‘Allow Us Lay Our Hero to Rest in Peace’

The late Public Works Minister Nyenpan

— Deceased Public Works Minister Mobutu Nyenpan’s family speaks out against reports that he died of poisoning

The family of the deceased Public Worker Minister Mobutu Nyenpan has denied reports that the former Sinoe County senator died of poisoning from cyanide or some form of deadly chemicals.

Of late, there have been speculations that the former senator suffered a stroke due to poisoning after meeting some top government officials who wanted kickback from the road funds. Other reports did not attribute his stroke to poison rather than being pressured by some senior officials of the government to act illegally.

Though these are unconfirmed hypotheses, what is known is that the late minister was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center on September 3, after a meeting with senior administration officials.

But, for the Nyenpan family, any postulations of about foul play against Minister Nyenpan, “attributing his cause of death to factors that are far removed from the truth”, is a smear campaign against them and the memory of the deceased.

“For the record, and while we will not delve into the details of such a report, we can emphatically state that NO WHERE in that report is it indicated that cyanide or other deadly chemicals were detected as contributing factors to the passing of our beloved,” the family said in a statement.

The statement added that family has observed with disgust and utter indignation attempts to smear the memories of “their beloved son, brother and father by attributing his cause of death to factors that are far removed from the truth.

“The untimely passing of Senator Nyenpan is a national tragedy that we cannot allow to be used by anyone to achieve his/her own parochial interest or objectives,” said the statement.

Min. Nyenpan, 54, was appointed by President Weah in February 2018 and confirmed by the Senate on February 15, 2018 as Minister of Public Works. His treatment and medical bills, which the government of Liberia paid for was known to be around US$150,000.

After falling ill at home, Min. Nyenpan went into a coma before doctors at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center managed to stabilize him after which he was flown to neighboring Ghana for further treatment at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. He died two months later on Oct. 30, 2020.

On Thursday, November 5, the late Minister Nyenpan’s remains were flown back to Liberia via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and were received by an array of senior government officials from both the Executive and Legislative, as well as scores of family members.

While at the senate, Nyenpan served as Co-Chair of the Committee on Public Works & Rural Development; Information, Broadcasting, Culture and Tourism, and was a Member of the Executive; Defense, Intelligence, Security, and Veteran Affairs; Maritime; Planning and Economic committees.

According to Mobutu Nyenpan, Jr., the deceased family at no time spoke with or communicated with any media institution or other individuals about the circumstances leading to the passing of his father.

Nyenpan Jr., who is one of the two signatories to the family statement, said that the family is saddened to see individuals who are not connected to them concocting blatant falsehoods “intended to create confusion and sow seeds of discord.”

“In the age of fake news, conspiracy theories, and character assassination without a scintilla of truth, we beseech the public to be mindful of individuals whose sole intent is to use a family’s tragedy to achieve their selfish aims and objectives.

“Vlah was a peaceful and respectable gentleman, and we encourage all those who want to honor his memories to respect the wishes of the family and desist from propagating falsehood and conjectures. When you lie about the Minister’s cause of death with the intent of propagating a smear campaign against others, you are hurting and not helping the family. Please desist!,” Nyepan Jr., said.

Nyenpan added that if the family had any misgivings thoughts about the cause of death of the former senator, they “would have said it without any equivocation.”

“We would not need non-family members and online media outlets to do our bidding. These are times of immense grief and sadness, and we respectfully ask the general public to please respect the privacy of our fallen hero.

“We have lost a giant; we have lost the pillar of our family; we have lost an exceptional and distinguished statesman; we have lost a father; we have lost a wonderful gentleman. Kindly allow us to lay our hero to rest in an aura of tranquility and with the decency he deserves,” the family said. “It is morally reprehensible to use the pains and sorrows of a grieving family to achieve one’s ulterior motives. As we are in a state of mourning with no interest in issuing a plethora of statements and press releases, we hope that this statement would serve as sufficient notice to the premise.”


  1. Wow, sycophantic posturing, greed and protection of ethnicity for obvious reasons are giving rise to massive corruption and the unwarranted killing spree in Liberia under George Weah’s CDC Government. After reading this diatribe supposedly written by and from families of the late Public Works Minister, I’m completely disturbed and out of words to describe hypocrisy at its highest peak.

    If the information circulating that Minister Nyenpan was poisoned is not accurate, while not reveal the medical findings from the Ghanaian Hospital to settle this matter, instead, you elected to write a whole bunch of crap in an attempt to discredit the medical findings and information already in the public space. Sadly, our people are so gullible to believe any crap from this criminal administration or its enablers, such as some families of those already killed by this criminal regime. Well, this too, is Liberia and we the people shall overcome.

  2. Even if ONE IS allergic to rationality and human reasoning powers, common sense or ”preanalytic epistemic data” may be bound to prove his or her point difficult or probably impossible to dispute, once he or she does not allow his or her sensibilities to override his or her intellect, thereby neutralizing the conscience, and pushing the will into a sea of vanity.

    In other words, your suggestion that immediate relatives (wife, children, brothers, sisters, etc.) would come in defense and protection of those whom according to you “poisoned their family member“, does not make sense. But of course, such is the mentality of most anti incumbent haters, and media cheerleaders zombies.

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