DAO Wants Swampland Revamped in Tubmanburg

Augustine Momo: "Swampland cultivation will boost rice production."

A District Agriculture Officer (DAO) in Bomi County, Augustine B. Momo, has expressed the need for the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and non-governmental organizations working in the agricultural sector to revamp swamplands in Tubmanburg to boost the production of food.

Momo told the Daily Observer over the weekend in Tubmanburg City that there are more swamplands in the communities ideal for crops production, but they are not developed.

According to him, many farmers in the communities would be encouraged to produce enough for their families if the farmlands in question are improved.

“We have many swamplands in the various communities left abandoned by the farmers, because they lacked the necessary resources to develop them. This is a serious hindrance to the production of food in the county,” Momo said.

He said swampland development is essential to increasing food production, and reducing deforestation.

A partial view of one of the swamplands in Tubmanburg, which is good for crops production.

Momo said that his office is encouraging more farmers to move from the upland to the cultivating of lowland to increase food production.

“We are educating the farmers on the importance of swamp cultivation, which has enormous benefits. It produces more food, and is less labor intensive. This will help our forest resources to be protected to minimize the effects of climate change,” he said.

He explained that swamp production, especially for rice, will make the farmers not to continually depend on imported rice.

According to Momo, the farmers in the communities are gradually adhering to the education his office is providing, outlining the importance of swampland development.

He added, “there is a need that authorities at the MoA strengthen the extension workers with logistics and farming inputs to enable them extend adequate services to the farmers.

“Field staff in the county need capacity-building to reach farmers. This will greatly help the farmers because the field officers are the front liners,” Momo added


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