and the Supreme Court will rule by law so they should be very calm. We don’t want anything to get out of hand, because the people are suffering. There’s no money, no food to eat and everybody has turned to sellers and no buyers anymore,” Rep. Kolubah said.

Rep. Kolubah assured residents of District #10 of being present in session on Tuesday, due to the House Speaker’s decision to order the closing of the House for Easter break and expected to reopen on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

“We also have a proceeding ongoing and hopefully, we will be going to the Supreme Court to seek redress because no law should have a conflict with the Constitution of Liberia,” Rep. Kolubah said.

He said his colleagues’ action will not stop him from attacking the Presidency since, any time the President throws talk on him, he will do the same.

“I am not going for the Presidency but after the individual who got in his official car and went to the Congress for Democratic Change headquarters and said he did not go there as President, which is reducing the Presidency to musician house,” Rep. Kolubah said.

Rep. Kolubah said the suspension has elevated his manner of behavior to “Ambassador Weah”, who he said usually throws talk on him. “Amb. Weah is my friend and we are just throwing talks on each other, but we should be talking about national issues.”

Rep. Kolubah continued: “I was elected like you, Ambassador Weah, and you can’t denigrate the seat of District #10 because I will disrespect you. I stand by my statement and do not have any regret. Again, I will be working on Tuesday because those people want to satisfy you. My lawyers are working.”

Rep. Kolubah said though Representative Acarous Moses Gray said the Supreme Court will send him (Kolubah) back; he believes that the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the House because the place is not a country.

“We respect the Supreme Court because I went there and defeated the government. You look at unserious people and call them lawmakers, how can you close the session today and open Tuesday? The CDC lawmakers are jokers and I will show them something in Liberia,” Rep. Kolubah said.


  1. Why Yeke Kulabah Finds Himself in a Political Quarmire?

    Yekeh Kulabah’s unconventional appeal politics has made his expulsion imminent from the Honorable House of Representatives! He will save himself and his political future if he submitted himself to the decision of his colleagues!
    Whether like it or not, free speech in a parliamentarian democracy is protected by the issues, the institutional decadence, that gives the right to the people to criticize!
    Not only has Yeke Kulabah being tough talking, the moral depletion of his arguments violates institutional right to free speech that is excessive to the sacredship of the ececutive.
    In Liberia’s democratic downsides, corruption, rights violations, police brutality, executive excessiveness, nepotism, judicial prejudice and corruption, secret killings, lack of coherent economic policy to revive inflation and bad governance, are the collective issues of national chastisement. Apart from those, any free speech that aspires to personalized desecration of the sacredship of the executive, is contrary to the national debate.
    Why? It is unprecedented democratically!
    Racist Donald Trump was the embodiment of characteristics Donald Trumph would employ in support of white supremcists and their unleash of police brutality against minority blacks and other non-white immigrants.
    Speaking to the institution- a corrupt George Weah- is the same as a corrupt CDC government whether true or not. An incompetent George Weah is the same as an incompetent CDC Government. A murderer George Weah is the same as a murderous CDC Government. The scope of these allegations bear on the governing leadership during what happened.
    Were people murdered? Yes! Did corruption happened? Yes! Did police kill? Yes! Had there been rights violations? Yes! Had there been executive excessiveness? Yes! Had there been judicial prejudiced and corruption? Yes!
    These acts have been perpetrated during institutional governance and therefore they are within the paradium of free speech.
    The difference between the presidency and the president bears with the fact that the latter is the office while the former is the person.
    The comparison of a “dog’ presidency for example, entails attributes of failed policy and bad governance animalistic of a dog. A dog is an animal that disregards its behavibours, no matter what and that would have been the right metaphor for the lawmaker argument for free speech, even at that, that is contrary to our norms.
    But to denigrate the sitting President of the Republic of Liberia and to term him as a “dog” was above the height of all reasonings!!!

    • Smith Whyteme, ETC. ETC., just this headline ( “DEFYING SUSPENSION“) has emitted THE IDICIA to Yekeh Kolubah that any further related misconduct on his part, certainly sets the stage for his Yekeh Kolubah’s FORTHWITH EXPULSION.

      We bet anyone or any bank, that Yekeh Kolubah who behaves as one mentally and spiritually imprisoned, SOCIALLY UNINTELLIGENT, and psychically comatose in terms of how A State or A Government operates, SHALL on or before Tuesday say, “my lawyers have advised me to stay calm.“ He is simply politically masturbating as usual.

      This is why he is saying here “We also have a proceeding ongoing and hopefully, we will be going to the Supreme Court to seek redress because no law should have a conflict with the Constitution of Liberia.”

      “Those who the gods intend to punish“, it is written “they first make mad“! The innocent blood of babies, women, children, and others, does not stop haunting unrepentant rebel killers as Yekeh Kolubah, until such as Yekeh Kolubah faces divine retribution…which is as disgracing him Yekeh Kolubah out of the Capitol.

  2. The inflammatory and unrepentant Kolubah plans to defy his legislative colleagues who suspended him by attending the next session of the Liberian National Assembly on the 20th of April. Kolubah’s defiance to attend the next session amounts to real trouble. If Kolubah does not have a change of heart, his planned attendance will cause a big spectacle. It’s hoped that there’ll be no bloodshed or a single loss of life on the 20th of April in the Chambers of the Assembly.

  3. Although Hon Yekeh Kolubah’s concerns resonate, he has really not made the change from a rebel (with no restrictions on behavior) to a representative. Because had he, his focus would’ve been on fulfilling his constitutionally-guaranteed oversight responsibilities. For what better way to make the rightful case about welfare of his constituency, yea all constituencies, than by proposing corrective actions, including the following:

    a), Reduce bonanza compensations of senior officials of government; b), Cut down on diplomatic missions in a century of advancement in Information Technology; c), Increase revenue sources for annual budget to reach U.S $1.5 billion; d), Prioritize food sufficiency through cooperative-run farms subsidized by government; e), Support entrepreneurship through commercial banks’ loans for business startups; d), Promote technical training programs for young adults.

    The need for change has been bandied around thoughtlessly, but unless real reforms are put in place for better economic impact on our disadvantaged citizens, uncertainty and unpredictability would be like an albatross around the neck of stability. It isn’t a partisan issue. Our political leaders in the Legislature come from different parties, and that branch of government holds the nation’s purse string, and actually make laws. Liberia can do better.

  4. We really like that … “Although Hon Yekeh Kolubah’s concerns resonate, he has really not made the change from a rebel (with no restrictions on behavior) to a representative.“

    Yekeh Kolubah needs to be expelled! PERIOD!

  5. WE Shall See on Tuesday 04/20. Record is about to be set again in this country Liberia.

    Peace is all we need. This make me wonder if yekeh is above the many issue we suffering in Liberia? why will these people take all day and many days just to discuss yekeh and not the many deaths in the country? the more you keep going after yekeh and people in Liberia you will be wasting time. we paying you people to go speak for us and not weah for God seek leave yekeh alone and do our job.

    leave yekeh alone, leave yekeh alone, yekeh don’t have his family in Liberia, we do. stop thinking you will silence the man. ignoring yekeh and many like yekeh will make a big change to. Today, Dillon is in the position he is in now for 9yrs becuz weah and CDC kept responding to Dillon. Costa is away due to threat on his life.
    now the most is Yekeh, this one is in position and will not need one but just to put weah in big trouble. Let his district decide 2023. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.
    who know what will happen if you try to harm yekeh for speaking, a whole district and people will come after you. yekeh respect the court, keep using the court to deal with him.
    the way things going, we are not ready to run again in this country. leave yekeh alone. ignore him, give him some of what he need and you will see.

    the same way people saw weah not been fit to be president but voted him in, that’s the same way people saw yekeh not been fit and voted him. It my hope the Liberians change the way they vote for people.

    by the way, 60% – 70% of what yekeh is saying are truth about the govt and CDC people. it’s just the way he says it sometimes. What do you expect from a footballer who play football all his life and never lead a group before successfully, and also what do you expect from someone who was maybe force to fight war most of his young life, all he knows is fight back or face ant threat without fear, he can even kill if you push him to the wall, most of all he is prepare to die for a curse. For yekeh, he is right he feeling bad for what is happening and ready to fight to the death like the war days. This time it’s with speech.

    I hope the House is ready to fight yekeh to the death verbally and not physically on Monday cuz the guy is serious to challenge them all. May God save us all.

    Lastly, I am not saying weah is a Dog but what pet goes after people often when you doing wrong at home? not saying yekeh is crazy, but will a crazy man throw stone at you and you do the same? then who are you.
    for once, If you act as though you don’t hear yekeh for a year, what will happen? the man yekeh will keep insulting weah cuz weah have very small body.

  6. Mr. Peter, whoever you are, Liberia is a country of law and no longer the guns and tyranicism.
    You are very stupid habouring Yeke’s gansterism as the war years and abetting him as the insurrectionist for an interim government.
    Mr. fool, Yeke will be arrested and incacerated if he attempted disrupting the function of the House on Tuesday!
    Put your dogs in the street including yourself and see what happens next!
    Stupid fool!!76 _& y0by5b


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