Cuttington Students Construct L$77K Bridge for Community


A group of eleven students from Cuttington University over the weekend dedicated a bridge they constructed in Lelekpayea Community, one of Gbarnga City’s largest communities, at the cost of L$77,000.

The bridge is to help ease the transportation constraints the residents have suffered over the years whenever it rains.

The bridge is also helpful to other residents in nearby towns who use it to access markets and hospitals. Towns directly benefiting from the bridge are Kulukpah, Konny and Jaimue.

The project was initiated through the Cuttington University “Service Learning Course,” which aims to cultivate a humanitarian attitude in senior students for the purpose of building a better society.

“The Service Learning Course challenges senior students to go out into communities and identifying problems. Once a problem is identified, students within a specific group brainstorm on how to solve the problem they identified,” student Bangalee Bility, head of the group, said.

The students challenged themselves to tackle the community’s transportation difficulty after observing that in the absence of a bridge, the residents are badly affected. “Therefore, we agreed to construct one that will relieve them of the transportation stress,” Bility said.

The significance of the project attracted the representative of Jorkulleh District #2 Prince Moye, who donated L$33,000 to the amount the students had collected among themselves.

The community’s secretary, James A. Flomo, underscored the importance of the bridge, adding that it is meaningful to the community as it will improve trade activities within the community. The majority of the inhabitants of Lelekpayea community trade in agriculture.

“Now we are connected to other communities and towns which make trading of our goods easy,” said Flomo.

He added that the community is certain that floods would not disrupt trade and other social activities as they did during previous rainy seasons because the students have constructed the bridge over a stream that often overflows its banks.

Members of the group of students said they were grateful to be part of such a positive life impacting experience.


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