‘Defiant’ IB Bank Officials Risk Jail Today


Several senior staff members of International Bank (IB) who have defied Criminal Court ‘C’ to surrender the original records of  banking transactions of  co-defendant Varney

Sherman, dating back to May 2010, may likely go to jail, if they refuse to do so today.

Records showed that the bank has repeatedly refused the court’s orders to issue Sherman’s original banking activities to it.

On Friday, Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay said, “International Bank has been served with subpoena duces tecum (order) twice to produce the bank records subject of the proceedings. The action of the bank to continue to dodge the request of this court to have these instruments produced is contemptuous.”

Gbeisay warned that if, before next Wednesday’s (today, March 29) sitting of the court, the receipts are not brought to court, the authority of the bank will be severely punished, to include fine and imprisonment.

Up to today’s hearing, there is no record to substantiate that the bank has complied with the court’s order.

In January this year, Cllr. Sherman admitted that his original documents were in the bank’s possession, and his copies destroyed.

State lawyers have maintained their position that if the bank remains disrespectful they will not continue with the trial, meaning that the entire case would come to an abrupt end.

Sherman, who was the Liberian lawyer for Sable Mining, according to Global Witness allegedly received over US$950,000 from the UK mining company to influence some past and present public officials, including former House Speaker Alex Tyler, in an attempt to award the Wologizi Mountain in Lofa County to the company without having to go through a competitive bid process, a claim the defendants have so far denied.


  1. Play, play court. Does the court know the kinda power it has or has the judge been bribed as usual. Why r u wasting time with these bank obstructionists? Arrest entire mgmt and lock them up until records r produceds. Modern bank records are never destroyed – banks are linked to several other banks worldwide.

  2. The Court can not violate it’s own legal principles; in order to certify JUDGMENT in any matter. This case is bound to end in MISTRIAL; for lack of EVIDENCE. The CASE is DEADLOCKED. Perhaps; henceforth there will be a LAW requiring all financial institutions in Liberia to keep certain records for a given time. Such Law(s) must be specific about the consequences and punishment for VIOLATORS. As it is now, there are no such LAWS in Liberia.


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