“Deeply Reflect on Dual Citizenship, Land Ownership”

Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, LCC's 2nd vice president.

-LCC Urges President Weah, Citizens

The leadership of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has called for deep and critical national reflection and exhaustive research on issues concerning landownership and dual nationality. The LCC’s call comes in the wake of President Weah’s State of the Nation address calling for the scrapping of provisions in the Constitution barring dual citizenship and restricting citizenship to individuals of Negro descent.

The LCC statement noted that over the years,  the conversations about citizenship and land ownership have surfaced in the country’s national debate, but to date, they have yielded no definitive position apart from the provisions offered by the Constitution of the Republic.

The LCC therefore, commended President Weah for reintroducing the conversation at the dawn of his presidency, but noted it welcomes the divergence of views on these matters.

“The LCC, however, calls on the President, the government and people of Liberia for a period of deep and critical reflection on these matters; an exhaustive research on these matters needs to be conducted. The debates on dual citizenship and land ownership should be guided by thorough research that will lead Liberians to logical and valuable gains for Liberia’s development,” the statement said.

Furthermore, the LCC said actions on these matters should consider, but not be limited to economic implications, governance but also best practices mainly in the sub-region, and human rights.

In further analysis of President George Weah’s January 29, State of the Nation Address delivered to members of the 54th Legislature, the LCC stated that while it applauds the President for ‘his forth rightfulness, especially in regards to the national economy, they were equally concern about the future of the country’s economy.”

“President Weah’s words, “our economy is broken, our government is broke, our currency is in free-fall, inflation is rising, unemployment is at an unprecedented high, and our foreign reserves are at an all-time low,” ring clear and are  indications to the Liberian people that the days ahead are economically unpredictable,” averred the LCC  statement which was signed by  second vice president Reverend/Doctor Olu Q. Menjay,

In a related development, the LCC thanked the President for the promise to absorb the West African Examination Senior School Certificate Examination for School Candidates (WASSCE) fees for all twelve graders.

“This is an initial gesture on the part of this government to support education to its fullest, and therefore, the LCC encourages the government to explore meaningful ways to improve the country’s education sector, because the LCC believes that the provision of quality education is the best path in sustaining future growth and development,” the statement added.

The LCC also commended President Weah for immediately reducing 25 percent of his salary and benefits to support the “Consolidated Fund” for necessary appropriation.

According to the LCC this gesture by the President is in the right direction, and the LCC joins him to encourage the Legislature and all government entities to follow the President’s lead.

The LCC therefore called on all Liberians to uphold the peace while remaining resolute and at the same time exercising patience with the Weah-led government in steering the state of affairs. Meanwhile, the LCC has promised to continue its advocacy, to pray for peace and reconciliation and remain in critical solidarity with the government as they all work for the appropriate advancement of the development and well-being of the Liberian people.

The LCC is a premier umbrella of national Christian Church denominations and church related organizations and institutions. It was established in 1982, to help strengthen the prophetic voice of the churches through evangelism, prayer, advocacy, mediation, humanitarian interventions, good governance, peace and reconciliation, gender and human rights, food security, among others.


  1. LCC, if you decide to speak on the issues, take a position and let people know where you. What type of a statement is that by the LCC that Liberians should reflect on the issues? Who say Liberians aren’t reflecting? The fact that Liberians are debating the issues means they are considering the pro and con. Oh, how we miss some of our late religious leaders, who during their time spoke with clarify on vexing issues. Here are a few moral questions for the LCC: Considering that hundreds of thousands of your citizens could be affected by the anti-dual stance, does the LCC believe that Liberians should be granted the right to have dual citizenship? Does the LCC believe Liberia should do away with its restrictive and racist citizenship clause? What would Jesus say about these issues? Black, White, Brown, or Yellow aren’t we all the children of God?

  2. Thanks for your comment, let be known and it shall be clear. We are still waiting on the Nineteen Political Parties of Liberia for their responses after the President Annual Message of January 2018. Additionally, is it true that Liberian Senators are flogging Journalists in Liberia at the Capital Building?

  3. Hi Moses.
    From my take of LCC’ admonition, they calling for a critical reflection wherein there is critical thinking and discussion. Asa matter of fact, you post has done what LCC is encouraging. You point this discussion to issues of human rights, biblical perspectives, economic and social implications.
    I also think that LCC has to become a prophetic voice, hence the invitation to critical reflection. As LCC, I also believe that changes of any sort require keen observation, listening and expressing concerns and issues that may have a profound effect on many lives.
    It is one thing to call for the change and it is another thing to manage change.
    Thanks for the line of questioning that raises salient issues that we need to address.
    Pronouncement of the Constitution as racist may be justified in contemporary context, however, the spirit of the founding fathers was that of self-preservation, an embrace of freedom and the interest of posterity. Their acclaim was not of ill intent, abuse of power, or otherwise. At least for the founding fathers, they have found for themselves a place to call home. They invited many other who did not have land or a home to come and abode -the Open Door Policy, honed by President Tubman.
    Therefore the historicity of the clause and its spirit should be betrayed or diminished in this conversation. One needs to realize there has not been reparation for the cause of slavery and its ugly effects.
    Hence the call for critical and thorough reflections.

  4. What more critical reflections should Liberians do than they are already doing? Are these posts here, in newspapers, and elsewhere on social media not evidence of critical reflection? The LCC lacks the spain to stand up and declare what it believes is truth based on scripture, ethics, on spirit of patriotism, and on brotherly love.

    Christian leaders such as pastors, like their Old Testament prophets, must speak fearlessly on political, moral, ethical, and social issues that affect Liberians. I recall the prophets going to the king or their leaders and straight up saying what was considered to be a biblical truth without fear. For example, Prophet Nathan told King David that David was a murderer because he killed Uriah.

    Sadly church leaders in Liberia today fear to speak truth to Presidents, legislators, senators, ministers, and to other leaders who are heading down the wrong paths away from God’s path.

    It is sad that LCC cannot stand up to take a position they believe is based on scripture, love, ethics, and principles. To whom shall Liberians turn when religious leaders cannot be relied on for leadership at such times when critical decisions such as this one on dual citizenship is deeded desperately.

  5. People of negro descent is not racist. It is an attempt to avoid the introduction of white supremacy, slave trade and drive colonialism plus apartheid away from this Land of Liberty, Liberia. Dual was how the last administration undermined indirect testing and got the economy broke. Prior to that it caused many terrorist to come in and stimulate the past war into the hands of tyrants and dictators. This nation needs self governance not only governance or good governance. The Legislature needs to sifter many of the legislations forced in the Capitol Building not introduced, instructed by our founders. The Speaker of the house has to speak these issues out. If this Vice President does not serve as a mate to the President and rather attempts to dictate a tyrant posture on the Liberian people, the President of Liberia has his right to select another mate or replace her on the majority rules of the house of Representative just as in its Presidential constitutional impeachment proceedings. This President should now be himself, leave preaching the gospel, preach Liberian Government instead, and see from whence he comes. He cannot preach both to the State and the Church. Pastors and imams bring religious messages from God and should stay out of political gimmicks and preach Holy words according to the will of the separation of the Church and The State. It cost this nation a huge amount to make unnecessary changes, such as emblems, names of structures, constitutional enactments and others not set forth by our founders. The 1986 constitution had an adverse effect on some issues not resolved by a few educated not yet explained in dialectics to the uneducated. The 1847 constitution still needs to be understood. Some native educated still have not understood the settlers language and impact of slavery entailed. Yet they attempts to make superfluous unconstitutional changes with or without amendments. We do not need to give examples to Liberians who should have or have seen the consequences. Do not change any part of our constitution again. We need no more blood shed. We should now concentrate in peace on how to improve our economy by producing our own products through the natural resources that God has given us; instead full reliance on foreign inventions. What does the Liberian educated invent? What do we produce with what we have? Tell the Liberian People. Do not reply my box. This is cash on delivery.
    Gone to silent majority.

  6. what more can I say the land is for the owner and so let the government make sure the problems of the land be solve if somebody say they own the land they must have a deed or witness of ownership Liberia is too small for it to be for sale to all people and also to give citizenship to all people is good


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