Cuttington President Preaches ‘Discipline’ to Students

Cuttington University President, Dr. Herman Browne (wearing white), and Aware International School graduates (left) and school administrators

Amid decline in societal values

The President of the Cuttington University in Bong County, Dr. Herman Browne, has reminded graduates of the Aware International School, an Indian run institution, that it will take them to exhibit disciplinary attitude and be focused to meet challenges that await them as they go in the larger academic world.

Delivering the keynote address for the graduation ceremony, Dr. Herman Browne told the students that they are entering into a world that will be diverse, where they are expected to be presented with opportunities to interact with other students of various backgrounds, “who you are going to learn to communicate more effectively and often differently than you are previously accustomed to at Aware International School.”

Although he did not provide backgrounds of his motivation to speak on the issue of discipline, the issue of indiscipline of students in schools nowadays has become the focus of society as many of them go to class with electronic devices and weapons and exhibit discourteous attitudes towards their teachers.

For that, many schools prohibit the use of electronic devices by students in the classroom since they do not use it to do research in their subjects but to distract their friends while lesson is ongoing.  Reports in schools in Liberia have suggested that many students take knives and other silent weapons with them in the class and threaten others when they are angry with them.

In terms of communication, many Liberian students have been graded poorly for being unable to write English and provide logical analyses of issues; something the former Vice President for UL Relations, Dr. Momolu Gataway provided as justification for mass failures of students in the University of Liberia’s 2011 entrance examination.  

Dr. Browne in his keynote address was quick to remind the graduates not to forget about the discipline and values that have been instilled in them by the administration of the school.

“You are entering an environment of people who have not come from your school. You will be expected to negotiate with them and they will have direct impact on your future,” the Cuttington University President told the graduates.

“You will be thrown into an environment where people don’t dance like you people and don’t have the confidence like you; People don’t speak as well as you do, and people who are not familiar with computers like you, but discipline and hard work should be your focus because this is what will take you through,” Dr. Browne added.

He cautioned the graduates to remember that they will meet people who feel that they are more superior than they are, and will present postures that will make them (graduates) to appear inferior.

“There will be many of those who, in fact, will be of your level who have different skills that you will benefit of,” Dr. Browne emphasized, noting further, “I am convinced that you are prepared to embark on the journey.”

As the students enter another sphere of academic life to decide what career to pursue, the administration and the staff are looking up to seeing them perform the best attitude that will lift the fame of their school.   

Against this backdrop, the principal of the school, Mrs. Beena Gobinath, cautioned the graduates to do positive things with the level of discipline instilled in them from the school to change the world and their communities.

“Go out there and express yourself and let your voice be heard and take time to listen to what others say and understand their points of view even if you don’t agree with them,” Mrs. Gobinath said.

“Be focused and disciplined to make the difference and let the sky be limit. I’m proud of you and I am going to miss you, but take your studies very seriously to help change your country and the world with the skills and knowledge you have acquired from us,” said the Principal.

In his valedictory address, Vinayak Gobinath on the other hand, cautioned his colleagues not to see high school graduation as the end, instead, a stepping stone towards new life.

“Leaving the walls of Aware International School, it is now binding on all of us to see this as the first step to the largest society,” Gobinath told his fellow graduates.

According to Gobinath, education is the pillar on which one builds his or her career and as such, they should look forward to seeing themselves going into the largest society.

“We are leaving today, but we will remember the time we all spent together as students of this institution,” Gobinath admonished his colleagues.


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