Death by Murder or Drunkenness?


Tragic end of a young man who led a wayward life, in spite of family’s efforts to save him

By Titus Barbu

The Bassa Town Community, near Red Light, Paynesville, was a scene of shock and grief over the discovery of the corpse of a young man identified as Saye Suah, a.k.a Convicted, who, some family members and friends believed, was killed.

The incident occurred on the early morning of July 3, 2020, though it remains unclear how and where he died. Sources said Saye was seen on his way from his house in the Police Academy community round about 4 a.m.

Saye Suah, whose corpse was found lying in the street in an open street in Bassa-Town Community, was unclothed, with bruises all over it. His head and back of the corpse had deep wounds, with fresh blood spilling from his mouth.

Some dwellers of the Police Academy Community and Bassa-Town Community were overheard whispering to each other that the victim was a notorious criminal and was once seen with stolen pots of soup and rice which he sold to his friends, while on the other hand, family members and friends are saying that the victim was drunk and helpless when he was attacked.

According to the victim’s brother, Teddy-Boy Suah, who was on the scene where the body was discovered, his brother was at home and very drunk around 3 a.m., making loud noises. Neighbors came around and asked him to stop what he was doing.

“It is time to sleep Saye; stop disturbing us for God’s sake,” the victim’s tearful brother recalled telling him.

“This thing surprises me because Convicted (Saye Suah) and I smoked brand together at 12 p.m.; we left and went to cut our gin where he got very drunk and could not walk fast; I felt sleepy so I left him there and went home only this morning to hear that Convicted is a dead person and his body is at the junction of Bob-Taylor Road. This is sad,” a friend of Saye, only identified as Successful, said.

An uncle of the deceased, who also goes by the surname Suah, and who apparently had not seen the young man in a while, said: “The last time I saw my son was the time he said he had finally changed and had decided to come home; he was accepted into my house and we went to church together. He was very nice-looking in coat suit. But one fateful day Saye took all the phones in the house and ran into the street again.”

The police officers who went to the scene after a call placed to the nearest police station said they are not sure whether the deceased, Saye, was beaten to death or was drunk and died from self-inflicted injury. They also said they were not sure whether he died somewhere else and that his body was dropped at this point in order to make it look as if he died in the Bassa Town Community.

“There is nothing our parents have not done for Saye to leave the street, but here he is lying down,” said Princess Suah, sister of the deceased. “Saye is the beloved in the family; he is the first child of both our mother and father. They both cherished him like a baby; he was clothed, fed, and attended to well. Whenever Saye stayed late in the streets, our parents would be looking for him in the darkness just to make sure he was safe.”

Meanwhile, the body of the victim has been signed for and taken by his family to be laid to rest.


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