Dedicated Family, Church Woman Yata Sankawulo Dies at 73

Liberian literary icon and former State Council Chairman, the late Wilton Sankawulo and his wife, Yatta (also deceased)

The widow of late University of Liberia’s English professor and author of several Liberian literature books Wilton Sengbeh Sankawulo, Mrs. Amelia Yata Korpelleh Sankawulo, 73, on April 4, 2018 passed into eternity in Monrovia.

Mrs. Sankawulo, described by her third daughter Dr. Minnie Sankawulo Ricks in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, was a dedicated family and church woman of  enviable substance.

According to Dr. Ricks, Mrs. Sankawulo was born on October 22, 1945 in Margibi County and did her primary education up to Grade 6.

Moreover, Dr. Ricks asserted that Mrs. Sankawulo was involved in a small business enterprise, whose resources were used to cater to the family and extended relatives wherever they resided.

She also added that Mrs. Sankawulo had four children by the late Professor Sankawulo and brought up 14 other children from extended family members.

Dr. Ricks also intimated that Mrs. Sankawulo was diagnosed with diabetes, which culminated into a heart problem in 2000, and was flown to Accra, Ghana, by her children in the United States of America and those in Liberia

In Accra, Ghana, Dr. Ricks disclosed that Mrs. Sankawulo was given the first pacemaker by doctors and made significant recovery thereafter.

Besides, Mrs. Sankawulo also had complications with her eyes and had to undergo surgery on some occasions and was placed on insulin medication by doctors in Accra, Ghana.

In 2008 Dr. Ricks noted that her late parents returned to Liberia and after six months of stay in the country, Professor Sankawulo died in Monrovia following a brief illness.

Being a dedicated church and family woman, Mrs. Sankawulo devoted most of her services and time to the David Guah United Methodist Church on GSA Road in Paynesville, Dr. Ricks explained .

Dr. Ricks further pointed out that Mrs. Sankawulo, up to her death, did not miss any of the UMC annual conferences and conventions – a manifestation of her commitment to serve the church, humanity and country.

In a brief comment during an interview with the Daily Observer, Mr. Felix D. Ricks, husband of Dr. Minnie Ricks, described Mrs. Sankawulo as a woman who worked so hard to care, protect and provide for the family.

Mr. Ricks added that though Professor and Mrs. Sankawulo have gone to be with our Lord and Saviour, the family and the rest of those that were touched by her dedicated services and kindness will always miss them.

“As an old saying goes in Liberia and elsewhere, you will not know the importance of somebody until they are gone and certainly we and rest of Liberians will always remember them for their good work and commitment,” Mr. Ricks stressed.

Madam Amelia Yata Korpelleh had four Children: Roland Sankawulo, Rose Sankawulo Cooper, Minnie Sankawulo Ricks and Wilton S. Sankawulo, Jr., Gbesse and Evelyn and adopted four Children, Wellington Sankawulo, Semaya Sankawulo-Dennis, Moima Sankawulo Pulano and Moses Sankawulo; two daughters-in-law, Jacquelline Banks Sankawulo and Diana Pailey Sankawulo; two sons-in-law, Stanley Cooper and Felix T. Ricks; thirteen grandchildren; two great grandchildren, and a host of other relatives, families and friends in Liberia and abroad.

Funeral and other related arrangements regarding preparations will be announced later.


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