DATI Launches Kukatonon Peace Project

Flashback: Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. on stage

Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI), a not-for-profit organization will on Saturday, November 16, 2019, launch its Kukatonon Peace Project in Liberia.

The event, which is expected to take place at the Old Providence Baptist Church Edifice on Broad Street, will also be graced by government officials, and others who will witness the induction ceremony of 26 college graduates into the DATI Peace Advocates.

A release, quoting Dr. Joe Gbaba, said the DATI aims to promote African arts and culture, literacy and the performing and visual arts in the United States of America (USA), on the continent of Africa and across the globe.

Presently, Dr. Gbaba said the DATI is engaged in a cultural awareness and peace education campaign through the presentation of Afrocentric literacy in schools and communities in Prince George’s County and hopes to expand its programs overtime throughout the State of Maryland (MD) and the entire United States.

He said the youths took a two and a half month virtual training in conflict resolution, mediation, and cultural competence under Dr. Gbaba and have since been rehearsing the upcoming theatre production.

“They will perform a peace drama titled: “Our women Are Not Your Chickoos and Iron Titties”, written and directed by Statesman Albert Ninneh. Albert and two other college youths from Tubman University did one-month playwriting and directing course under me as a playwright apprentice,” Dr. Gbaba said.

Gbaba also informed the public that the second launch of the DATI project will be held in Harper City, Gbenelue, Maryland County on Friday, November 22.

He said the Cape Palmas gala will include a peace parade in the principal streets of Harper, featuring the famous Grebo War Dance Masquerade. The indoor program will include the induction of 26 distinguished young Liberian statesmen and stateswomen and youth leaders and students or graduates of Tubman University in Harper.

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