Defendant in UNMIL’s Fiancée Murder Case Get 17- Year Prison Term


    Criminal Court ‘A,’ Monday, June 30, handed down a 17-year prison sentence to a private security guard convicted of killing his boss lady, Antoinette Nettie Peters.

    Convicted Jefferson Dahn, 24, was sentenced, after Judge Blamo Dixon confirmed and affirmed the jury’s unanimous guilty verdict brought against him, on June 23, 2014.

    Delivering the Court’s final judgment, Judge Dixon declared that the main issue before the court was whether or not Dahn committed the crime of murder.

    “In the minds of the court yes, he committed the crime of murder.”

    Also, supporting his decision, Judge Dixon explained that “during his testimony, defendant Dahn admitted that he was arrested on the crime scene with the dead body in the compound of the UNMIL’s Ugandan Staff, Bonfree Adelee’s 12th Street residence.

    “Dahn also presented to the joint security the knife used to murder the victim,” the Criminal Court Judge added.

    He concluded by saying, “The unanimous guilty verdict of the jury is hereby confirmed and affirmed. The defendant is also sentenced to 17 years in prison with a hard labor.”

    Following Judge Dixon’s final judgment, the defense team who represented the defendant throughout the trial quickly took exception of Judge Blamo’s sentenced and the conviction.

    They also announced an appeal to the Supreme Court of Liberia.

    Before Monday’s ruling, Judge Dixon denied an appeal from the defense team, praying for a new trial.

     In their complaint, the lawyers alleged that Judge Dixon’s charge informing the jurors’ legal facts leading to handing down a verdict influenced the jury’s decision.

    They quoted Judge Dixon’s instruction to the jury as saying; “You don’t need to be a law school graduate to know the facts in this case. The facts were clearly implicating the defendant to the crime of murder. I don’t think you people will stay long in bringing a verdict. But, I leave it with you people.  If you want to set the defendant free, all is left with you. I am going to wash my hands from any decision that would exonerate the defendant of the commission of the crime murder.”

    The government in March 2014 indicted defendant Jefferson Dahn of murdering his boss, Bonfree Adelee’s fiancée, Antoinette Peters, at his 12th Street, Sinkor compound on January 3, 2013.

    When the indictment was read to him in open court, Dahn denied.  This compelled the government prosecutors to prove their case against the defendant.


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