Deadlock over Speaker Election


The Daily Observer has reliably learnt that some ‘majority members’ of the House of Representatives are demanding that the election of the Speaker should be held today (Friday), which marked the end of the House’s 30-day Extraordinary Sitting.

Three lawmakers, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told the Daily Observer that yesterday’s Executive Meeting ended in deadlock with the Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue arguing that elections be put-off, while the ‘majority members’ have threatened the Deputy
Speaker to either have the election, or he would be removed.

Reports said the Deputy Speaker argued that the time interval between the Speaker’s removal on Tuesday and holding the election two days after would bring the House into disrepute.

Nevertheless, the ‘majority members’ are insisting that the election be held today.

“While the iron is hot, it’s better to beat it; therefore, there’s a need for us to have the election on Friday,” the lawmaker said. “We won’t allow the Deputy Speaker to impose his way on us, to use that time and galvanize.”

Another lawmaker said: “If we don’t have the election on Friday, it means we will have election when we resume in January 2017, and that would not be appropriate legislatively.”

A staff in the office of the Deputy Speaker confided in the Daily Observer that if President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf did not send the Proclamation for Extension, it would have meant that the Deputy Speaker would have had the choice to have the election on Tuesday, October 4.

Meanwhile, reports said out of the five persons who have earlier expressed interest, only three lawmakers are considering vying for the Speaker position. They include Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, Rep. Emmanuel Nuquay and Clarence Massaquoi.


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