DEA Director Recommends Speedy Trial, Others to Enforce Anti Drug Law

Mr. Souh (L) and Cllr. Verdier (R) make-web.jpg

Anthony K. Souh, Director Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), has suggested speedy trial and punishment for drug traffickers as ways of making the enforcement of anti-drug law effective.

Director Souh making the suggestion in a welcoming statement during program marking the observance of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Monrovia on June 26, said while the DEA remains firm in ensuring that drug abuse in all respect is limited, it also requires political will and speedy trial of drug traffickers and abusers by courts and the firm application of appropriate penalties against convicts to serve as deterrence.

Mr. Souh reminded that Liberia being a part of the United Nations protocol that set the day to commemorate International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking has gone ahead to pass anti-drug law, thus making the country to be a full-fledged compliant nation.

He said with the passage of this law, it is obviously the core of happiness unlike past years when such legal weapon was not to Liberia and the DEA’s disposal.

He further indicated that it requires legal instrument on the one hand and the unrelenting application of such legal framework on the other hand, stressing that drug eradication requires concerted efforts of all and not one institution.

“Drug abuse remains ranks dangerously paramount among the categories of social ills in any society. No society can enjoy social sanity which is overrun by drugs, and a healthy society is one which flexes its muscle against drugs in a decisive form and manner. This remains our expectation if the war against drug abuse is to achieve its intended purpose,” Mr. Souh said.

Also speaking at the occasion, Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman, Cllr. James Verdier emphasized that drug abuse has a very serious consequences on the development of country, considering that abusers have retarded brain that they are not able to think and approach issue rationally.

He added that drug abuse creates unrealistic situation in the mind and body that abuser does anything without fear and remorse.

He also indicated that most officials who are corrupt in the Liberian society are drug abusers because it makes them not to have fear of God in their evil deeds.

Slightly deviating to his area of work (the anti-corruption), Cllr. Verdier said corruption and abuse people carry out in society today did not start when they graduated from university, but began at the time when they were coming up as young people.

He said for doers to know that such act is not good for the growth of a society; citizens should denounce it and seek prosecution for people involved instead of clapping for them when they carry on corruption.
Cllr. Verdier then called for increase in budgetary allotment for the Drug Enforcement Agency in order to have logistics to fight drug trafficking and abuse as effect of trafficking and abuse is visibly seen in the society.

He noted that many young people who are drug abusers are abnormal and it is evidently clear that they are increasing daily in the country.

Also a representative of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime pledged his organization’s support to the DEA and said they will stand by the institution in whatever way to ensure that its work is done for the betterment of the society.

The anti-drug day observance was also characterized by burning of drugs in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia.


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