Death Fears Grip Judicial Workers


Fear is increasingly taking over the Judicial Branch of the government especially among staffers at the Temple of Justice, due to the deaths of more than 20 employees including judges, since this year alone.

Some Temple of Justice staffers, who spoke to the Daily Observer on condition of anonymity, said this was the first time in the history of the judiciary to record such alarming number of deaths in a single year.

It is not clear what is responsible for such a number of recorded deaths, but an employee blamed it on ‘demonic spirits’ that operate in the judiciary system.
‘I don’t know what is happening here; I believe that demonic spirits are responsible about the deaths. We are all getting afraid, because we don’t know who is next,’ another staff member said.

In his address at the opening of the Supreme Court on Monday, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor put the number of employees who died in 2015 as high as 25.

“I regret to inform you this time, that between the times we last met from the opening of the March Term and now, we have lost at the cruel hands of death, a rather large number of judicial workers, at least 25,” Chief Justice Korkpor said with tears in his eyes. “25 of our co-workers departed for the next world, which is so sad.”

The Chief Justice continued, “Amongst those that died were a serving circuit judge and a retired circuit judge…” adding, “as far I can recall, this is the largest number of loss of our compatriots.”

The deceased included Judge Evelina Z. Quaqua, retired; William K. Ware, Debt Court Judge; Brown Toteh; and James B. S. Grotoe, a Probate Court judge.
“We recognize and acknowledge with thanks, the contribution made by each of these judicial workers to the nation,” Chief Justice Korkpor said as he bestowed praises on his fallen colleagues.

He did not give reasons that led to the deaths of the judiciary workers, but expressed regret for their demise during times when the nation need them the most.


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