Dan Morias Somersaults on Pro-Temp Race

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Maryland County Senator H. Dan Morias says he no longer intends to contest for the seat of President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate.

The Liberian Senate is expected to hold election for the post that was made vacant by the exit of Grand Bassa County Senator Gbehzohngar M. Findley following his defeat in the recent Special Senatorial Elections.

In the first place, Findley should not have been elected to the top Senate post in keeping with Article 47 of the 1986 Constitution which calls for electing a Pro-Tempore for six years. Because Findley had three years left of his nine year term, electing him was a complete violation of the Constitution the senators took an oath to protect and defend.

Article 47 states: “The Senate shall elect once every six years a President Pro Tempore who shall preside in the absence of the President of the Senate, and such officer shall ensure the proper functioning of the Senate. The President Pro Tempore and other officers so elected may be removed from office for cause by resolution of a two-thirds majority of the members of the Senate.”

Senator Morias announced during a news conference over the weekend that he was withdrawing from the race because he didn’t see it fit to hold election to fill the Pro-Temp position at this time.

The Maryland County Senator heads the Senate committee on Foreign Relations and initially had been opting for ascendency to the coveted position since Findley as well as the Chairman on Executive, Margibi Senator Clarice A. Jah are now out of the Senate.

In the line of leadership, the Chairman on Executive acts in the absence of the Pro-Temp and Foreign Relations acts in the absence of the Executive.

Morias was relying on that portion of the Senate rules for his ascendency to Pro-Temp and vowed to challenge it before the High Court.  

However, Morias has somersaulted on his quest and announced that he has disengaged from running to the Supreme Court to justify his bid for Pro-Temp.

He dismissed the speculation that he was under pressure from the Executive Mansion to withdraw, adding; “my decision was based on consultation with my colleagues.”

Though he comes from the Southeast where Sinoe County Senator Joseph Nagbe, a candidate in the race hails, Morias held back who he supports for the post saying he will not disclose whom he will back because he is expected to preside over the election.


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