Defense Wants L$449K Case Dismissed


Defense lawyers for Suzette Blake, accused of misapplying about L$449,515 from Lonestar Cell MTN Communication as head of mobile money, have asked for charges against her to be dropped at the Criminal Court ‘C’.

Defendant Blake’s legal team’s argument was that prosecution witnesses did not provide sufficient evidence to support the charge of misapplication of entrusted property brought against her in the indictment.

It was based on that argument that Judge Emery Paye did not allow Blake to take the witness stand, pending hearing into the merits and demerits of her request.

The prosecution, however, rested its case after producing oral and documentary evidence to the court.

Lonestar had earlier alleged that one of its employees, Morris Teah, admitted that he mistakenly transferred about L$449,515 to the defendant’s SIM, who allegedly immediately withdrew the money and converted it to her personal use.

Blake had denied that claim when she was first arraigned before the court to listen to her indictment.

In their motion for “Judgment of Acquittal” the defense argued that there is a material variance and contradiction in the testimonies of the prosecution’s witnesses, claiming that their testimonies with respect to the amount Blake allegedly misapplied did not corroborate in establishing a ‘prima facie’ (evidence) case against her.

They further argued that since there is a material variance in the testimonies of prosecution witnesses to the amount in the indictment, the defendant should be acquitted as a matter of law.

They further claimed that one of the prosecution’s witnesses, Morris Teah, did not transfer the money to Blake’s SIM.

They said that Teah was not investigated by the Liberia National Police (LNP) to get information on how he mistakenly transferred the money to the defendant’s SIM.

“This very important witness was excluded thereby causing prosecution not to have established ‘prima facie’ case against the defendant for which she should be granted acquittal,” the defense team said.

The prosecution is yet to respond to the request.


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