Darkness Befalls Ganta


Darkness has befallen Ganta for nearly a week now after the expulsion of Ghanaian builders in connection with the unlawful selling of electrical materials.

The builders were working for the Energy Venture, a Ghanaian construction firm, hired by the West African Power Pool for the electrification of three counties in Liberia.

There had been a major row between Ganta City Mayor Dorr Cooper and the Ghanaians workers over the selling of electric poles, transformers, and wires to customers in Ganta before their lines could be connected.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer, Mayor Dorr Cooper alleged that the Ghanaians were involved in the illegal selling of the electrical equipment to people in Ganta and they refused to accord him due respect by stopping the acts.

Mayor Cooper said because of the Ghanaians’ continued involvement in unlawful acts, he requested they leave the City of Ganta without delay. The apparent departure of the Ghanaians brought about a shortage in power supply that left the entire city in darkness.

The Ganta City Mayor displayed what allegedly were wrapped copper wires seized from the Ghanaians as evidence of their unscrupulous behavior.

There had been no words from the Ghanaians or their Liberian counterparts as effort to get their views were met with failure.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports reaching this paper suggest the Ghanaians have since left Ganta with their equipment and gone toward Tappita where the electricity is also extending.

The departure of the Ghanaians left Ganta and its environs in darkness for more than a week, something that brought great inconvenience to inhabitants of the city.  Many people in Ganta even suggested that the Ghanaians might have disconnected the lines on purpose when they left.

In September last year, Police in Ganta interrogated five men for allegedly being involved in stealing the newly run electric wire in Ganta.

Two of the men were Ghanaian and one a Malian, while the other two were identified as Liberians. These men were picked up by officers of the Liberia National Police in collaboration with the Ganta City Authority. What became of the case since the arrest last year is yet to be established.


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