‘Defendant Withdrew US$12K from My Account’

Choi Hungchi, CEO of Korea Trading Corporation, testifying in court yesterday.jpg

A US$300,000 theft case involving James Togba, the business manager of Korea Trading Corporation, commenced yesterday at Criminal Court ‘C’ with his partner, Korean national Choi Hungchi testifying that the defendant allegedly withdrew US$12,000 from his account at the Duala branch of Ecobank-Liberia while he was out of the country.

Defendant Togba, Choi said, was responsible for selling cars, spare parts and tires and was a signatory to the company’s account.

Testifying as the prosecution’s first witness, Choi further alleged that the defendant took the money during the Ebola crisis when his (Choi) country advised its citizens to leave until the situation was brought under control, which he complied with and left the business in Togba’s care.

The prosecution witness alleged that it was the bank that informed him through an email about Togba’s ‘criminal’ decision to withdraw the money from his account in April 2015.

According to Choi, when he returned to Liberia, he decided to approach Togba about the withdrawal but the defendant reported him to the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the National Security Agency (NSA), claiming that I told him he “stole my property and I wanted to kill him. He told them that I am a human trafficker.”

Choi said: “He stole my company’s accounts book and deleted all of the information from the computer. He called me father, boss man and friend. I even bought him a half lot of land for US$2,200.

“For the evil he has done to me, I want him to go to jail and when he dies there his soul would go directly to hell.”

The case continues.


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