December 30 Protest Scares Judges

Abandoned courthouses at the Temple of Justice on Monday, December 30, 2019, due to the expected "Weah Step Down" protest by the Council of Patriots.

Several judges on Monday, December 30, abandoned their respective offices and courtrooms in order not to be caught off-guard in the planned protest against the government, organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

Though they were told to report for their normal duties, judges were not seen at intensely busy Temple of Justice that houses the Supreme Court, the First Judicial Circuit Court that includes five criminal courts and two civil law courts, as well as over three specialized courts, as well as the magisterial court.

The entire Temple of Justice became a ghost town on Monday with no party litigants or court staffs found.

Civil Law Courts ‘A’ and ‘B’, which are normally the busiest courts at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

Besides, the gate of the compound was opened and an unarmed judicial security was seen roaming around in an attempt to protect the facility. No armed police officer was also seen on the compound of the Temple of Justice.

Some judicial workers who spoke to the Daily Observer on condition of anonymity defended the decision of the judges for not showing up for work on Monday, December 30.

“Can’t you see the situation and the tension in the country that you expect judges, some of whom have been labelled as ‘corrupt,’ to come and be harmed by people,” a judicial security officer said.

Another officer said, “Even, if I were to be in that position, I will not come to work today unless the security situation improves.” 


  1. As if hypnotized by partisan sentiments of self-entitled elites, disappointed politicians, and pay-to-play opinion influencers, the majority of Liberians stood still like scarecrows while predicted public safety anxieties become reality. Thus ordinary law-abiding folks watch in disbelief while judges deserted their courts. It conveys a perception of panic, which usually embolden inflexibility of pirates, blackmailers, hostage takers, terrorists, and so on

    Incredibly, and ironically, all because Costa with the backing of anti-majoritarian Machiavellians, instead of going to court for closure of his radio station, prefer executing his terroristic threat of buying guns for old rebels to kill on his orders to bring President Weah down. So, we have another voluble snake oil salesperson wrapping his personal revenge around inherited hardships that were exacerbated by deliberate economic sabotage and continuous business-killing protests.

    Granted that by not aligning a team with the know-how, relevant experience, and commitment to carry out recovery of a viciously battered economy and revitalization of dysfunctional institutions, it was a matter of time for public discontent, this government was never given any chance despite few of its own self-enforced errors. Nonetheless, one thing many of us do know is that a cause which lacks legal or moral legs to stand on – like Costa’s vengeful Step down and loosely hitched onto constitutional right – must not be embraced.

    On this first Sunday, therefore, in our supposedly Christian nation and about five weeks after anniversary of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s look before we leap from the frying pan to the fire again. Mind you, the incitements of Bacchus Matthews, Mrs Ellen Sirleaf, and Qwinwonkpa gifted Liberia genocide, destruction, and endless miseries of powerless poor people. No more will political leaders publicly get away with the audacious impunity of the past, yet be careful to not throw out the baby with the bathwater!


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