Daily Observer Gbarpolu Correspondent Resurfaces

Micah Yeahwon, Daily Observer Gbarpolu County Correspondent.

Daily Observer Gbarpolu County correspondent Micah Yeahwon, who was recently reported missing and published in two editions of the newspaper, over the weekend walked into the newspaper’s offices at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville with regret and at the same time appreciation and a smile.

Yeahwon expressed gratitude to the management of the Daily Observer newspaper, friends, Col. Othello Gaye of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) and family, for their concern about his alleged reported disappearance.

He explained that after covering the October 10, elections he decided to visit his long-lost uncle in Yekepa, Nimba County, along with one of his friends.

Yeahwon narrated that while on their way to Yekepa, the vehicle in which he was traveling broke down in Zolowe, which is between Sanniquellie and Yekepa where they were stranded for two nights. He said that during the breakdown, he lost his mobile phone. He said he later fell very ill of some stomach infection that led to several days of treatment at the Yekepa clinic. In the area, he said, there was no network coverage in the area to allow him to get in touch with any friends, family or workmates.

He said he received information that his uncle that he was after in Yekepa had traveled to Guinea. ‘‘I got frustrated at the clinic when the information reached me,’’ he said.

He described that situation as unfortunate and he used the medium to express his sincere apology to the management of the Daily Observer, his wife, friends and families and the general public for the cloud of uncertainty that surrounded his life during the period he was out of touch with them.

‘‘I admit I did not inform my wife Garmai because I left my Gbarma resident very early that morning in fear that my colleague would have left me, and this was my biggest regret ever’ he stated.

He has meanwhile refuted rumors which have been circulating in Gbarma, and other parts of the county that he had been kidnapped. ‘‘I will like to state this very clear to the public in general that I was at no point in time kidnapped by anyone, and so this should not be attributed to our current politics,’’ he stated.


  1. Another example of the general irresponsibility permeating the Liberian society. How could this so-called journalist depart his domicile for another part of the country, on a journey or trip expected to last for days or longer and yet, never had the decency to inform his wife or any friend? Or notify his employer of this “temporary” absence from his reporting/coverage area? How irresponsible could one be? Instead of the smiling face in this photo, this derelict should have bowed his head in shame instead. And the Observer Corporation needs to reevaluate the long term implication of having such reckless character in its employ.

  2. The man (Yeawohn) is lying. Added to what you have said, Snyder; what Mr. journalist wants to tell us? That even at the clinic or within the entire community, there was no one or an office with a mobile phone to allow him making A ONE MINUTE CALL to the Daily Observer or to Gbarma? FOR OVER A MONTH?

  3. This journalist got enough KATO during the elections and took with him a chick or two and went on a honeymoon back home enjoying the best of life to escape any yamayama from his family in Gbarma.

  4. Wow! A journalist disappeared for an entire month without contacting his News Organization! Come to think of it, this is Liberia where the statement “I am building a house for you” doesn’t mean a thing until you physically, visibly, personally see the house and touch it. A journalist, you are kidding me!

  5. Well, thanks be to God for the mysterious disappearance and appearance of the Observer Gbarpolu newsman. He had reported news all the while, but when he mysteriously disappeared for a brief while, there was no one around to report the circumstances of his disappearance in fullest detail. His disappearance and appearance were reported by him to the fullest. It’s about time that someone had done something as unique as that. To write a story about oneself.
    May he be received by his employer gladly. May his beloved wife and family and friends received well.

  6. May his beloved wife and family and friends receive him well.

    No doubt, the disappearance and appearance of the Observer News Gbarpolu newsman is the funniest tail of the year. He was not snatched away by space aliens or monsters as most people thought. Neither was he secretly taken away in the thick of the night by a side-squeeze of his, it is hoped. Rather, his mysterious circumstances overwhelmed his super ego in a way that’s inexplicable. During his brief disappearance, the Observer Newspaper bothered not to cease its daily publication. Not doing its daily business would destroy its credibility, whispered the Newspaper’s credible operators.

    In Nimba where the Observer News Gbarpolu newsman became conscious, his cell phone could not be charged. There’s no electricity in Yekepa, although the WAPP (West African Power Pull) has its presence in Nimba. When the newsman finally saw an outlet, his phone which is neither an Android or an iphone could not charge. The friends and relatives with whom he found himself were mean-spirited. They would not in good conscience give him an opportunity to borrow their phone. The sad reality is that those so-called friends and relatives are his enemies. Without doubt, he was accorded an egregious treatment.
    Thanks be to the creator. The Observer News Gbarpolu newsman was lost, but now he is found.


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