Deaf Woman Dies from Falling Branch in Rain Storm


A deaf woman, believed to be about 35 years old, lost her life when the branch of a falling tree violently struck her, following tropical storms that ravaged some quarters of Nimba County. The incident occurred when the woman was on her way home from the farm.

According to Radio Saclepea, the incident took place in Zoe Siaplay Town, near Bahn, central Nimba, while Ms. Comfort Zeanbo (the deceased) was on Tuesday, March 6, returning to town under a heavy downpour.

A large branch from a tree is said to have broken off and fell, hitting Comfort and killing her on the spot, a Radio Saclepea reporter quoted a medical practitioner in the area.

When the rains subsided, relatives and some townspeople, wondering about Comfort’s whereabouts, started looking for her. It was during this process that they found her dead under the fallen tree branch.

The late Comfort Zeanbo suffered from hearing loss, a condition which many believe led to her being unaware as the tree fell and the branch struck her.

Since the beginning of the year, a series of storms has hit several towns in the County. Among the affected towns are Nyor-Diaplay, in Buu-Yao Electoral District, and few other towns in Gbor Chiefdom, near Bahn City.

The executive director of a local NGO, Agriculture Relief Services (ARS), P. Luogon Lah attributed causes of storm and heavy rains to widespread deforestation and shifting farming.

Mr. Lah said unless farmers change from shifting to substantial farming methods, storm disasters will occur frequently across Northeastern Liberia (Nimba), where farmers have destroyed most of the forest lands.


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