Cut in Nimba Budget Hampers Development

The grounded equipment at the former UNMIL compound in Ganta

The government of Liberia’s decision to slash Nimba County’s budget is hampering ongoing development initiatives in the county, resulting in the grounding of some earthmoving machines that had developed minor mechanical faults.

The County Superintendent, Dorr Cooper, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview that the national government cut the county’s social development fund to US$700,000 from US$2 million, “and also cancelled the county development funds.”

UNMIL compound in Ganta.

He said the US$700,000 the government allotted to the county is not enough to meet its development needs; and for that, the county authority is appealing for the budget to be increased to US$1.4 million to enable the county to clear some outstanding bills and fast track new projects.

According to Cooper, when he took over as Superintendent, Nimba County had only US$1,000 in its coffers, but that he negotiated with the government to provide an additional US$300,000. The amount, he said, was part of the debt the Ministry of Public Works owed the county since 2012.

“The US$300,000 is what we are currently using to undertake some developments across the county,” he said.

Since September last year, development activities across Nimba have been at a standstill including feeder roads. Some of the county’s earthmoving machines, including a caterpillar, two compactors, and three trucks, have been down since last year.


  1. The earth moving equipment that is currently abandoned at the former UNMIL camp in Ganta, is it part of the 21 pieces of equipment that was bought for the county with Mittal Social Development funds? How can Nimba authorities sit there and see our equipment break down when the late cousin of President Sirleaf, Ambulai Johnson deliberately without respect for the people of the Nimba County, used a letterhead from the office of President Sirleaf took $4 million dollars from our social development funds and the president did not do a damn thing until her cousin died. Nimba County, we should go after Ellen Sirleaf to repay that money to the account of Nimba County, because the letterhead came from her office.

    • My Bro., the problem we have in this country is the wasteful spending without thinking that we just can’t get away from. The county authority has no business buying even one earth moving equipment let alone 21 pieces, at least not for now. One front end loader alone cost hundreds of thousands of dollar depending on the horsepower. That’s just the cost of purchasing it and not including owning and operating it. The county authority would have still met their development agenda without buying these equipment. Contract out the road development to others and let them worry about providing and maintaining the equipment. Remember there’s a lot that goes into owing such equipment.

  2. My Turn: The deduction of the County Development Found (CDF) is massive. It has the propensity to impedit the smooth development of the fastest economic growing county in Liberia.
    Isn’t it an economic sabotage when the government cut down the County Development Found from $3,000000.00 to $ 700,000.00?
    I think that the National Government has to rethink if she wants Liberia to be like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and other fast developing countries in Africa.


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