Death Snatches Another Government Official


The cold hands of death have again hit the Coalition for Democratic Change government as another Minister was early Monday morning reported dead.

The death news of Assistant Minister for Insurance & Administration, Nuwoe A. D. Scott, flooded social media early Monday morning with reports that she died at her home in Paynesville at 12 AM. She had been receiving treatment at the ELWA Hospital for illness not specified.

The Madam Scott contested in Montserrado County District #4 in the 2017 general and representative election in 2017 on the ticket of the ruling CDC.

Montserrado County District #4 Representative, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis, confirmed the death news of Minister Scott, and sent a condolence message via her social media page, where the regretted the loss “of a friend.”

“With heavy heart and deep sympathy, the office of Hon Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis and the great people of [Montserrado County electoral District #4] regret the death of a former contender in District 4 in the just ended representative election in 2017 and former Minister, Nuwoe A.D Scott, at the ministry of Transport.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the government of Liberia, her family and the great people of electoral District #4. May her soul rest in perfect peace,” Rep. Dennis’ office said.

The deceased minister, who died at the age of 43, is reported to have been a strong confidante of the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia, Clar Weah. She died a little over a week after Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan also succumbed to the cold hands of death, following a brief period of illness that took him to Ghana.

She was a staunch member of the opposition Liberty Party (LP), where she previously served as the National Treasurer before crossing over to the CDC. She was also known to be an advocate of women political participation.

The late Sinoe County District #2 Representative, J. Nagbe Sloh and Montserrado County District #9 Representative, Munah Pehlam Youngblood, similarly died within a week of each other.

Of late, four officials of government mysteriously died in Monrovia to the dismay of the public, and the government is still under intense pressure to disclose the autopsy results of them to establish the cause of death.

Meanwhile, Minister Scott was also a Christian Minister who served as Resident Pastor of the City of Zion International Ministries located in Paynesville.


  1. Aye Nuwoe, my childhood friend and fellow chorister. This other news is heavy and close to home oh, Nuwoe. You just sent me birthday wishes about two weeks ago. Waking up to this news was unreal. RIP, my sister and my condolences to the your husband, the Oldma, Yandia, and the rest of the family. Wow!!!

  2. It is time to cut the salaries of ALL Government Officials (excluding civil servants) in half and put that money in THE Healthcare Provision Fund.

    Then, use this fund to restore JFK Memorial Hospital to its pre-was status;
    1- by employing qualified Medical Doctors
    2- by employing qualified Nurses
    3- by employing qualified Lab Technicians
    4- by purchasing necessary medical equipment
    5- by keeping the hospital building and compound clean.

    Liberians need to start getting quality healthcare at home, instead of traveling abroad for treatment.

  3. I second the suggestion of Mr. Warning Shot. While most civil servant employees cannot make better than $100 per month, you’ve got a situation where lawmakers and cabinet ministers earn humongous salaries every month.

    What is hard to understand, but yet laughable, is the fact that most of the lawmakers and cabinet ministers go to Ghana and elsewhere to obtain medical treatment during their times of illness. Just recently, the VP went to Ghana to be treated for Covid-19. Thanks be to God because the VP came back alive. However, did the VP talk about ways in which JFK hospital could get an upgrade? Very doubtful!

    Let’s assume for purposes of this discussion that a lawmaker’s “side squeeze” or his or mother is unfortunately infected with the Coronavirus. Will the lawmaker fly his or her mother to Ghana in order to get treatment? Still yet, let’s assume once again that a lawmaker’s constituents are overwhelmed with the Coronavirus. Will the lawmaker show concern by flying his or her Coronavirus victims to Ghana for treatment? Why not? Sadly, if nearly half of the doctors in Ghana get sick, where else can these do-nothing lawmakers go? Sierra Leone? Guinea?

    Twelve Years—
    Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf served uninterrupted for 12 odd years in office. If she and her healthcare managers had given scholarships to at least 20 bonafide Liberians in order to study medicine, the trained doctors would have completed their residency by now.
    Shamefully, it didn’t happen!

    Salaries of lawmakers and cabinet ministers must and should be slashed now. I have always referred to the lawmakers and cabinet ministers as “do-nothing” employees. That title has expanded to “do-nothing/think-nothing” employees of the national government of Liberia.

  4. RIP Nuwoe!

    Within 3 years, the mighty CDC has lost more than 5 of its heavyweight or staunch supporters and partisans. To the rest of you CDCians, is something tinkling in your heads or brains? I hope so!
    I remembered reading someone say that it was prophesied that many CDCians will die during the Weah’s presidency. I hope you guys can revisit that prophecy and take good note of the spiritual implications.

    Liberia has a spiritual problem. We need to address this core problem first, and then the rest will be added unto Liberia.
    If CDCians think they can kill everyone for doing a professional job, God’s blessing will NEVER be forthcoming unto the nation.
    If CDCians think they can silence every discordant voice, there will NEVER be a room for improvement.
    If CDCians think they can bring in their foreign friends to occupy positions of sovereignty in Liberia, then there will NEVER be a Liberian identity before we talk about customized development.

    We continue to hear people crying “oh Ellen, for 12 years she did nothing;
    oh Ellen, for 20 years she killed Liberians; oh Ellen blah blah blah blah!”
    Didn’t CDCians know all these shortcomings before embarking on this fierce battle to oust that Ellen?
    Stop the baby cry CDCians! You said you could do better. Bring us the FIXES you promised. Leave Ellen alone, we all agree she was a “failure”. You have been given the opportunity. Show us that you can do better.

    We know where Ellen took all developmental indicators, we know where she left them, improve on them.
    When Trump took over the USA 4 years ago, the DOW Jones index average was at 18 kilos. The index is currently reading 29 kilos (11 kilos added to the economy), maybe 30 kilos before he goes.
    Do the same for Liberia, CDCians. Stop crying like babies!

    Let me help you guys: the way forward is EDUCATION! Only an educated man can devise the right educational plans for a people, think about this!

    Bunch of foolish people uneasy to retard an entire generation, may God punish you for impeding the lives of a whole generation!

  5. The idea of making a statement of any kind is an act of expressing oneself! However, the inability, refusal or reluctance to make a statement without substantiation amounts to inaccurate reporting or sometimes character assassination. Realistically, inaccurate reporting is dangerous! Sadly, as dangerous as it is, there’s an endless list of critics and haters who do it in order to satisfy their political agenda.

    Dangerous and Misleading Claims….
    Critics of Weah make the blatant claim that CDCIANS are killers of the Liberian people. But, do the critics and haters of Weah who make such provocative statements have a valid proof? Are Weah’s critics and haters fabulists?

    Reality Check….
    It would be outrightly condemnable if Weah and his partisans are engaged in murdering the people of Liberia. The truth must be told! It must be acknowledged without trepidation….. People are dying mysteriously as senatorial by-elections are coming up in the country. But until the critics and haters of Weah put forth a valid proof of how the mysterious deaths occur, not too many people will be convinced that the CDCIANS are the killers.

    Liberians deserve better! Mysterious deaths must cease. False accusations must stop. Good politics is good for Liberia.

    As always, peace.


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