‘Decentralize July 26’


Rep. Haja Mariamu Beyan Fofana has introduced a bill that would mandate the executive branch to decentralize the country’s Independence Day on July 26 within 15 counties.

According to the House’s Rules, Order and Administration chairperson and Lofa County District #4 Representative, when the bill is enacted, it will decentralize or regionalize the July 26 celebration in order to give a sense of belongingness to all Liberians across the country, and promote development, unity and participatory democracy.

“Hon. Presiding, Distinguished colleagues in this Honorable House, Chapter 11, Article 7 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia, states: The Republic shall, consistent with the principle of individual freedom, and social justice enshrined in this Constitution manage the national economy and the natural resources of Liberia in such manner as shall ensure the maximum feasible participation of Liberian citizens under conditions of equality as to advance the general welfare of the Liberian people and the economic development of Liberia,” Rep. Fofana said.

 The bill further quotes as saying that the Patriotic Observances Law, Title 26, Liberia Code of Laws 1956 states that the 26th Day of July each year is a Public Holiday, to be known as Independence Day anniversary, and to be appropriately celebrated within the Republic. “

The Lofa County lawmaker disclosed that the speedy passage of the bill cannot be overemphasized; therefore, it seeks the timely indulgence of the Plenary for prompt legislative actions.

Following the first reading of the Bill, a motion was made to forward it to the House’s committee on Judiciary and Internal Affairs which are expected to report to Plenary in a two-week period.

 Plenary took the decision on Thursday, February 25, 2021, during the 13th day sitting of the 4th session of the 54th Legislature of the Honorable House of Representatives.


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