DDC Threatens Simeon Freeman with Lawsuit


Gives MPC candidate 24 hour ultimatum to prove or withdraw $10K bribery allegation

The Deepening Democracy Coalition (DDC), the organization responsible for conducting the presidential and legislative debates, has threatened to file a lawsuit against Simeon Freeman, the political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC).

The threat of a libel lawsuit against Mr. Freeman follows his allegation that the DDC requested him to pay US$10,000 in order for him to participate in yesterday’s presidential debate.

A release signed by the Coalition’s coordinator, Lamii Kpargoi, indicated that it “is giving a 24-hour ultimatum” to Mr. Freeman to either prove the claim that organizers of the second presidential debate solicited payment from him, or retract the statement.

DDC described Freeman’s claim as false and said at no time did any agent of the organization approach him or his political party for money as payment for his participation in the debate.

With reference to Mr. Simeon Freeman’s assertion that the Unity Party led Government blacklisted him and some politicians to eliminate them, the DDC in the release said Mr. Freeman is in the habit of making false statements.

In the September 26 edition of FrontPage Africa newspaper, Mr. Freeman was quoted as saying, “Having written to inform us of our participation in the so-called presidential debate slated for Tuesday, September 26, 2017, and that we would have been notified of the venue and other necessary information as we approached the time, agents of the Deepening Democracy Coalition engaged us to solicit a financial contribution of US$10,000 to enable our participation.”

If this lawsuit is filed, it will be the second in recent weeks against the MPC political leader. It may be recalled that Mr. Freeman was recently sued for his failure to pay a balance of US$850 owed a printing press for printing his campaign flyers. He however said that the it was not he, but his political party, that owed the printer.


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