D. Twe High Wall Crumbles


Another portion of D. Twe Memorial High School fence crumbled last week and community residents have expressed disappointment about the future of the school.
The latest action was due to the persistent assault of what local residents described as ‘angry waves’ of sea that has dug under the wall.
Residents told the Daily Observer yesterday that with the intensity of the ‘angry wave’ it would need urgent action to help secure the school building from being swept away like many zinc and concrete houses that once dotted the area.
In the last decade, ravaging erosion has kept its pressure against nearby residents and has swept away several zinc and concrete houses, displacing many residents, several victims said.
“I don’t have problem my zinc house is gone,” said Christiana Wleh, a former landlord, “but to see D. Twe swept away by the ocean is hard for me.”
Madam Wleh, in her late 50s, said the D. Twe School should not be allowed to be destroyed by the waves.
“Since the walls began to fall away,” she said, “there has been no action to save what is left of the school.”
Other residents interviewed said it would be criminal for the Ministry of Education to remain unmoved in the wake of the threat to the school building.
“I heard the government secured some money to renovate public schools, but the fact remains that the D. Twe situation is so urgent that there should not be any wasting time,” said Joseph Kun, a resident of Colonel West, near New Kru Town.
However, Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Aagon F. Tingba, who is presently touring several school buildings in Montserrado County, told this newspaper yesterday in a telephone conversation that D. Twe High School problem is part of the current rehabilitation efforts of the MOE.
“When a portion of the fence fell few months ago,” Minister Tingba said, “I went along with the Minister of Education to do firsthand assessment of the situation.”
He said a contractor has already been engaged by the MOE under the Quick Impact Project to take care of the situation.
Meanwhile during our reporter’s visit yesterday, neighbors said a portion in the D. Twe fence, directly behind the school, is used by some people in the community to response to nature’s call.
“There are human wastes behind the school where the school’s toilet building is located,” a resident said. “The stench can kill you.”


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