Defense Ministry Begins Training Journalists Today

Defense Minister Ziahnkahn

In an effort to strengthen relations between the Liberian media and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), the Ministry of National Defense (MoD) will on Monday, December 10, 2018, convene a two-day “intensive” media training seminar for assigned correspondents covering the activities of the ministry and the AFL.

According to a release, the two-day gathering will seek to discuss how the media, the AFL, and the MoD can foster a better working relationship in the months and years ahead, with the media being used as a channel in reaching out to the public.

The MoD and the AFL, the release said, see the media as a critical partner in the discharge of their duties. As such, a cordial and harmonious working relationship is important in helping the ministry and the AFL deliver on their  statutory mandate.

Several topics, including “Understand the Military Environment, National Obligations in Handling Security Information, the Role of the Media in Reporting Security Issues and AFL Legal System,” will be discussed during the two-day seminar.

Facilitators for the event are drawn from the AFL, the MoD, the Press Union of Liberia, and other professionals.

According to the release, the leadership at the MoD and the AFL consider the Liberian Media as a “crucial partner in the advancement of the ministry’s programs” and policies of training for “Defense Correspondents” is key on the ministry’s agenda.

The release was signed by the director of Public Affairs, Anthony D. Lander.


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