‘Declare Your Assets, Submit Procurement Plans or Else’

Some members of Executive Branch of Government at Cabinet meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

Pres. Weah tells Cabinet

Although whether President George Weah has not publicly declared his assets, as required by law, he has with immediate effect, as of yesterday, December 6, 2018, ordered members of his cabinet, who are yet to declare their assets, to do so in a week or face punitive action consistent with the law.

The President, according to an Executive Mansion release, said asset declaration under his regime will be enforced to the letter, and there will be no sacred cows.

“During the campaign, we told Liberians and assured the international community that our government would adopt a zero tolerance posture towards corruption and graft, and would demonstrate the utmost transparency and accountability,” the President said.

The release added, “It is therefore important and critical that each of you serving in my government declare your assets to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in one week.”

The President gave the instruction yesterday during a special cabinet meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia.

The LACC has reported that only 25 percent of members of the Executive have filed in their asset declaration.

But according to the release, President Weah, who commended his cabinet for their laudable efforts in meeting the goals of his government, said he would not tolerate delays and excuses by delinquent members of the Cabinet on the declaration of their assets.

He said his government and the entire country have much to benefit when officials demonstrate probity, which comes with transparency and accountability.

“And this is not anything imposed on us as a government,” he said, adding, “we promised we would do better, and better we must do.”

President Weah said that besides the fact that asset declaration adds transparency and accountability value to the government and makes the government responsible to citizens and the international community, it will not be an option left at the volition of officials, but a legal obligation that will come with penalties under the law.

In another development, President Weah has also instructed all government ministries, agencies and commissions to submit their procurement plans to authorities at the Ministry of Finance and the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) in the shortest possible time.

He ordered that ministries or agencies failing to submit their procurement plan will be denied their allotments.

“I am ordering the Minister of Finance not to honor or execute any payment to any ministries or agencies failing to submit their procurement plan,” the President said, adding, “I am sure this will compel delinquent agencies to comply.”

The President told his cabinet that as the first anniversary of his government draws near, it is incumbent on the officials to ensure that critical actions and policies agreed upon at the beginning of the government be implemented or at least substantially implemented so that the larger Liberian public would be assured “that we mean business or that we are not here to joke.”

He added, “Keeping our promises is the greatest seasons’ gift we can give our people.”

He also reiterated his call for members of his cabinet to be tax compliant, sending out the caveat that tax delinquent officials will be compelled into compliance.

The President asked the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and other line ministries to devise means by which non-compliant officials’ salaries will be subjected to monthly deduction.

“The progress we are making and celebrating today is because somebody somewhere paid their taxes,” the President said.

“Today, Doe Community, Clara Town and many other communities are celebrating new developments, including new roads, because taxes were paid by somebody. We cannot sit here and share in that celebration when we are not making contribution to things we claim as our handiwork,” he said.

The President and his cabinet used the meeting to discuss many other important national issues and strategies to make the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development work, so as to achieve its objectives and targeted deliverables.

The Cabinet, among other things, agreed to embark upon a national address system, which will capture and locate every building or structure and their specific details within the borders of Liberia.

To this effort, the President constituted a special committee to develop a framework for the national address system and report subsequently to the Cabinet.

Members of the special committee include the Post and Telecommunications Ministry, Liberia Revenue Authority, the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services, and the Liberia Electricity Corporation.

Other members include PPCC Director Dorbor Jallah and GSA Director General Mary Broh.

At yesterday’s meeting, the Commissioner-General of LRA, Thomas Doe Nah and LACC’s James Verdier made separate presentations on the states and implications of government officials’ compliance in tax payment and asset declarations respectively.

Both men also provided clarifications and enlightenment on their respective programs and policies. Youth and Sports Minister Zogar Wilson also used the meeting to rally his colleagues, who he said represent various counties, in order to provide moral and other necessary support to the National Sports Meet, which opens Sunday, December 16, in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.


  1. what a contradiction. Pres. Weah does not publicly declare his assets but demands that others do . why is he hiding his asset declaration? this is a farce and that is why the world laughs at Liberia and its stupidity. will the public see the assets of these officials? why not make the legislature and the judiciary do the same? questions questions questions.

  2. On “asset declaration” the message seems to be “do as I say, not as I do”. So, was nothing said about that so-called investigation of the missing LD$16 billion and the US$25 million mop-up scam? And nothing said too about the ongoing feud between the president and vice president? By the way, does the vice president get to attend cabinet in this administration? People need to know what’s really going on. It’s called “transparency.”

  3. All of a sudden President Weah is sounding like a different man. I hope he is serious because the people are losing confidence fast…

  4. $16B gone! $25M unacounted for! president’s assets declared in secret! Massive personal buildings near completion! Foreign accounts restocked! Now the prez wants to act after the fact. Lunacy!!! Sell this to gullible Liberians. Show their assets pre January 20th. Pres Weah, something is rotten in the State of Liberia

    • The same thought that came to my mind when i read the “Declare your assets” article! But this is what I think should happen; With no fear, the cabinet, and other government officials who are been demanded to declare their assets, must put their foot so to speak, for the president to publicly show his worth or what he owns!

  5. President Weah, nobody hovers so much power over the wealth and natural resources of Liberia more than you do; therefore, you can impact our society in genuine ways. To attest to this fact, Liberians from all walks of life voted for you in multitudes because they took you to be the undisputed point-man. So, what is the source of your paralysis?

    Put your foot down Mr. President. As long as you take the steps forward in bringing true change to Liberia, you will receive support from home and from partners abroad.

    Yes you can Mr. President.

  6. Behave as Professionals As This Was One of The Conditions of Your Employment. You Should Not Be Told Again…Personally, You Should Dismissed For Unprofessionalism and Failure To Comply With Directives.

  7. Oppong is a spineless president! His administration is almost a year old and it is only now he’s coming out to compel his officials to declare their assets; only because the LACC recently reported that only 25% of officials in his government have declared their assets?
    A fish gets rotten from the head. I think those officials are only imitating him- get forced to declare you assets.

  8. In other words….”You all have had enough time to steal..and don’t worry I will soon control the LACC and PPCC anyway!” Where is the 16B LD and 25M USD?!?! Why hasnt he said anything about the violence on this past election day!?

  9. Mr. Weah, You are a joke and so is your cabinet. Why haven’t EVERY government official declare their asset? The public have the right to see it. You are simply talking a good game like the rest of the criminals on government payroll. Talk is cheap and let us see enforcement and results. Every ministry is corrupt and you know it is past due time to take action. We need a merit base system that pay workers for results rather than the so-called salary system with all of those freeloaders and “ticks” sucking the life blood out of the country for personal gain. STOP TALKING , SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ETHICAL/COMPETENT PEOPLE AND let us see RESULTS.


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