CWA Alumni Raise over US$100K to Support Alma Mater


The College of West Africa Global Alumni Association held its Inaugural Virtual Convention over three days, February 26 to 28, 2021. Alumni from Asia, North America, Europe, Liberia, and other countries in Africa attended the very successful event.

According to a statement from the organizers, the over-arching goal of CWA Global is to restore its alma mater to its place of prominence among secondary schools in Liberia.  CWA alumni include H. E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Hon. Joseph Boakai, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper and Mr. Alexander Cummings. This list includes one President and Nobel Laureate, two Vice Presidents, two Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia, and a first-tier executive of a Fortune 500 company and philanthropist.

The Convention raised over US$100,000 in cash, monetary pledges, and in-kind pledges. H. E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Mr. Alexander Cummings spearheaded a Grand Rally during the Convention Ball on February 27th, which raised close to US$40,000.

CWA Global has over 600 registered and verified members. A virtual election was held over a period of ten days, with over 350 members casting an electronic ballot.

The attendance during the three-day convention varied between 150 to 175 persons.

The first Board of Directors and Managing Officers were installed by Hon. Jeanine Cooper, Minister of Agriculture, Class of ’77. The keynote speaker for the Convention Ball was Hon. Dewitt von Ballmoos, Director General, NASSCORP, Class of ’79. Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee encouraged alumni to support efforts to educate Liberia’s youth. 

CWA Global will immediately begin to work on projects at CWA that have been identified.  The infrastructure projects include: (i) roof and ceiling repair, (ii) electrical wiring, (iii) painting, (iv) installation of solar panels, (v) installation of a water tower and (vi) refurbishing the teacher’s lounge. The academic projects include: (i) providing academic support to teachers, (ii) supplementing salaries, and (iii) providing internet connectivity at the school.

This is an exciting beginning for CWA Global.  The organization has the resolve, tenacity and means to revive CWA to more than it used to be, thereby developing future leaders of Liberia.

The College of West Africa (CWA), a college preparatory high school in Monrovia, Liberia, and the second oldest secondary school in the country, has prepared leaders for all levels of government, business, and social services.

The school was first envisioned by the Rev. Melville B. Cox, the first missionary to be sent to a foreign country by the Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society. Cox set sail in November 1832 and arrived in Monrovia on March 8, 1833.

One of Cox’s goals was to establish a school in Monrovia, which will connect with agriculture and the arts. He proposed the Maine Wesleyan Seminary [now known as Kents Hill School] as a model as near as may be; that there should be a large farm which should in a few years support the whole school. He proposed that there must also be shoemakers, tanners, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc.

In 1898, the Conference authorized a reorganization of the educational program so that much-needed courses in normal and ministerial training could be offered. The name of the school was changed from “Monrovia Seminary” to the “College of West Africa.”

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