Decisive Win for George Weah

Flanked by his wife and running mate Jewel Howard Taylor, George Weah listens to speakers at his election rally ahead of the runoff. Taylor is the ex wife of former president Charles Taylor, and she would be Liberia's first female vice president. (Photo: December 24, 2017, Paynesville, Liberia. Carielle Doe.)

After an agonizing wait, the outcome of the 2017 Presidential elections appears to have been decided with George Weah’s commanding lead in the announced preliminary results of the December 26 runoff election by the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Jerome Korkoya.

It can be recalled that following the announcement of the results of the October 10 elections in which no party attained the 50 plus one percent thresh-hold, the Liberty Party (LP), the All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress as well as the Unity Party, charging widespread fraud and irregularities, filed a motion to the Supreme
Court to annul the elections results.

The Supreme Court however ruled that the alleged fraud and irregularities were not of sufficient magnitude and scope to warrant an annulment of the results.

It instead ordered the NEC to conduct a runoff based on the attainment of certain benchmarks, foremost amongst which was the cleanup of the Final Registration Roll (FRR) and the public display of the cleaned-up rolls at all polling places around the country before the conduct of the elections.

But the Unity Party in apparent displeasure with the manner in which NEC was conducting the cleanup of the FRR, filed a Bill of Information before the Supreme Court complaining of NEC’s non-adherence to the full implementation of the Court’s mandate for the FRR cleanup.

The Supreme Court however overruled the UP’s contention and instead ordered the runoff to proceed even in the absence of hard evidence corroborating NEC’s claim that the FRR had indeed been cleaned.

The Daily Observer, having followed the matter closely broke the story that the FRR was already on display in Taneniahun, Kolahun District although the NEC chairman had earlier told the Legislature that cleanup was ongoing and that no date had been set for its conclusion.

It is not clear at this point whether these results are going to be challenged by the Unity Party since it had, prior to the runoff filed a Bill of Information before the Supreme Court of Liberia charging that the NEC had failed to adhere to the Court’s mandate ordering a cleanup of the Final Registration Roll.

According to the New Elections Law, the Unity Party has 7 days after the final announcement of results, within which to file legal action before the Supreme Court to have the results annulled or overturned.

There are speculations, however, that given the general anxiety of the public to lay this matter to rest, the UP may drop whatever claims it may have and allow the transition to proceed without let or hindrance. That said, it also remains to be seen whether the UP especially its candidate, Vice President Joseph Boakai, will call Weah within the next few hours to congratulate him or whether he is going to await the outcome of whatever legal pursuits his party may be considering in view of current circumstances.

In a related development, both local and International Observers have given the runoff election a clean bill of health, never mind the fact that the elections were conducted on the basis of a soiled FRR whose mandated cleanup by the Supreme Court had not been fully achieved up to  the holding of the runoff.

Meanwhile there have been celebrations across Monrovia and perhaps Liberia over the announced results by the NEC, acknowledging George Weah as winner of the election.

According to observers, expectations, very high especially amongst the youth, are likely to confront the President-elect, similarly compared to that of President Charles Taylor whose lofty and grandiose promises to make Liberia great again slowly fizzled out even before the end of his tenure which was marked by war and instability.

Whether President-elect George Weah will be able to deliver on his promises such as free education and medical care for all, remains to be seen. With an inherited debt burden of close to one billion United States dollars, a critical liquidity crunch, runaway corruption in high places and failed national development policies, there is little doubt that his is an uphill task which will require every sinew of strength, courage and imagination to overcome.

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges he is likely to face according to diplomatic observers is that of the need to tackle impunity with the implementation of recommendations of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) which may invariably require him to, as it might turn out, to pull the rug under those accused of war crimes like Prince Johnson and others.

From all what it appears, President-elect Weah’s  first 100 days in office will provide a picture clear enough to determine whether he is actually fit and proper to stay the course and deliver prosperity to his people.


  1. Sad sad day for Liberia. A functionally illiterate. A deadbeat dad. A New Kru Town hoodlum. You people will regret putting this clown (Weah) in charge of our country!

    • Mr. Scott,

      Enough. For once, try and be civil. Liberians patiently tried your side two consecutive terms for a total of twelve (12) years. They equally deserve the right to try another team. Liberia is nobody’s farm. It definitely is not your real estate or that of your favored one. Peace!

      • Mr. Anders,
        Am I challenging anybody’s “right to try another team”?? No, I’m not. You can vote for whoever you want, but elections have far more lasting, and far more serious — or even grim — consequences!!. The actual track record of Mr. Weah is very sobering, if not painfully depressing.

    • Martin Scott, how dare you vent your anger on New Kru Town. Who are you? Don’t you ever throw a stone at anyone. An Educated person don’t insult but rather try to identify problems and how best to help. You need to retract your hateful statement about New Kru Town and towards the president elect. If vp Boakai was your candidate, I am sure he wouldn’t want to hear any of his supporters to speak in this manner. Joseph Boakai is a decent human being. So please apologize and retract your statement. The young people exercised their constitutional rights and won so let us all respect that. If you think you are able to do a better job, I will please ask of you to exercise your patience and join the race in 2023. Thank you.

      • Hey Sarra,

        I grew up in West Point and New Kru Town, across the train track. So I am no stranger to the the hoodlums in West Point and the “Barbee” in Kru Town.

        But look, I am not challenging anybody’s Constitutional rights. You can vote for whomever you want, however, elections have far more lasting, and far more serious — or even grim — consequences. The actual track record of Mr. Weah is very sobering, if not painfully depressing. Nothing good will come out of Weah’s Presidency!

    • Mr. Martin Scott,
      I am so surprised at your insult at the Liberian people for exercising their democratic rights to choose a new leader. And, you are even being condescending towards citizens from a particular community (New Kru Town) and that is disgusting on your part. I think self-claimed educated people like you could make education less attractive to the younger generation due to your lack of mutual respect for your fellow man.

      The President-elect has achieved his desired successes in many forms and at different heights in his lifetime. The disdain portrayed in your post sums up to me what you’ve achieved so far.

      I think it will only be wise if we all put our hands around the new government and pray for success. We all succeed when the President-elect and the incoming government succeeds.

      Mr. Martin Scott, it will also be wise if you can issue an immediate apology to the Liberian people especially the peace loving citizens of New Kru Town.

    • you are a USELESS fool, your ignorance will cost you.
      very soon you will either have to be polite or face charges for disorderly conduct. there are times & places when everyone can use certain Words. remember he’s no more a Presidential Candidate, but an elected president.
      truth is, everybody deserves respect. he hasn’t done anything to deserve the level of disrespect from you.
      you need to live with the decision of the LiberianPeople. you aren’t the only wise person on earth.
      Democracy means the will of the People. should you have a personal problem with Weah, I guess your primary solution should be through the Court of Law.

      • The term “Useful idiots” was supposedly coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe the unthinking supporters of his dictatorship in the Soviet Union.

        Such people (useful idiots) were a valuable addition to his political base, since they were particularly susceptible to his (Lenin’s) rhetoric and were less inclined to think for themselves.

        Today, the term “useful idiots” could be used to describe some of the unthinking supporters of Mr. Weah. Be careful of what you wish for, Sam.

  2. WEAH and his CDC will succeed! I’m sure that they’ve in place good technocrats to move mama LIBERIA from under development to developing economy in few years. The majority of LIBERIANS are with you and praying for your success!

  3. The elections results may not be in the interest of everyone, but I think I common denominator is #LIBERIA and we owe peace to this country, it’s about time we put the few months of political bigotry aside and unite in peace building and infrastructure.. Let’s unite to build this country and I believe if the two candidates with all of the ideas portrayed during their campaign can come together and work out their plans we will have the Liberia of our dreams and the dreams of our children.




    O YES!
    O YES!


  5. Let us bring this protracted electioneering period to a halt. Evidently, the initial electoral enthusiasm has substantially subsided with time. After all majority have their way and minority their say now. This is time to unify and build the nation. Liberia is bigger than individuals and their personal pursuits.

  6. YES, YES, YES It is better to have a clown than to have a ignorant Educated MORAN, that controlled , invested the Liberian people money in South Africa. She is disgrace to woman kind. She manipulated the system. I know you are from Bomi and she is from Bomi. why didn’t she invest the money in Bomi?

    • Because she’s afraid of being brought to justice in case there’s an inquiry for accountability.
      she’s one of those many Liberians who has no love for their Country.

  7. President Weah; Sir, you have my highest ESTEEM. Que sara sara, “What Ever Will Be We. Hon. George M. Weah was destined to be President, Republic of Liberia. He is now our President. Let’s give him all due respect and our fullest supports; to be the good President,we(all) want him to be. Very truly; H. K. Freeman.

  8. Mr. Martin Scott,

    You’re are a bigoted bookish blockhead, not the genius you presume. Not to mention that an educated person wouldn’t have assumed knowing better than the 61 percent of Liberians who voted for President – elect George Manneh Weah.

    Get a grip, if you can even manage to do that, Aristotle. Ouch, the name is Martin Scott.

    By the way, many Liberians who had lived in New Kru Town were inculcated with family values, and far from being hoodlums. It is a shame that you would blame victims of the bad governance of your kind for the conditions of their communities. And how dare you want to belittle a renowned achiever Nelson Mandela once described as “Africa’s pride”?

  9. Very Strange Development………….
    Weah’s supporters dislike Johnson-Sirleaf. Weah’s supporters claim that Johnson-Sirleaf did not create jobs, she did not do this and that, instead she created jobs for the educated people of Liberia.
    But strangely, it’s been reported that Johnson-Sirleaf gave her unwavering support to Weah. Example, although Johnson-Sirleaf is 78 years young, she started her “defeat Boakai” campaign by saying younger leaders should lead as presidents in Africa. That grotesque move on Johnson-Sirleaf’s part was a Brutus attack on Boakai for her adopted son, George Weah. Well, if Weah’s people dislike Johnson-Sirleaf, and on the other hand the president endorses Weah, isn’t that strange?

    The other day when the run-off was in full swing, Johnson-Sirleaf found time out of her busy schedule to break ground for a new road in Bong county, home of Weah’s running mate, Sen. Howard-Taylor. Strangely, VP Boakai was not present at the ground-breaking ceremony. But, Weah was there and Howard-Taylor was there. On the other hand, Howard-Taylor’s Senate colleague of Bong county was not there or his or her name was mentioned. Wasn’t that strange? The whole occasion was clandestinely set up as an endorsement for Weah although VP Boakai could have boosted his standing with his supporters on that occasion.

    Okay, Weah is now the president-elect until he is sworn in. Let’s respect the guy.

  10. Liberia has spoken, Congrats Mr. Weah. The whole of West Africa is proud of you. I congratulate all Liberians for having the courage to try something NEW. President-Elect Weah cannot do worse. If Education is a yardstick for the measurement of anything then I say, our educated leaders in Africa have failed and failed miserably. I would have at any time have an illiterate president who has the nation in his heart than a greedy educated leader who can not wait to get his or her hands on the peoples’ money. way to go president Weah.

  11. In “Decisive Win for George Weah”, Mr. John H.T Stewart makes an emphatic shift from the newspaper’s habit of skirting around the truth about this year’s elections. Undeniably, the deck was stacked against UP on many fronts, so the results didn’t surprise.. With this objective perspective by our friend, we can rest knowing that the legacy of veteran journalist and human rights crusader Albert Porte will live in the arteries of his bloodline.

  12. Mr. Martin Scott ,
    You are still living in “Old Liberia”( 1847-1980), where everyone “up there”, were either Dennis, Cooper , Deshield, Urey, Taylor, Tolbert, etc. No wonder your last name is Scott. Were there anything good about the AUTOCRATIC True Whiger Party? If your grandfathers had had development plan for Liberia, there would be no Slum called West point or New Kru Town. Liberia would be one of the most develop country in the world. There would be a military college to educate our soldiers like Nigeria, Ghana, etc. The 17 enlisted men of the PRC, non was high school graduate. Only J. Nicholas Podier was atleast 10th grade educated. For 133 years, 16 high school and 3 Universities for a country the size of the State of North Carolina in the US. It was PROGRESSIVE, TOLBERT who built more high schools and encouraged ” Multi-Party inclusion.
    You have the right to voice your opinion, but don’t forget to mention what path that led us to where we are today as a nation.

    The Legacy left in that country by the True Whiger, is what true meaning Liberians, are struggling to do away with. A CLASS SYSTEM , your name, your affiliations, your places of worship, your belief were all entangle with your prosperity in Old Liberia. Be carefull

    • Mr. Bah,

      You say that “If your grandfathers had had development plan for Liberia, there would be no Slum called West point or New Kru Town. Liberia would be one of the most develop country in the world”

      Ok, I agree, but let’s look YOUR “grandfathers development plan for Liberia”?? How did it work out for you when your grandfathers (Doe and the illiterate thugs) became our new rulers after April 12, 1980??? They brought more misery to the masses than the “133 years, 16 high school and 3 Universities for a country the size of the State of North Carolina in the US.”

  13. Now that the election is over, Let’s give credit to Mr. Weah for his victory. Even though I personally preferred Mr. Boakia, Mr. Weah demonstrated his integrity and intelligence. The fact that his speech was very inclusive, mentioning Mr. Boakia to assist in advising him to carry Liberia in the right direction, means a lot. Mr. Weah’s ability to speak three languages indicates immense knowledge of international experience. His initial move of appointing individuals with world wide experience and knowledge to advise him, shows his honest desire to move Liberia forward. It is absolutely beautiful to have an individual whose intention is to have our past leaders to remove from office and continue to live in Liberia, rather than becoming exiles and living a life of mystery, living the remaining of their lives working in Group Homes or working in Home Depot or in the Security Business. Let’s understand that “Education is only for one’s own benefit. Mr. Weah’s initial move impresses me and others a lot. I can imagine how happy the late OK2 feels wherever he is at the moment. We all have to be very supportive of Mr. Weah. I only hope he brings individuals around him who really have Liberia and the masses at heart. Once he thinks of the least among us, his administration will succeed. He definitely understands the reality of winning and losing because he has always been “A TEAM PLAYER.


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