‘Deception Overtaking Churches’ -Bishop Bah tells graduates

Some members of the graduating class of the House of Revival Bible Institute (HORBI)

The general overseer of Fire Transformation Ministries, Bishop Amos Greatness Bah, has observed that in today’s world there are a lot of deception (cheating, trickery), which have virtually taking over the churches and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bah called on evangelists, preachers and particularly graduates of Bible learning institutions to go out and make the difference in teaching the message of God through Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bah’s observation was contained in his keynote address at a program marking the recent graduation ceremony of 14 students from the House of Revival Bible Institute (HORBI) in Congo Town.

He said the truth as taught by Jesus Christ has left the church, while deceptions are strongly taking roots.

“One of the disappointments we have today in the church is that people learned, but their knowledge is not communicated to others as it should be, because those preaching the message mislead members of their congregations and disallow the teaching of the real truth given us by Christ the Savior,” Bah said.

He made reference to 2 Timothy 4:1 to 5 and said that “any acquired knowledge that is not communicated to others as it should have been is not of God, and should therefore not be given credence.”

He continued, “As you receive your diplomas in biblical disciplines you were taught over the weeks, it is my prayer that you go out there and win souls for Jesus. Teach the people instead of preaching to them your everyday’s personal feelings so that God may multiply your blessings.”

According to him, a couple of Bible translations are wrong and are therefore responsible for the many lies and deceptions seen and heard in the church nowadays.

“There are too many false doctrines and prophets in these last days. Therefore, we need people who are knowledgeable, to counter the fables and false doctrines that are found in our Christian cycle,” he declared.

Bah said the new international version (NIV) of Bible translations has lots of confusions, and so he wants Christians to deal with the New King James Version (NKJ) in the churches.

“The NIV focuses more on Jehovah than the intermediary, Jesus, who was sent to make mankind know the very God we worship today. Not much of its text acknowledges anything about Jesus Christ through whom our lives are transformed,” he said, adding that there are lots of other practices in the church which are not of God.

HORBI’s Directress, Mother Robotta F. Vannie, said the school began in 2011 and since then more men and women have received training in biblical disciplines that have shaped the lives of humanity through the church.

“The general overseer of our Ministries, Prophet Amoabeng Boadu, saw the need in 2011 to open this school, to help others acquire basic skills in dealing with affairs of the Gospel. Over two hundred persons have since been trained free of charge,” Mrs. Vannie said.

She said leadership skills and basic certificate courses help in shaping the destiny of a church.

“We challenge members of the graduating class to make use of what they were taught and impact lives at their various ministries, including ours,” she said.


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