‘Declare Your Assets or Else…’


The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) over the weekend reminded public officials, who are required to declare their income, assets and liabilities in keeping with Executive Order Number 55, to do so prior to or immediately after taking office.

The Commission further reminded public officials who declared their incomes, assets and liabilities two years ago to re-declare the same or any additional assets to date.

The LACC’s decision over the weekend is accordingly based on the Administrative Code of Conduct for members of the Executive Branch of Government that requires public officials to declare their incomes, assets and liabilities at the end of every two years.

“The LACC will not hesitate to recommend appropriate actions to the President [Ellen Johnson Sirleaf] against officials found violating this code in keeping with Section 14.1 under Sanctions for Infringement,” the statement warned.

It also clarified that growing speculations that the LACC has been prevented or advised against investigating certain ‘high profile” cases is far from the truth.

Therefore, the entity reassures the people of Liberia of its professionalism and commitment to implementing the mandate of the Commission to its fullest.

“The Commission,” the statement said, “is prepared to exercise its authority and to take advantage of all controlling laws in order to fulfill its mandates.”

In this regard, the LACC confirms that it is currently conducting investigations into cases involving revelation of alleged bribery of lawmakers by officials of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) to pass concession contracts into law; allegations of forgery involving staff of the Ministries of Finance, Defense and agent of the Don Kan International Inc., in payment request for petroleum supplied to the Ministry of Defense and the Legislature for November and December 2013; alleged misapplication of County Development Funds (CDF), and Social Development Fund (CDF) leading to abandonment of projects in Sinoe County; allegation of shady procurement transactions at GAC of Former Auditor General, Robert Kilby involving “Planet PC Office Equipment and Furniture.

Findings from these investigations, LACC said, will be made available in keeping with its Act of 2008.


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