D. Sheba Brown: “Masonic Craft A Christian Organization”

Front row, from left: immediate past General Grand Worthy Matron, Izetta Somba Wesley; General Grand Worthy Patron, Charles D. B. Allen, Jr.; General Grand Worthy Matron D. Sheba Brown; and immediate past General Grand Worthy Patron, Cllr. Oswald Tweh, with other members of the Order of the Eastern Star at Masonic Temple, following the installation program.

Sheba Brown, the newly inducted General Grand Worthy Matron, General Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star (OES) of the Masonic Temple, says the Masonic Craft is a Christian organization that is mostly involved in charity but does not broadcast their activities to the public.

Madam Brown made those statements at the Masonic Temple, on December 21, 2018, at the program making the 90th annual session and the installation of the General Grand officers of the OES.

“Our organization is the Order of the Eastern Stars, a fraternity and is closely related with the Masonic Craft. We are wives, daughters, mothers and sisters of masons. To be a member of the OES, you must have a Masonic link,” she said.

Madam Brown thanked the General Grand Chapter for the preferment and pledged her unflinching support for the enhancement and promotion of their noble order.

She said hers is the first public installation to take place and is intended to dispel the myths that some people have about the fraternity.

“The reasons of the Order are spiritual, the teaching is moral, and the purposes are beneficent. Its obligations are based upon honor of the female sex who obtain it ceremonies and performed base on the principals that whatever benefits I due by the Masonic Fatality to the wives, widows, daughters and sisters of Masons correspondingly benefits I due from them to the brotherhood,” Madam said.

Madam Brown said “We declare or   believe the existences of a supreme being who will sooner or later punish the willful violators of his sudden   pledge. Our moral virtues are adopted on integrity, devotion and respect to the bounding force of a vow;  loyalty and devotion to religious principles, justice courage and fatality to……friends.”

Madam Brown said the OES have various subordinate chapters and in each of the daily or annual programs they help charity and donate to the less fortunate in society, help communities and give out s to scholarship students during the coast of the year.

“The Masonic was established ten years before the establishment of the OES. The Masonic craft is thunder years and we are ninety years old,” she said.

Charles B. Allen Jr., General Grand Patron, General Grand Chapter of the OES said he was initiated 1978 by his father who also ascended to the position which he is privilege to occupy today.

Madam Somba Jzetta Wesley, immediate past General Grand Worthy Matron, General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, crowns her successor D. Sheba Brown.

Mr. Allen said the role of General Grand Worthy Patron, is to ensure that the order not only reemerges with relevance in the society today through various works of charity, but members possess the virtues of which the various heroines of the orders are known for.

“The order of Eastern Star is the fraternal appendix of the Grand Lodge,” Allen said. “Its lessons are spiritual, its teachings are moral and its purposes are beneficent,” adding that “women are a special work of God’s creation needing attention and care.”

Madam Somba Izetta Wesley and N. Oswald Tweh, the immediate past General Grand Worthy Matron and Patron of the OES, respectively, thanked the body for the level of cooperation during her administration and pledged her unfinished support to the newly inducted matron and patron.

Freemasonry or Masonry consists of fraternal organizations that trace their origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons, which from the end of the fourteenth century regulated the qualifications of stonemasons and their interaction with authorities and clients.


  1. Please carefully edit what you write as a print media institution representing Liberia to the world.
    It is very important! For the story, let the readers read on, but please make your way in the background and edit.

  2. Hmmmmm! Really? RELIGION, a dangerous thing to play with. We are noted in Sub-Saharan Africa for steering it in our FIXED interest.

  3. There is nothing in the Ancient Landmarks or Masonic Law that aligns Freemasonry as a part of any specific religion.


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