Darlington George Trial Starts

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The trial of the former director for operations of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Darlington George, has begun at Criminal Court ‘B’ in Monrovia, with the prosecution’s second witness linking the defendant to the crime of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

George is accused of brutalizing a lady identified as Esther Glain at the Barnersville sports pitch outside Monrovia on September 15, 2015, an allegation he has denied.

He is also charged along with one James Tamba, another EPS officer, who was then assigned with Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

Charges for the two ex-presidential guards range from criminal attempt to commit murder and aggravated assault.

In her testimony yesterday, Madam Rebecca Yeewea claimed that she and Glain were discussing a football game they had watched earlier when an SUV drove very close to them, almost to the point of hitting them.

Yeewea alleged that, at that point, she and the victim walked to the car – Yeewea took to the passenger door, while Esther, the driver side of the door.

She claimed when Esther rapped on the glass door, defendant George rolled down his window.

After Esther asked Darlington George why he wanted to kill them, Yeewea said she heard him retort some expletives at them.

Yeewea explained that afterward, George began to insult them, calling them derogatory names and using cuss words to drive them away from his vehicle.

Following the insults, she alleged that George came out of his car and slapped Esther, at which time Esther lost hold of her drink, which fell to the ground.

“Then George slapped Esther on her chest. Later, Tamba came down from the car with a Malta bottle (glass bottle) in his hand, which he used to hit Esther on her face,” the prosecution’s second witness claimed.

At that time, she alleged that Esther fell to the ground unconscious, while George and his man drove away leaving her in that condition.

The case continues today with the same witness.


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