Defense Ministry Refutes AFL Gold-Mining Allegation


The Ministry of National Defense says it categorically refutes the allegations posted on Monday, 22 June 2020 on social media by ill-informed individuals accusing the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) of mining gold in Grand Kru County. “These social media posts concerning the AFL are fallacious, dangerous, and lack any iota of truth,” the Ministry said in a statement issued Tuesday, June 23.

One of the posts reads: “Pieces of evidence of Weah and Wife’s brother, Michael Duncan, using our government properties to carry out their illicit gold mining operations in Grand Kru County. As you can see in the pictorial below: A Chinese-donated AFL excavator, GSA marked trucks, army tents for the AFL soldiers who provide security for the Chinese mining workers and their operations to sleep in. This is absolutely unacceptable.”

The Ministry said that in October of 2019, “the Armed Forces of Liberia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Road Construction and Engineering Company, located in Caldwell, Louisiana, Montserrado County, for road construction and rehabilitation operations in Grand Kru, River Gee and Sinoe Counties, respectively, which is currently ongoing.

“In fulfillment of this MOU, the AFL dispatched a team of Engineers to Grand Kru, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties to work with Road Construction and Engineering Company.”

According to the Ministry, civil-military operations “is key in building a contemporary army, bringing the army to the community to build a relationship of trust. Therefore, the rehabilitation of feeder roads, building of bridges, and community projects are an integral part of the Engineering Company of the AFL.”

Over the years, the Ministry said, the AFL has signed other MOUs including German Agro, Solid Rocks, Gbowee Peace Foundation, Gbarpolu County Developing Funds, Legislative Development Projects in River Gee and Gbarpolu Counties for road constructions and rehabilitation. Moreover, the AFL has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Works in rehabilitating roads throughout the Country. The AFL in collaboration with these institutions has rehabilitated over 350 kilometers of road in Liberia.


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