Daily Observer’s Business Reporter Attacked

Reporter Yates: "The thugs were pressing my body. They collected my phone, the money in my pocket and other contents."

— Robbers make away with his gadgets, cash

Barley two weeks after suspected marauding gang burglarized the home of Daily Observer news editor C.Y. Kwanue, hooligans at the intersection of Broad and Johnson streets on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, attacked the newspaper’s business reporter, David A. Yates.

The incident occurred about 10:45 p.m. while reporter Yates was on his way home from work.

Wednesday’s incident marked the fourth time that Yates has suffered an incidence of robbery in recent times.

The robbers made away with his voice recorder, smartphone, his working identification card and L$5,000.

According to eyewitnesses, the attack by the thugs on reporter Yates lasted for several minutes. Although there were some bystanders during the robbery, none of them intervened, with the robbers brandishing cutlasses and threatening to hurt anyone who would try to rescue Reporter Yates.

The thugs, wielding stones and cutlasses, forced the journalist to hand over his working gadgets and cash.

Police officers assigned on the Gabriel Tucker bridge did not intervene either.

Recounting his ordeal, Yates said he observed that seven of the thugs tailed him as he was disembarking from a taxi cab down Crown Hill. The robbers seized all valuables they could find on him, fleeing the scene while the victim cried for help.

“The thugs were pressing my body. They collected my phone, the money in my pocket and other contents,” Yates said.

The most painful aspect is the encounter, which has left Yates traumatized. The robbers reportedly boasted of being members of the ruling class and that the police were in their pocket.

It can be recalled that a suspected armed gang, a fortnight ago, burgled the Lynch Street apartment of the newspaper’s editor C.Y. Kwanue, making away with some of his personal effects, including cash.

There are growing public concerns that Monrovia has become a place where people need to be on their guard almost everywhere. According to Police sources (unnamed) it gets much worse at night, even on Sundays, with evening churchgoers being victimized by robbers. Areas occupied and frequented by foreigners are regarded as unsafe, even though they are reportedly more secure than other places.

Meanwhile, Yates’ nightmare has been reported to the Liberia National Police (LNP) at Slipway Depot in Monrovia.

Up to press time last night, police had made no arrests, neither have they informed reporter Yates of progress regarding his ordeal.


  1. in these days and times, one has to arm oneself to be able to deal with the existing threats that is lurking all around us.. I have always have a very dangerous looking pocket knife in my pocket and another two-edged knife in my bag pack. Not the way to live, but i have to protect myself.

    anyone can say what they will, that is how i am protecting myself

  2. What a traumatic experience! You might need more than a pocket knife. As the time changes and the criminals adopt new approaches in the commission of crimes, citizens must also adopt new methods of equivalent responses. The citizens’ responses should commensurate with the new tactics of those vicious criminals.

    Bear in mind Mr. Moses that for the fact that the Daily Observer is an independent news reporting organ generates a lot of ire against it particularly from the establishment.

    Moreover, signs of the times point to a very bleak economic outlook for Liberia; and, under such circumstances, a converse relationship often exists between economies that fall in a deep depression with accompanying results of high unemployment and the rapid escalation in the rate of crimes.

    You are in my prayers.


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