CWA Alumni Association USA Elects New Officers, Appoints Board

The College of West Africa building (Photo by Julu Swen, UMNS)

A new chapter begins in the long history of CWA-AA, USA.

Maryland, USA – The College of West Africa Alumni Association held its 22ndAnnual Convention and Election of Officers, utilizing a virtual platform as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The President of CWA High School, Rev. Paye C. Mondolo, provided a detailed update about the school and answered questions presented by alumni. The event was also attended by the President of Lott Carey Mission Alumni Association, Mr. Joseph Walker, CWA-AA, USA’s long-term school partner, Representative from the Brewerville Civic Association, Mr. Felix Wilson, and Former President of the Liberian Community Association, DC Metro Area, Mrs. Lucy Wilson-Kear.  

The election was conducted via Nemovote, an interactive voting platform designed to provide results in real time. The election process was chaired by Mrs. Josephine Dennis (Election Manager) and Mr. Phillip Malcolm. The elected officers were installed during the Cocktail Party by Mr. John W. McClain, Jr, ’64 – a Board and Life Member of CWA-AA, USA. Mr. McClain also provided the welcome remarks during the event.

The newly elected president, Mr. Samuel N. Wolo, Jr., M.A., an author and diversity and inclusion professional, emphasized the importance of servant leadership, inspiring trust, competence and leading through influence as keys to his success.  Mr. Wolo’s commitment to his leadership team, fellow Alumni and the Board of Directors is to advance an inclusive and engaged culture where every CWA Alum feels valued, respected, appreciated and accepted for their uniqueness, feels as though they belong, and can be their authentic self and thrive so as to make a meaningful contribution to improving the educational experience and quality of life of current CWA students.   

Prior to the election of officers, the alumni body adopted new set of By-laws and Constitution to ensure compatibility and alignment with state laws and meet the needs and changing business landscape.  Additionally, a comprehensive financial report, as well as a status update of the Association were provided. Information was provided about completed projects, accomplishments, forward-thinking projects and major sponsorships, specifically in-line with the Association’s goal of impacting the human resources of the school.

Mr. Wolo, who was named among the 2018 Top Executives in Corporate Diversity by Black Enterprise Magazine, facilitated a segment of the program regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, and highlighted the importance of leveraging the power of inclusion to unlock our diversity so that Alumni bring their full potential to bear to achieve exceptional outcomes for the students of CWA, as well as the faculty and staff.

The event was graced by Ms. Alexandra Bonar, the 2021 Spoken Word Icon Winner, who called in from Liberia to share her poem, ‘My People’, on the importance of ensuring that diversity and inclusion are ingrained in the children of Liberia at an early age. Additionally, Ms. Najma Bass of Crave Therapeutics, provided important information and tips about self-care, taking care of oneself during the pandemic.  As the event concluded, members were entertained live by DJ Beezy of North Carolina, and engaged in pleasantries, shared tips via chat, new program ideas, volunteerism, and had a good time.  The event was hosted by Mr. Phillip Malcolm, produced by Ms. Sara Gray, and chaired by Mrs. Kua Lumei-Smith.


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