Dead Baby Found on ELWA Junction Dump Site

Many people condemned the parent who dumped the body of their child on a dump site

The dead body of a baby girl was found yesterday morning lying partially clad at the ELWA junction market dumpsite in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. A small crowd, drawn to the scene, could only stand in frustration, many shaking their heads in disbelief as they condemned the man or woman responsible for dumping the child’s body on a garbage heap.

The baby was in diapers with a colored blanket and two additional white yellow and green lappas around her body. The baby’s face was turned to the side and it appeared as if she was asleep.

Interviews conducted by the Daily Observer yielded no information that could lead to anyone who might know the parents or other relatives of the dead child whose body was placed among the garbage, obviously intending for it to be seen by the public and garbage collectors before they scooped it up unnoticed with the garbage.

Many came to see the dead child on the dump site

Most of the crowd at the scene were young men and women who expressed contempt for the action. “They say they want a baby, they get the babies and are unable to (care for) them,”  said a young man. Many stood wondering which mother or father could have dumped their baby like that and what could have been the reason for their action.
Several others on the scene were taking snap shots of the baby’s body with their mobile phones to instantly share on social media.

However, a few older men and women in the crowd expressed anger. “What parent can do a thing like this?” one asked. “Human beings are thrown away like garbage!”

Within a short period of time, the news of the “dead baby lying in the dump” had spread across the vicinity and people streamed to the site to get a glimpse of a heartbreaking situation that many of them said they could not recollect happening in the community.

On buses and taxis, many people aware of the horrible disposal of a deceased child on a dumpsite in front of the Joe Bar Market opposite the Liberian Broadcasting System in Paynesville, argued sullenly about who was to blame for such an action. “Maybe the mother is a young woman who could not afford to care for the child,” one said.

Added an older woman, “If a man decides to abandon his responsibility, it sometimes leaves some young women no chance but to act like what we are talking about.”

Many others blamed the economic hardships in the country. “Though we have pro-poor government everything is costly and we cannot overlook it,” a woman said. “I am not saying anyone should throw their child away like that.”
Others suggested that the baby girl might have died before the body was brought to the dump site. Only an autopsy could bring out information about the cause of the baby’s death.

“This country needs prayers,” a young woman said. “We need the blessing of God to do what is right.”
Members of the homicide division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) were yet to be notified and up to this reporter’s departure from the scene, they had not arrived to begin an investigation in their attempt to identify the “wicked parents” who, for whatever reason, chose to abandon the body of their late child in the garbage heap.


  1. Liberian Observer, please censor graphic images next time. This is horribly graphic. What desperation will cause a parent to go to such length? Is/Are the parents mentally unstable? Was the child dumped alive ? Did the parent(s) dump the child due to lack of money for the burial(assuming the child died of natural causes) ? Poor little child!

  2. Part of the journalism profession, is censoring images that are extremely graphic that have psychological effects on readers’ mind. Such is the image of this DEAD BABY. I m wondering if our journalists have had professional training before writing. No one in their correct mind can show this image for the purpose of covering a story.

    Let’s make our country proud through our various professional careers. If you are a sweeper, sweep your best, cook the best, if you are a chef. Glory comes to the who shows his best in his/her art.

  3. Please censor such graphic image and I agree with the other comments that this graphical image has a strong psychological effects on the viewers. Next time it would be more preferable if you could just write on the story and leave out the graphical image.


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