Deacon Sneh Wants Liberia Return to “Original Foundation”


Deacon Koon Teah Sneh, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the 3rd Providence Baptist Church in Logan Town, Bushrod Island has stressed the need for the nation to return to its “original foundation for success and prosperity.”

Sneh observed that since 1980, there was a turning point in the history of the nation, which he said opened doors to “lawlessness, disrespect to human dignity, disobedience, fearlessness, greed, corruption and murder.

He there lamented the alteration of the original source of law in which the foundation of the nation was specified.

He said the 1986 Constitution was a clear indication that Liberia was taken from the “hand of God, and placed into Satan domain by declaring it a secular state.”

Deacon Sneh said since then, “strange events have been occurring in the lives of the people of Liberia.

He named some to be past invasions, civil wars, constant bloody violence, Ebola virus disease (EVD), armed robbery, systemic corruption and disobedience to constitutional authority.

“It is a curse to give something to the glory of God and later retrieve it from God to Satan. So, Liberia was given to Christ and retrieved from Christ,” Sneh said.

Meanwhile, Deacon Sneh is appealing to national leaders to lead in a godly manner with love and fear of God.

He said the livelihood of citizens should be national priorities. As such, Sneh wants religious leaders to teach the truth of God’s word in preparation of the country’s future generation.

Deacon Sneh believes that in the absence of religious teaching, the country is slipping from its original foundation, which was godliness and Christian principles.

“The founding fathers of this nation built it on said order that could develop and bring total liberty, peace and joy to all Africans. Therefore, the nation developed such characteristic as its national norm and practice,” he said.


  1. Thank you Deacon. I will not repeat what you have said. I was in JallahTown 1980; that day. Since, there has been massive Evil in Liberia.
    God bless Liberia.

  2. Right on point Deacon. Until our people turn to God and repent Liberia is in for some dark days.. Material gains will is the answer to them but God is God and will not change.

  3. The same ‘founding Fathers’ went to Church every Sunday, not missing one prayer day. However; they divide the social,economic and political line between they and those they met on the land. To the so-called ‘Founding Fathers, and Founding Foundation’, and also to Bishop Snee, you are calling for a period in which a native boy from up interior came down to Monrovia for school, change his name, religion, belief and adopt an Americo-Liberan name just to get educated in his own country.

    Christianity is a religion that preached equality for every one, however; those who brought Christianity to us, were not fair to the rest of the country people. We can go Church, sing, dance and jubilate and call JESUS CHRIST name all day, but if we refuse to treat our own country man with respect, dignity, and equal right, there is no need to evoke any ‘ greatness’ of any Foundation of Founding Fathers’.

    Other African country who do not have FOUNDATION and FOUNDING FATHERS like us, are doing 1000 times better than us. The days of the so-called ‘Foundation and Founding Fathers’ were Chaotic. From Feb.1822 to July 25, 1847 Commonwealth period. From July 26, 1847 to July 1971, it was an autocratic dictator ship with no dignity for a native man. Even though Christian prayers were said at very gathering, but a segment of the population were kept away from lots of social, political and economic opportunities.

    It was the late Baptist preacher called William R. Tolbert, who came in and loosen the lid off that system. Unfortunately, because of his stand on COLD WAR politics, foreign agent assinated him, and use Samuel Doe as as scapegoat.
    Let’s get together as Liberian and do away with religious zealously, no one religion is better than another. You, and other that have this mind, are dividing our people everyday. Because, for 130 years, the country was more ‘ CHRISTIAN’ than any part of Africa. Guess what, in that 130 reign, native sons and daughters were MARGINALIZED at every aspect of society.
    From: Totota, Bong County


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