Cyril Allen Urges Cabinet Reshuffle

President George M. Weah's (left) expected reshuffling “is going to ensure that we have better alignment and coordination on matters that are critical to the economy, uproot corruption and enhance better service delivery,” says Chief Cyril Allen (right).

-Who’s on list to be axed, recycled?

A member of the ruling Governing Council of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Chief Cyril Allen, has urged President George M. Weah to reshuffle the cabinet to enhance service delivery and drive economic growth.

Allen, who is also a member of the Governing Council of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the former Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (which is part of the ruling Coalition), said the President needs to bring on board ‘educated and experienced Liberians, including others from the other side of the aisle — meaning, the opposition — to tackle the ‘Grey line.’

Chief Allen made his observation and suggestion on Friday, February 22, when he appeared on a morning show of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS). He said the CDC-led government is a government of Liberia — not only of the Coalition — and therefore the changes should be designed to efficiently confront the challenges to make the government and the country successful.

The assertions of the CDC’s governing council member appeared to confirm undercurrents of a pending reshuffle of the cabinet. According to reports, the reshuffle is expected to bring in just few new people, while other Junior Ministers and Cabinet Ministers would switch portfolios with their colleagues.

The reports further said only four ministries or government agencies will be left unaffected by the reshuffle, though those ministries or agencies were not named; neither did Chief Allen say which agencies or ministries will be affected.

The reshuffle is also expected to take place against the backdrop of alarming ‘lack of effective and efficient’ service delivery among some Junior and Senior Cabinet Ministers as well as to wrestle the allegations of corruption.

Meanwhile, an executive member of the CDC who begged not to be named, said the reshuffle is triggered by international pressure and that the ‘reshuffling’ is slated for February.

“The President will announce a number of changes to the cabinet because the cabinet of the nation should have an appropriate mix of experience and capability as well as gender and generational mix; that it should have members who are committed to serve and to serve selflessly,” the CDC council member told the Daily Observer on Friday via mobile phone.

He added: “This move is going to ensure that we have better alignment and coordination on matters that are critical to the economy, uproot corruption and enhance better service delivery.”


  1. The International Community should also impress upon the administration to institute AUSTERITY MEASURES effective immediately. The salaries and benefits of most officials are too high, especially at the CAPITOL. The savings realized could be used to repair hospitals and schools, buy medications for hospitals/clinics, and take good care of teachers and health care workers. Just my take.

  2. Thank you. No shame in moving the incompetent ones bringing our country down.

    Eugene (I am press Secretary) Nagbe who don’t know his job. / bye bye
    Bluff Boy Hot sun sweater no socks with shoes Jefferson Kojee. He is a disgrace.
    Wilson tarpeh (the old man needs to go sit down. Banning items we do not make, the job too big for him).
    Gender minister knows nothing. Nothing, Nothing
    Police director and cuffy-Brown need to go
    Education minister needs to retire.
    LEITI- Chase gabriel Nyenkan out. Our partners are laughing. Gabriel Nyenkah is a clueless and ignorant about LEITI. The LEITI page has not been updates something that used to happen under Karmo.

  3. If competence is the new yardstick then Jorweah will have to go too! Sadly, some of the drags named above cannot be let go and why? Either because they helped make Jorweah, or know too much. Otherwise, Nathaniel McGill and Samuel Tweh would be on this list as well. But guess what? Those 2 are the very people Jorweah relies on to choose who goes and who stays. That’s the source of the quagmire-the dunce head! Or is it dolt?

  4. Yeah. Cyril Allen has put forth a very good suggestion. Mr. Weah’s cabinet needs to be reshuffled. There’s no question about that. From what’s being said by the street people, some of the letf-overs from the previous government of EJS have gone bankrupt on productive management skills. It is uncertain as whether some of the left-overs were professionally trained. In any case, Weah needs a new breed of Liberian aficionados that will quickly turn things around.

  5. OC

    You guys have to be serious and conscientious to the plight of the downtrodden and suffering of the
    masses instead of being self-aggrandizing

  6. If we go together as Liberian and work for the common good of our country, we will be the best country in West Africa. Liberians are praying everyday for the failure of President Weah because of hatry. God in heaven is working to see that President Weah succeed during his ternue of office. Yes, I agree with Chief Allen, the president should make a cabinet reshuffle and take out those who have failed during the one year. Gender minister, Foreign Minister, Governance Commission, LEITI, chief of police, pesidential affairs, Koijee, etc she be replaced otherwise we will not succeed.

    • Yes, we need to have all hands on deck. the city stink with dirt and kojee acting like king. Gender minister dont know her job , it too big for her. LEITI making our partners laugh at us. They cant update website and nyenkan employing all his friends. Foreign minister just looking for paycheck. education too old. Bring somebody new and we dont need PhD, we need somebody who can do the work.


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