Dahn Quits Liberty Party


Just two months after joining the Liberty Party (LP), Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn has withdrawn his membership from the party and has announced crossing over to the governing Unity Party (UP).

Dr. Dahn, deputy director-general of the National Commission on Higher Education, is an aspirant for the representative seat of Buuyao Electoral District #5 in Nimba County.

In his letter dated April 17 and addressed to the LP secretary-general, Jacob Smith, Dr. Dahn wrote: “I wish to … officially withdraw my membership and those of my followers from the party with immediate effect.”

Mr. Smith has meanwhile welcomed Dr. Dahn’s decision, saying, “This is all about democracy, especially for a party that believes in the free will of all irrespective of party affiliation.”

According to Dr. Dahn, however, his decision to quit the LP is based on the common maxim, “A wise man changes.”

It can be recalled that on February 11 this year, Dr. Dahn led over 5,000 individuals from several quarters of vote-rich Nimba County to join the LP.

“But regrettably,” said Dr. Dahn, “our earlier prediction or probability that the LP would prove to be a party of inclusiveness and ability to champion national reconciliation seem not to have fallen on fertile ground, given the early negative warning and politically unfavorable signs.”

He said the LP has and continues to levy serious criticisms against the UP, especially against Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, “most of which are baseless.”

Dr. Dahn said, “LP political leader Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine’s use of an undiplomatic word like ‘nonsense’ against the sitting vice president is quite troubling.”

Furthermore, Dr. Dahn said the lack of persuasive and compelling arguments why Cllr. Brumskine wants to be the President of Liberia is extremely disturbing.

“Brumskine’s declaration that the time for the people of Grand Bassa County has come and that he wants to eat ‘dumboy’ in the Executive Mansion should not be the sole reason to come to power. In my mind, such an ethnocentric utterance disqualifies him for national leadership. It also seems to me that Mr. Brumskine appears to be someone who will not champion national reconciliation urgently needed in our country,” Dahn said.

“In view of the above,” he said, “I write to immediately tender my resignation and those of my followers from the Liberty Party; but we will see at the October polls.”



  1. “Brumskine’s declaration that the time for the people of Grand Bassa County has come and that he wants to eat ‘dumboy’ in the Executive Mansion should not be the sole reason to come to power” If Brumskine said these words, Dr. Dahn have all rights to make a quick change. This statement indicates a complete tribalism and undemocratic idea. I can not join a party where the political leader thinks that it is time for people of his county and not the change the Liberia needs in general. Thank you, Dr. Dahn for your quick thinking.

  2. Why Dr. Dahn did not do his assessments prior to obtaining membership? We want a new Liberia that ALL Liberians will have equal opportunities despite tribal or party affiliations, yes we can!

  3. Maybe he did not see his way clear to what he wanted in the party , but can’t be the statement heard prior to he joining the party. These are some of the unserious politicians we have in the Country.

  4. Have you been following the activities of UP and its followers? Is it not the same saying that’s circulating in UP’s camp? “This is the time for Lofa to lead, we’ve long been in the back seat”, is the common saying around here. Dr. Dahn, please tell us the actual reason of your decision-this may show that you’re not reliable. If what is written is indeed your reason for quieting LP then you will soon pack your bag and barging away from UP.

  5. The reason provided by Dr Kardikeh Dahn is so weak and contradictory. Dr Dahn is on record for writing against the appointment of his brothers and sisters from the mano Ethnic group in govt by President Sirleaf. Few years ago Dr Dahn wrote in the Daily Observer that “the mano people were many in govt and that it was time for President Sirleaf to replace some mano people with Gio people”. I was so disappointed by his thinking and have not considered him to be fit for national leadership since. For him to go that low was troubling. He campaigned against Dr Korto at Education Ministry for no reason besides being a mano man.
    Dahn is leaving the LP probably because he can’t see his way clear. I am not sure how long he will remain with the UP. He getting to be known as unreliable young man.

  6. I believed that if that’s word was said by Mr. Brumskine, it is more than two years ago. Where was Dr. Danh, what conviction led him to the Library Party? Can he convince the Librarian people the actual reason he’s moved onto Ruling Party UP? He is unpredictable, he’s does not believe in change in as much he wants UP to lead the country 12+6. This Dr. Dahn in question must be a serious joker. According to him, he’s migrated with 500 men and women to the Liberty Party, again, they have been resettled or transferred from his over night bag to UP.
    Watch up, this guy is either a business man who’s finding means to sell his 500 men and women.

  7. I too I am surprise that Dr. Dahn who for many years have worked in the UP lead government to leave and than return. I believe that this is what will happen if the VP win the election, all of these cross-over politician who could loose in October will be running back to seek jobs in the Boakai government. We welcome you back Dr. Dahn, I hope you have learn your lesson, and don’t be so fast to change, stay in and help to correct all the mistake that UP might have made.

  8. For a man of his educational stature to be flip flopping between two parties in less than 6 months only shows his own inconsistency. It is a shame that he will be jumping from tree to tree like monkeys only looking for where the sun is shinning brighter. Of all the crossover from party to party, this seems to be the most unintelligent of all. All the reasons he gives for resigning from LP after he joint the party three months ago are short of his real reasons. This action on his part only shows his limitation despite his education.

  9. Kadiker Dahn, I think you made a point worthy. Cllr. Brumskin them need to demonstrate their reasons for wanting to be elected.
    One time he quits politics another time he is back with no concrete reasons. You have to tell the Liberian people what is wrong that he wants to fix. What’s needed he wants to provide.

  10. Let every liberian be careful with Dr Dahn.He seems tobe like a political prostitute.
    That kind of man running from party to party, what does he wish to accomplish?

  11. Dr. Dahn simply demonstrated that he isn’t beholden to anyone; please, let’s, at least, respect that.

  12. I support the decision of anyone , including my Sr. brother, Dr. Dahn to switch from one political organization to another, but my question to Dr. Dahn is, when did he realize those il responsible statements of Counselor Brumskin?
    Didn’t he study Brumskin very well before leading a group of people to join the Liberty party?
    Those our brothers need to stop betraying people.

  13. Mr. Dahn has the right to change his political affiliation. He also chose his reason for leaving LP. We have to understand that LP has to change from being the Party of Grand Bassa County or the Bassa Tribe only. Many Liberians are questioning LP on the above view. Political Leaders using statement like ” It is time for the Bassa People” is causing some Liberians to make changes and might cause LP the Presidency. I am with Cummings because I see inclusion of all Liberians and better Platform then any of the Candidates in the Liberian Election.

  14. In the first place who is Dahn? Does his leaving have any impact on the Liberty party? These are the socalled PhD people that have demaged our country’s today. they have nothing to offer the people but to holds on.to words. Where was his thinking at the time when Brumskine used that word before he joined the party? When we talk about education is not about how many degrees you have, but your thinking about things. Dahn them have no room in Liberian politics, they jumps from place to place. Gio man who so tribalistice wants to blame Brumskine for using the word ‘Dumboy’ that why he running away? Liberty party is not for Brumskine, is belongs to the Liberian people, if you Dahn believes in changing the perception of the party and its officials you have every right to do so you idiots.

  15. Mr. Gbenie, you are entitled to your opinion but you are wrong! Liberty part is not Bassa people party, that is your narrow view. LP belong to the Liberian people. A party that won’t third place in first election and has numerous members in the National legislature is a broad base party.

    • A party that came 3rd in the first presidential election cannot be labeled Bassa people party, but a broad based Liberian party.

  16. At least Dahn give reason why he back out of Liberty Party but did Brumskine give reason why he came back to become the party leader after he promised never to run? Someone help me with this one, did Dahn really go to LP with 5000 of his followers? I guess UP will be 5000 richer with his return.

  17. It is true, wise men changes. I think Dr.Dahn is following the wise saying that says, “It is better to keep or be with the devil that you know, than the angel you do not know.

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