‘Declare Education National Security Emergency’

Sen. Dallas Dueh speakins the MoE JESR in Ganta

…Senator Gueh recommends to gov’t.

While the government and education stakeholders make efforts to improve the sector to the best that would produce the caliber of qualified Liberians, River Cess Senator Dallas Gueh has called for the need to declare education a ‘national security emergency.’ This, Gueh believes, would bring the education system to its pre-war status.

Sen. Gueh’s recommendation was contained in a statement he delivered at the ongoing Ministry of Education (MoE) sponsored Joint Education Sector Review (JESR) in Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County from November 18-22,  2019.

He said the country’s education system is in crisis and therefore needs to be declared a national security emergency so as to claim international attention.

Sen. Gueh chairs the Senate Committee of the 54th Legislature on Education, and also a former education officer for River Cess County. He said that Liberia’s Education System was one of the best in Africa, where most revolutionaries from Southern Africa came and acquired their education.

He believes that access to education as a basic human rights is linked to better lives for children and youth that are desirous to acquire sound and vibrant education in emergencies to provide immediate physical and psycho-social protection, as well as life-saving knowledge and skills with respect to disease prevention; self-protection and awareness of rights.

Gueh said research has proven that if children and youth receive safe education of good quality during and after an emergency, they will be exposed less frequently to activities that put them at risk.

“They will also acquire knowledge and mental resources that increase their resilience and help them to protect themselves by enhancing these protection benefits a recorded in one of the United Nations agencies reports, he said.

“Today,” Gueh added, “Our education system has completely collapsed to the extent that anybody claiming to be educated here can do anything in the public space; and now people from our sister countries, some of them  passed through the wall of the University of Liberia (UL) have now constructed some of the best universities now in other parts of Africa.”

Sen. Gueh also stressed the need for authorities at the MoE to begin implementing the 2011 Education Policy to make the system effective by bringing quality to the core.

He also called on the MoE to license all teachers as another means of improving the sector, adding, “If teachers are licensed, all the unqualified ones would be rooted out of the system.”

“If medical practitioners and legal practitioners, as well as other professionals are licensed, then what about teachers, who teach the professionals,” the Senator rhetorically inquired.

The ongoing Joint Education Sector Review is an annual event, where education stakeholders gather to brainstorm on how to make the education system vibrant.

This year’s event is taking place in Ganta, where all partners in the education sector and other visiting experts from The Gambia  and in the Philippians are also present.

In his keynote address, Dr. Nelson also stressed the need of implementing the existing education policies, if there is any and if not, a policy should be put in place to guard the education sector.

He noted that the education sector over the years faced difficulties ranging from poor infrastructure insufficient finance or funding, lack of policies or lack of the implementation of the existing police, the wrong mind – set and among others.


  1. I applaud Senator Gueh for this all-important recommendation. Some of us do not want to accept the fact that our country has plunged to this depth because of the level of intelligence of the people who feel they can lead us without the proper education and training. This is the reality as the country is reaping what it has sowed over the years.

    How can a person plan, strategize, and implement policies geared towards bringing development in a fragile country when he or she does not have the requisite education? How can a person lead a democratic nation when he or she lacks a superficial knowledge of the qualities of presidential leadership?

    Many times, uneducated presidents are always synonymous with tyrannical leaderships because of their inability to withstand criticisms, which often arise from their deep flaws and their inability to lead within a constitutional framework. They consequently turned the country into a death chamber for anyone or a group that criticizes them.

    The country will remain a failed state until a core of educated people is rightly placed at its helm.


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